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[CIV 5 Issues] - The complete list

Discussion in 'Civ5 - Bug Reports' started by poncratias, Sep 27, 2010.

  1. Scramble

    Scramble Warlord

    Aug 13, 2006
    I am going to go over the list in a sec, cuz there is a TON of stuff there that shouldnt be there. If you want a list for the devs to work on, you NEED to take out subjective stuff, language, insults and "WAHHH NOT CIV IV" whines.
    But I do have 1 for the list: If you connect a city to the capital with a railroad, the city gets a +50% production bonus, but the capital itself does not. There is no way for your capital to get that bonus (as far as I know)
  2. Bridger

    Bridger Prince

    Nov 10, 2005
    Wow, the OP seems to have gone into this game looking for things to be wrong with it, instead of letting the issues crop up on their own. Half that list is just rubbish.
  3. happyturtle

    happyturtle Mrs GrumpyOldCivver

    Dec 7, 2009

    * On water maps, AI should be more willing to research naval techs and explore and settle other islands


    * I miss the trumpets of war declaration.
    * Some kind of way to turn on/off notices by type.
    * When open borders expires, I don't need to be told that both ends of the deal were cancelled. A single notice is enough.
    * A pop up when entering a new era to remind us that new social policies are available.

    * Exploring troops who pop goody huts should not get the 'improved weapons' bonus if it takes them more than one tech level ahead.
    * Range three longbows are hax.

    * Auto-explore scouts should not trespass city states. Let me decide if I need to see what's on the other side enough to take on the hostilities.

    (Also, I agree with Scramble that the list needs revision and culling.)
  4. Raider

    Raider Warlord

    Sep 3, 2002
    In multiplayer, when you have human and AI players human players seems to start next to one another EVERY SINGLE TIME, forcing early confrontation, which is not always desired. Placement should be random, like it was in previous Civ games.
  5. TK42I

    TK42I Chieftain

    Aug 12, 2005

    - Auto-exploring with any unit typically leads to them infringing on city states borders even when they don't have to.

    - Units will not take quickest path to a destination. Example: If I tell an archer to go to a location and taking the road will get them there in 2 turns, the unit forces its way across the hill (even if there are no units in the way).


    - Moving multiple naval units at different speeds is such a chore it is almost game breaking.

    - Allowing only one naval unit to garrison in a city should be altered. It is not realistic, and it negatively affects game play instead of adding to it.

    - The fact that roads do not allow certain units to pass each other adds a layer of micro-managing which takes away from game play.

    NOTE: My big concern about 1UPT has been realized. I was worried that Civ 5 could become "Civ Parking Lot Attendant." I think the new rules add some VERY positive aspects when your nation is at war, but otherwise I spend a lot of time moving units around (especially later in the game and with naval unitls.)
  6. SuperJay

    SuperJay Bending Space and Time

    Sep 24, 2010

    It's a commendable effort putting this thread together, but unfortunately you're getting a ton of purely subjective, pointless complaints ("The UI is clunky and ugly") and a lot of just plain incorrect information ("The strategic map can't be customized to show specific features") from people who have played the game for 2 days, aren't really trying to learn how to use it, and just running to the internet to complain.

    IMO, you may want to decide what the purpose of the thread is first, and then whittle the information in it down to fit that purpose. Is this thread intended to just list random things that Forum_User_20516 decided s/he didn't like? Providing a place for players who are dissatisfied to vent their anger? Trying to get Firaxis' attention to address specifics in the game and offer suggestions?

    If you're truly going for the latter - and you want this to be a resource for Firaxis to get feedback and suggestions from players - I'd start ignoring the "UI is clunky and ugly" kind of posts. The UI isn't going to be replaced, so that comment is useless to Firaxis. However, comments like "Allow me to select a military unit from the F3 Overview" is something they may be able to implement, and would have more value from a developer standpoint.
  7. ZapRowsdower

    ZapRowsdower Chieftain

    Sep 22, 2010
    One more for path-finding:

    When plotting a multimove turn starting on land and crossing water, the "number of turns" calculation does not take into account that the unit will move faster across the water. It still counts one move per tile on the water in the displayed number of turns to reach the destination.

