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Late Game Crash Fixes?


Apr 8, 2024
Searched and searched but nothing really comes up. Any Late Game Crash fixes?

Vox Populi and YnAEMP v25 (Giant Earth Map) is all I have installed plus IGE and Sparta Civ.

Im on a Razer Blade 15 Advanced model laptop, so hardware shouldnt be an issue? (Shes old I'll give you that)

Im crashing around turn 100, I say 'around' becuase I have restarted 3 times now from scratch after removing mods and changing settings. Are there any work arounds for late game crashing?
YnAEMP has been confiigfured correctly for it to work with Vox (or atleast I think so)

All I can think of now is to lower the amount of civs in the game but even then is there a guarantee of it noot crashing? Just tired of it I do not remember this happening last time I played (a long time ago on a desktop)
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