[BTS] Civ 4 Always War - IMM Questions/Discussion

Interesting! But @drewisfat ’s point half stands, due to this (in bold)?

Spoiler :

And most importantly units that fullfill these criteria are considered targets, but don't receive damage, therefore reducing the effectiveness of collateral damage, just like Mr. Cairo already discovered
  • Units with Type NO_COMBATUNIT (there is none in the game)
  • Collateral immune units
  • Damaged units that are under the damage limit. (but it's less likely that they are selected because of their reduced HP)
Oh, I looked up how the probability for targeting works. It's just a random number multiplied by the units HP. I thought this was added to other contributing factors, but nope. In that case, a full health catapult would be chosen with the same likelihood as a full health lb while an axe at the 50% collateral limit would only be chosen 25% of the time over the lb. So cats are much better for this purpose.
What is FOB?
Spoiler FOB :
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