    I agree with the posters who pointed out that this list needs to be culled to be very objective. More of a bugs and missing features list rather than a gripe list. It's off to a good start, though!
  8. happyturtle

    happyturtle Mrs GrumpyOldCivver

    Dec 7, 2009

    * Agree with TK: Any units that are not at war should be able to pass through each other.
    * There should be a stacking option for combat and non combat units so you can move them together.
  9. stormerne

    stormerne is just a Retired Moderator

    Jan 16, 2001
    Denver, Colorado
    Have the city states listed separately on a one-state-per-line list, with the list click-sortable by name, by category, by attitude, by who they're allied to, and by what their influence point status is.

    I use this list a lot. Having it not sortable, and having each state take a lot of screen area so I can only see a few of the 16 states I may have in a game at a time, seems a poor design decision from a point of view of usability.

    City states are very powerful and I use them intensively to supply my empire. I keep as many as possible allied, so I need to check regularly on their influence points. That way I can plan ahead with my next gifts to them. And I need to see who I'm competing against for favor.

    Additional nice-to-have 1: I'd also like a new sortable column on this list = distance to my capital. This is important if it's a military city state that gives me units, or someone who'd like a road building to them.

    Additional nice-to-have 2: I'd like their current requests viewable on the list too, and whether it's a global or personal request. ("Can someone get rid of these barbs please" vs. "Build us a wonder and we'll be impressed.")
  10. Frasco

    Frasco Drunk costarrican civer

    Nov 19, 2006
    La Liga, Costa Rica
    I've got some but I really think we should stick here with gameplay, UI, general info, civilopedia and such, and not with the game engine and mechanics as such.

    - No way to find out about the AI's units' promotions.

    - It's too difficult to know where your resources are coming from. Which are mine? Which imported?

    - Which resources does Ghandi need? I have to go through each one of them offering my excess spices...

    - I'd like a right-click menu instead of making my units move that way. I've had to load too many times because of this already.

    - Enemy attack info is displayed too little time to read it all. I have to go to the log too many times. White color wasn't a clever choice either.

    - No notification when my culture acquires a new tile.

    - No representation of tiles being worked in map view. I have to enter the city screen and every time I load a game the citizen assignation is closed.

    - Canceling move-mode or ranged-attack-mode with right-click? Esc key maybe? Nope... it can only be done by re-typing the shortcut key.

    - Force automated moves before I end my turn missing.

    - How about sending a unit to follow another automated unit? That would make sea trips easier.

    - I can't cancel a pact of cooperation or secretism.
  11. Scramble

    Scramble Warlord

    Aug 13, 2006
    Lots of this shouldn't be here. This is a post for the devs, so it needs to be as objective as possible. No insults, no whining, no emotion, no crying that the game is not civ IV.
    I understand this is a copy paste job, but I reccomend you as the OP, edit all of this to be in your own words and as objective as possible. This post is a very good thing.
    Anything not quoted, is good and does not need to be changed. Keep it here.

    The title for this should be issues ONLY. Annoyances imply subjectivity and individual complaints.

    Unit naming is certainly available after a unit gets 15xp. I think it works fine this way, but again that is subjective. There is probably no technical reason that this shouldn't be available right off the bat.
    There should be a City Name Box OPTION... but since most people use the defaults, it needs to be defaulted to off.
    The numerical value can be seen on the Unit UI in the bottom left and by hovering over the unit.
    Right click the button above the minimap. Danger gone.

    Expand on this. What map buttons do you want?

    Make this example more clear and succinct. I needed to read it a couple times to get what it is saying.

    Many many civlopedia entries are packed with info. It is wonderful. Still others give a tiny brief useless paragraph that gives no real info.
    I would like someone to make a thread or a reply in this post where we go over the exact pages that need some expansion and real numbers... Hmmm maybe I will take such a task upon myself.

    Is this a problem? You should (IMO) be required to use the same XML for an entire game. But again, probably subjective.

    Which ones do you miss?

    Entirely subjective. Remove this. I like the UI, but I wish you could adjust the size of it...

    Load bar I agree with. Tips... not so much. Tips were no good, and I actually prefer the bio here. Remove subjective part.

    Put all Civlopedia problems in one spot

    * Where is the handy dandy Score List? I noticed that you can keep the diplomacy snapshot open permanently, but it is rather obtrusive compared to the old, transparent score list, that also included your current agreements and allowed for quick diplomacy. I suppose the addition of city-states would make the list too long, but maybe just a list for relations with major powers?

