Civ 6 - suddenly very slow with RTX 3060


Sep 4, 2011
Hi there,

I hope you can help me with something: I formatted my Alienware laptop and did a clean installation of Windows 11 with Steam and Civ 6 (with all the recent drivers for the graphic card, etc).

Now Civ 6 is incredibly slow, even the intro video and the menu are so slow, that it makes the game unplayable.

I manually selected to use my graphic card in Windows and tried direct x11 and direct x12 with the e2k launcher, but it seems like nothing is working, did anyone face/solve something like this? I miss Civ and I want to play it again!

Thank you
Did you fix this? If not, add some more details please (i.e. is it the only game?) - have you tried fullscreen vs windowered - does this make a difference etc?
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