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Civ 6 is unplayable

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Apr 28, 2022

I have played the civilization series for over 20year and its have been fun years with the game.
Though civ 6 is mostly unplayable with constant crashes, stucked in loading turns.
These crash issues have been for over two years now and still havent been fixed yet.
Yesterday I installed civ 6 to try it out and to see if these crashing issues hade been fixed, but yesterday the game crashed two times and today this evening it crashed three times.

I mean why havent the devs fixed these crash issue?
So manu players, including me would indeed enjoy the game alot more if these crash issue get fix.
I dunno if I wanna buy anymore DLC:s when the game is unplayable as it is today.

Please devs fix your game.
I've been playing CIV VI since it came out and I never have crashes... Maybe because I never added a DLC...
Old or decently good computer? For me, a huge, epic game of Civ6 plus a few mods will crash only once in several games.

That is not on high difficulty however (prince)
new DLC wre having new features which some externsions from modes made unstable, so possible check out the mods you have when they got update last.

Just locate the file called AppOption.TXT see picture.

Open Task Manager then tab Performance and see how many physical CPU's you got.

Change the value on the the two following command's from -1 to match your processors. (6 in my case)

MaxJobThreads -1

MaxGameCoreThreads -1

Change the following commands from -1 to a number LESS than your core number (I went with 2, 3 and 1.

GameCoreReserveThreads -1

MaxGameCoreUnitMovementThreads -1

MaxGameCoreTradeRouteThreads -1

Save the AppOption.TXT file, start a new game and problem solved. Not my explanation, but I tried it and it actually have been working ever since.
I have been crashing too especially on Huge maps. While I have played a few Standard and smaller maps just fine, I feel very cramped in those games and do not enjoy it. At any rate, I found a thread on the Steam Community where someone had tested running the game in auto under several specific scenarios. What they discovered was that when city states were set to 0, the game did not crash or hang during the AI turn. I tested that for myself and have played a game much longer than I have been able to in a long time (currently around turn 211).

I do bypass the launcher. And I will try the above (I happen to have the same processer) on a game with city states in place.
From my point of view I cannot confirm "unplayable", but since the last DLC the frequency of crashes has significantly increased.
I would gladly trade 10 of the new leaders against one SERIOUS attempt to finally fix those bugs and crash issues that have been existing for years.
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