    Take out the subjective language. Appalling, awful, etc etc. Just say the city screen is cluttered, and building icons take up too much space. We like the look of it, but it should be smaller and more compact.
    Take out sarcasm and make this objective. Summarize the problem rather than complain about it.
    Again, summarize the problem rather than complain about it. This can be clearer, shorter and stronger. This is a problem, but the language you use comes across as whining.
    A huge amount of information is shown along the top of the UI. This is the same problem that has been said earlier... the Interface is too large and nonadjustable. Don't need several repeated points like this.
    This is a good point, but again is TERRIBLY worded. Whoever you copy pasted this from is a whiner. Put all this info in a quick summary: Unit Info Panel: HP bar is easy to miss, Promotions are small, aren't unique and require tooltips to see. No XP bar, Range not listed, too large and nonadjustable size.
    I completely disagree with this. Again, it's size could be a factor with an adjustable size UI, but other than that, I actually like it. The map looks cool, and Strategic Mode makes up for any issues you may lose from the map, and more. The map doesn't need to be as detailed, but perhaps a few buttons to show specific info would be helpful. Take this out, as it is subjective and whiny
    Tooltip needs more info, I agree, but take this whiny subjective, language out.
    NO! This is subjective and just plain wrong IMO. Many times I have actually been surprised at what city states were allied with who, and this list has told me if a city state slipped by my radar. If you make it a single icon, you NEED a tooltip that shows you all the individual entities involved in this declaration.
    Maybe these notification icons are too big, but again this is a simple UI size issue.
    Why wouldn't you want to know about a puppet city? I care about my cities, and my puppet cities, even if I can't place their citizens.
    If this is ACTUALLY a complaint, summarize it, and get rid of the crying.
    This is two points and long rambling that is mixed into one point.
    1. Strategic mode shows the size of the city when it should show it's strength.
    2. You can only guess City HP based on HP bar and there is no way to see the exact numerical value anywhere.
    Two separate points. Cleanly written, objective and simple. Replace this.

    Again, same complaint in 3 separate points. The way this post is flayed out, you would think that this game has a billion problems, but in reality, there are tons and tons of repeated points. Get rid of this.

    Remove the word "unquestionably". Make this more professional.

    This is subjective. This was not in Civ IV either. The game doesn't seem to want Male/Female options, although it would be nice if they would add them for flavor. Other than that it doesn't matter. Civilizations have traits now, not leaders, so adding more leaders would be HUGE files of diplomacy screens, for no real difference.
    Remove this point, because this is not a hard fast issue, but rather a debate.

    Subjective. I find the world beautiful how it is. Remove this, and if you TRULY consider this an issue, stop whining.

    Summarize. The devs and almost everyone who reads this knows what they do.
    Map Replay: There is no map replay upon completing a game.

    Subjective. I agree that a victory movie or cinematic should play, but I actually prefer the art and quote to the cheesy wonder movies in Civ IV that were all the same boring thing. Remove this point or put it up for debate.

    Remove the last two sentances at least, and the rambling language. Summarize Summarize Summarize! This is a huge list thread, you NEED everything to be quick, clear and concise. I am not going to quote any more sections that need to be summarized, but you should be able to identify them yourself. There are a LOT of them. Don't just copy paste anymore... this is YOUR thread.

    I have no problems with this. In fact, this game alt-tabs and minimizes flawlessly for me, and I am on a rig that is significantly below recommended specs. Either this is a technical problem with the game and certain rigs, or it is your rig specifically. Again, this is a personal issue, not an issue with the game, so it should be removed from this list.

    This has already been mentioned. Remove this.

    Remove the "some may disagree on this" part for sure. Be confident with your points or it isn't worth reading. Remove the part about keyboard shortcuts for queueing, because you mention that already.

    Confidence. Remove the "But I may be mistaken".
  12. Scramble

    Scramble Warlord

    Aug 13, 2006
    This may be subjective, but it is almost unanimously agreed. Can keep this, but don't compare it to previous games.
    Don't use the word Crappy. Be professional.

    I actually haven't had this issue. This seems like a complaint comparing to Civ IV... Not all early warriors were rude, tribal, cave people like Civ IV seemed to indicate.

    Technical issue, but many leaderheads are unoptimized. Even on a top of the line rig, my brother gets some framerate in some leaders.
    Don't ask; tell.
    No Tile Working Animation: Show what tiles are being worked from the main map.

