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Civ-Enabled Policies, ideas thread

Discussion in 'Éa Fantasy Mod Project' started by Pazyryk, Aug 7, 2014.

  1. godgone

    godgone Chieftain

    Jun 25, 2014
    What about +1c1f for farm plots near fresh water for Advanced Agriculturalists, much like ancient China?
  2. Calavente

    Calavente Richard's voice

    Jun 4, 2006
    yip !!

    well, regarding "stacking" : one needs to remind that all civs will not have access to all civ-policies... you can only "stack" if your civ is allowed to...
    so one archer civ can have archer + marksman + mastermarksman
    and one other just archer ... (on that line).

    However there is a point I'm making: some of those seem weak...
    if it were "traits" it wouldn't matter. but one has to remember that those policies are bought with the same currency as any other policies... and taking one here might cost you a finisher... so they have to be as good as other policies.(compare diviner : +4 divination modifier ...with arcana primus : +8 modifier to all magic schools: it is basically 8 times better , even if arcana primus needs 4-6 policies before being buyable)

    if nomads are only for 4 civs... ok (fir bolg cruithni, hyperborea, another) : are icelords and desert lords really needed? they depend on tundra nomad and desert nomad... each being given to only one civ... (so a row 2 that is in everything but name, unique)
    so : fir bolg cruithni get nomad, hyberborea get ice lords... and something to replace tundra nomad...

    my contribution:
    Spoiler :
    --"one-offs" (no policy prereq and no policy has it as a prereq)
    • Woodsmen +1f from worked Camps; no movement penalty in Forests/Jungle for Recon units +20%str from/to forest for Recon units
    • Fishermen +25% production for Fishing & Whaling Boats +2 Food in city per fish/whale ressource in range --> after a time you won't get benefit from cheaper fishing boats.
    • Mistics +1 culture and 10% mana/faith from monuments
    • Divinators +4 Divination Modifier for all spellcasters
    • Conjurors (Tech: Conjuring) 33% reduction in mana maintenance for all summoned/called units
    • Smiths +1g1c from all resource mines; +1g1c from Forges
    • Diplomats -50% to race relationship penalties with full civs; +10 relationship anchor with CSs
    • Fairy Friends+6 relationship with The Fay; +3 relationship with all Pantheistic civiliations
    • Enchanters (Tech: Enchantment) +4 Enchantement Modifier for all spellcasters
    • Illusionists (Tech: Illusion) +4 Illusion Modifier for all spellcasters

    --row 1 (prereq for row 2 policy)
    • Nomads Up to +4f4c per city based on city sparseness (-1 for every other city within 5 plots of this city)
    • Pastoralists +1p1c from Pastures
    • Hunters +25% production for Hunters and all Recon units; Recon Units get +10% flanking +1visibility OR : allow: "hunting"/"trapping" actions for Hunters/recon : on camp ressource (anywhere or limited to no-improvement/not in borders) : get +2F OR 2g to nearby city/turn until hunter moves..
    • Archers +2Yew from capital +25% production for archer and horse-mounted Archer lines
    • Seafarers +1 movement and visibility for all Naval units
    • Farmers +10%f from Granaries
    • Traders +2g for each Trader specialist
    • Craftsmen +2c for each Artisan specialist
    • Scholars +2s for each Scribe specialist
    • Engineers (Tech: Construction) +2p for each Smith specialist
    • Herbalists +3f3m from improved Moly + pops 2 random moly ressources in land you own
    • Alchemists (Tech: Alchemy) +3p3s from improved Cinnabar + pops 2 random Cinnabar ressources in land you own
    • Bards -20% turns to complete all Epics
    • Missionaries +50% religious pressure
    • Miners +1p from all mines
    • Smelters +50% strategic resources for Copper, Iron and Mithril
    • War Tacticians +33% flanking bonus; +25% bonus for adjacent units (the latter stacks with Discipline)