    Split this into two.
    No option to Automate Workers to improve nearest city.
    Worker Automation AI has problems (expand upon that... building roads to long long distance cities and obscure places, embarking, moving into enemy territory, trading post spam etc).
    We want more automation options (replace existing improvments, improve based on the governor of the city, etc etc)

    You want the devs to see this and change stuff. It is not a "shame". It is a fact that Shift/Ctrl clicking aren't there.

    Do they? I haven't seen that... I have seen them build stuff that requires a resource to be NEARBY, but haven't seen them build some that actually CONSUME resources. Confirmation?

    Clear this one up, because I still have no idea what you are saying.

    Quick ,clear, concise, objective and confident. Do all your points like this.

    The same point as the one listed above, but done way way worse. Don't repeat your points to pad the list.

    No you don't. If you mouse over another unit it let's you know your attack strength after all modifiers, including health.

    Not true.

    This isn't a problem. This is a whining to be like Civ IV. Different game, different promotions. I actually like the new system better. This is subjective. Remove it from the list. This is a debate... not an issue.
    I guess that is... annoying? But in all honesty that is no huge issue and probably an intentional stylized change to the game. I don't mind it, and I don't miss it.
    I guess you can keep it in the list, but it seems kinda subjective. But maybe it is just me being subjective.
    Only in invasions they were. Now generic barbarians. I see no issue here. Don't whine that Civ V isn't Civ IV
    Delete this.

    Don't ask a question, make a statement. Simplify, Summarize and maybe a brief BRIEF example.

    Take out subjective language and personal thoughts. Summarize and don't ask questions.

    I read the thread that had this in. Whiny rant about how Civ V isn't Civ IV. Remove this. Even the facts are wrong, because Cottages became Hamlets... not the other way around. I like the look of Trading Posts, so that is subjective. This is NOT Civ IV and it isn't trying to be. Cottages and Towns are gone, and while that was cool in Civ IV, it is NOT an issue in Civ V.
    Summarize. All you need here is: "No Random Events". Then you are done. Anything else is wasted filler.

    Subjective. This is a different game, and you are not meant to play it the same way as Civ IV. Not every city can have every building. Units are more valuable. Cost of everything goes up. This is a feature of Civ V, not an issue. If you think it makes the game slower and boring, then that is fine, that is subjective and maybe you should play on a higher speed. However, I think you should keep this in the list, because it seems like a lot of people don't like it. However expand on it. Things like how it is hard to fix an emergency problem in your empire (gold deficits, happiness issues) quickly due to slow speed and the inability to hurry production.

    Terribly worded. Sounds like another complaint the same as the one above... If you overexpand you are punished. This is not an issue, remove from the list.

    Stop being sarcastic, and posting the same point over and over again. This falls under, "production is slow" at best. Delete it.
    Not true. Remove this.

    Post a single thing on Worker Automation being a problem.

    You mentioned this earlier. Don't post the same stuff multiple times, or it looks like you are padding the list.

    Personal, subjective experience and a complaint about how Civ V is not Civ IV. Next?
    This takes PRACTICE. Lack of worker stacking is annoying and is a problem with Automation in general, so mix that in your automation point, but the other part needs to be removed. It takes time to figure out the best way to arrange, replace and move your troops. Time that the game hasn't had yet. I am getting the hang of it and things are flowing smoothly. This is a complaint about 1 UPT, a feature of Civ V. Maybe say something like "Choke Points are hard to Navigate", but this long winded whine is too much to have here. Remove subjective language, summarize, and make a point. Movement is NOT difficult if you take a little time to get used to it.

    You have said this three times already. Production takes a long time. Up the game speed.
    Delete this, or merge it with an earlier point, remembering to keep concise.

    Sounds like a rig issue. But if this is a consistent issue, then remove the "Painfully obvious stuff." Just sounds like whining. Just say that "Computers that meet recommended standards still have framerate issues. Especially with the leaderheads."

    Said the same thing twice. Merge them and summarize. Farms tend to provide better benifits to bonus resources than do pastures.

    Remove subjective language. Don't use the word "Absurdly". But good summarizing.

    I never noticed this. Unless a lot of people have this issue (more than just this one guy), this should not be on this list. Delete it, and don't post individual rig stats... this is supposed to be a master list.

    Confirmed for a future patch, along with hotseat and maybe more. Delete.

    1. This was already said, so it needs to be deleted.
    2. Whoever you copy pasted this from is a whiny little baby who feels he speaks for the population when he doesn't. I love wonder art and quotes how they are. I prefer them to the Civ IV movies.
    This has already been said, it is subjective, whiny, insulting, and brings your entire post crashing to the floor. GET RID OF IT.

    Already mentioned again. Second, your reason for wanting a victory movie is your own business. I personally don't need to be "congratulated" for winning a game... The satisfaction of a 10 hour struggle to victory is more than enough for me. The Art is cool.
    Repeated point. Merge the one about male/female leaders. Don't ask a dumb question, because YES it could very well be too much to ask. Did you see the leaderheads?

    Disagree. This is subjective. I love the Music in Civ V exactly how it is.
  13. Stalker0

    Stalker0 Baller Magnus

    Dec 31, 2005
    I think the list is good, but I would priority the issues.

    For example, issues like the AI trespasses on city states when using auto explore, or that the current turn speed seems very long are issues.

    Saying you prefer cottages to trading posts isn't really an issue, more of a preference.
  14. SuperJay

    SuperJay Bending Space and Time

    Sep 24, 2010
    Nice work, Scramble! That kind of slash & burn is EXACTLY what this thread needs. Organize, consolidate, and absolutely get rid of the whiny tone of half of those remarks.

    (Not knocking Pontcratias here, at all. Props for assembling this in the first place.)

    If it's possible to remove "Annoyances" from the title here, that would help a hell of a lot. If you truly want this to be a resource for Firaxis, it's gotta go. Otherwise this just looks like yet another "post all the reasons you hate Civ V" thread... which will get ignored like all those do. :)
  15. Newcomer24

    Newcomer24 Warlord

    Dec 5, 2006
    This list is just a mess... you can't mix bugs and balance issues with subjective things and major features requests.

    Someone should start a (clean) thread to collect in a single useful list all the reported bugs/balance issues/minor features requests... no subjective stuff, no new content or major features, just things that could be quickly added/tweaked with patches.

    I would do that myself if only I had the time... but I'm too busy playing :D
  16. LAnkou

    LAnkou Breizh A Tao

    Sep 12, 2005
    Paris, première ville bretonne
    while i suspect Scramble to like a lot of thing in civ V just to explain the subjectivity of each post, I agree with almost everything he wrotes...

    Don't have Civ V yet, but from what i saw on youtube, i would like to add the following point:

    * add a way to move units "en masse": select all unit you want to move together (shift-clicking?) and wherever your mouse point, you see the (transparents) units keeping the formation and adjusting to each tile (must take account of mountain and everything impassable: don't authorize the order or divert unit posing problem). Particulary necessery for oversees movement.
  17. Jaroth

    Jaroth Warlord

    Feb 6, 2009
    Great post, man! Thanks for the compilation of criticisms and bugs.

    Here's my thread on some things if you haven't seen it yet:

    Also here are a few more gripes I jotted down in notepad while playing the game... ;)

    1. Not being able to spend gold to finish the remainder of a production item.

    2. The promotion bonus from ruins and getting riflemen/cavalry very early.

    3. When playing as India (or against them), the green territory boundaries are difficult to make out among the green mini map terrain. One of them should be a slightly darker shade to contrast more.
  18. Seek

    Seek Deity Supporter

    Aug 7, 2010
    I didn't read the entirety of the OP, but I read all of the UI section and didn't see this:
    I would love a wonder overview screen (yes, ala civ4) So you can see what cities have what when you conquoring them. In one of my games I gifted a city to an ally only to realize it had a wonder in it! The itty bitty graphics are not enough.
  19. happyturtle

    happyturtle Mrs GrumpyOldCivver

    Dec 7, 2009
    Good job, to both Poncratias and Scramble for assembling and culling the list. I dont' think we need a new thread if the OP title is edited and the first post kept clean and up to date.
  20. Skwerl

    Skwerl Chieftain

    Sep 26, 2010
    A large, fruitful oak tree

    Trade routes with other civs and city-states. Something that would add to the diplomacy: civs you have routes with would think better of you, and less likely to work against you (at least openly). This would also make blockades that much more worthwhile, and more urgent to remove, adding to combat.

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