    --row 2 (prereq for row 3 policy and has row 1 prereq)
    • Tundra Nomads (Nomads) +1f for every 2 Tundra plots owned by each city
    • Desert Nomads (Nomads) +1f for every 2 Desert plots owned by each city
    • Animal Breeders (Pastoralists / Tech: Animal Breeding) Small chance for pasture-resources to spawn, +20% animal ressources (so more cattle / horses / pig / elephant / fur?... but only if you have 5 or more
    • Horse Tribes (Pastoralists / Tech: Horseback Riding) +50% Horses strategic resource
    • Elephant Tamers (Hunters) +50% Elephants strategic resource
    • Animal Masters (Hunters) Recon units and Warriors/Druids GP can take the Animal Master promotion allowing capture of defeated Animal units (civs at peace with Animals can challenge individual units, converting them to hostile for a few turns) and +20%str against animals captured animals get a +1/1 promotion
    • Marksmen (Archers) +20% strength all archer/horsarcher line units
    • Caravaners (Traders) +50% range for Land Trade Routes
    • Sea Traders (Traders, Seafarers) +50% range for Sea Trade Routes
    • Ship Builders (Seafarers) +25% production for all Naval units
    • Whalers (Seafarers) +1f1p1c from worked Whale plots; +1p per owned Whale from Whalery
    • Merchants (Traders) +2g per Trade Route; +5 Trade/Espionage Modifiers for all Merchants
    • Millers (Farmers) +2f1p per Watermill and Windmill
    • Weavers (Craftsmen) +1g2c per Textiles Plantation
    • Brewers (Craftsmen) +1g2c per Brewery
    • Jewelers (Craftsmen) +2g1c from improved Gems and Oysters ("Jewerly" building gives 2 "Jewels" ressource)(for all civs: Marketplaces (or Fair) get: +1g for jewels, metal art and for each Famous cloth, Famous Alcohol, Famous Wine)
    • Gold- & Silversmiths (Craftsmen) +2g1c from improved Gold and Silver ("Mint" building allowed in cities with gold/silver or harbor : give 2 "Metal Art" ressource)(for all civs: Marketplaces (or Fair) get: +1g for jewels, metal art and for each Famous cloth, Famous Alcohol, Famous Wine)
    • Philosophers (Scholars / Tech: Philosophy) -20% research cost and knowledge maintenance for Writing, Philosophy, Logic, Semiotics, Metaphysics and Transcendental Thought
    • Metaphysicists (Scholars / Tech: Metaphysics) +5 Scholarship Modifier for all Sages
    • Astronomers (Scholars or Seafarers / Tech: Astronomy) +33%s from Observatories; +1m for all Naval units, Naval units can enter Ocean
    • Divine Scholars (Scholars / Tech: Divine Liturgy) -20% research cost and knowledge maintenance for all divine techs leading to Knowledge of Heaven
    • Arcane Scholars (Scholars / Tech: Thaumaturgy) -15% research cost and knowledge maintenance for all arcane techs
    • Zealots (Missionaries) Devouts have +5 Proselytizing Modifier.
    • Potion Makers (Herbalists) [...wait for potions?...]
    • Bakkheians (Bards) Double happiness from Wine, Ale and Spirits luxury resources
    • Performers (Bards) +2c from Amphitheater, Theater and Opera House
    • Mathematicians (Scholars / Tech: Mathematics) -15% research cost and knowledge maintenance for Mathematics, Coinage, Music, Alchemy, Mechanics, Banking, Chemistry, Engineering, Machinery, Architecture and Steam Power
    • Stonemasons (Craftsmen) +1p from Quarries; +20% construction rate for Walls and Castle --> need something else : arcane lore gives 33% for a much a wider list of buildings while being a tier1 policy : more +20% buildings OR : melee units can build forts improvement (if it exists)
    • Civil Engineers (Engineers) +20% construction rate for Aqueducts, Sewers and Bath Houses +1 health in each city
    • Machinists (Engineers / Tech: Machinery) +20% construction rate for all "construct" units (all siege, Landship and Airship) and Factory
    • Architects (Engineers / Tech: Architecture) +1c from all buildings that provide culture
    • Weapon Smiths (Smelters) Steel/Mithril Working boosts increased from +2/+4 to +3/+6
    • War Strategists (War Tacticians) +4 Logistics Modifier to all Warriors
    • Deep Miners (Miners / Tech: Deep Mining) +1p from all Mines and Deep Mines + small chance of discovering mining ressources in deep mines
    • Underdark Denizens (Miners / Tech: Deep Farming) [...need to develop tech branch first...]

    --row 3 (has row 2 as prereq)
    • Horselords (Horse Tribes) +1m and +20% str/rng for all horse-mounted units
    • Forest Lords (Woodsmen) No movement penalty in Forests/Jungle for any units, +1f/+1p for every 4 forest in each city.
    • Ice Lords (Tundra Nomads) +1f1p1c for every 5 tundra or ice plots owned by this city (stacks with similar) (every 5 instead of every 2 for tundra nomad so it is roughly as strong... if a bit stronger when you have enough tiles: 3yield for 5tiles, versus 2 for 4 and 3 for 6... 6 for 10 versus 5 for 10 tiles.. and you now count ice on top of tundra
    • Desert Lords (Desert Nomads) +1f1g1c for every 4 desert plots owned by this city (same as above, but as you don't have more tiles opened, the gain needs less tiles)
    • Master Mercenaries (Merchants) +6 relationship with all full civs (or +20 anchor; -20% decay rate with all CSs) that have hired at least one mercenary from your civ
    • Leviathan Hunters (Whalers, Animal Masters) cities get whales and fish at a range increased by 5; whaler boat get +5/5 str (or str enough to battle sea monsters/whales), +4mvt, can enter ocean, can enter border, can convert sea monsters (when there will be some): incidentally whales (units)(beast that can be converted by beastmaster if at sea), can attack boats as a sort of submarine and allow a buidling in cities giving +1whale resource, + a one time gain of +50F + 50g +50p ??
    • Naval Engineers (Ship Builders) +15%str/rng for naval units
    • Advanced Agriculturalists (Millers) +10%F in each city
    • Exotic Traders (Caravaners, Sea Traders) +2g2c for buildings related to commerce : market / port / fair.... however you named them. or : open new action for merchant : import ressource : 1 per trade route in the city... when trade route finishes(if ever) the ressource disappear: ressource is limited to those in the foreign empires' network, chance depends on availability in foreign's empire network (+) and availability in own empire network (-)
    • Bankers (Merchants) +5% capitalisation on treasury : if you have a 1000 g in stock, you gain 50g / turn
    • Master Marksmen (Markmen) archers/horsearchers get +1 range and (+1/1str/rng)
    • Master Weavers (Weavers) can build one "Master Weaver" building per city with a sheep pasture or a textile plantation, Master Weaver building get a random "Famous Cloth of X civ" happy ressource chosen depending on the ressources in the city area (in prorata) : Famous Whool of X / Famous Silk / Famous Coton? / Famous Flax ?..Etc. (for all civs: Marketplaces (or Fair) get: +1g for each Famous cloth / jewels, metal art, Famous Alcohol, Famous Wine)
    • Master Brewers (Brewers) cities with Distillery or brewery buildings get 2 of a random "Famous Alcohol of X civ" ressource, chosen at random depending on the ressources around the city: "Famous Fruit Alcohol of X" (if berries), "Famous Wiskey of X" (if wheat), "Famous Ale of X" (if Ale/ or brewery already in city), "Famous Rhum of X" (if sugar) +1g per grain/sugar/berries (as those are used for distillery): (for all civs: Marketplaces (or Fair) get: +1g for jewels, metal art and for each Famous cloth, Famous Alcohol, Famous Wine)
    • Œnologists (Brewers)get a "Famous Wine of X city" in each city with a winery, with the number of ressources being 2*number of vineyard in city area (it is a further ressource on top of the original wine ressource) +1g1c per grappe ressource on map (note that there should be less grappe ressources than total number of wheat+sugar + berries ressources) (for all civs: Marketplaces (or Fair) get: +1g for jewels, metal art and for each Famous cloth, Famous Alcohol, Famous Wine)
    • Theologists (Divine Scholars)
    • Crusaders (Zealots): Receive Divine Favor from kills +10%str if different religion
    • Demonologists (Arcane Scholars) Allied demons regenerate up to 15 hp every turn, consuming mana equal to hp regenerated
    • Hell Denizens (Arcane Scholars) +2f1p from Blighted resources
    • Master Arcanists (Arcane Scholars) -25% research cost and knowledge maintenance for all arcane techs (stacks with Arcane Scholars and all other effects)
    • Master Potion Makers (Potion Makers) [...wait for potions?...]
    • Master Performers (Performers) +10 Mod for GA, +10% culture in all civ (spreading of one own culture internally and externally through the performances : think of the effect of hollywood on the spread of US culutre
    • Master Mathematicians (Mathematicians) -25% research cost and knowledge maintenance for Mathematics, Coinage, Music, Alchemy, Mechanics, Banking, Chemistry, Engineering, Machinery, Architecture and Steam Power (stacks with Mathematicians and all other effects)
    • Monument Builders (Stonemasons) +10% for building construction OR : each building get +1c (as those are all pieces of art)
    • Beastmasters (Animal Masters): All units with the Animal Master promotion and warriors/druids GP (even without Animal Master) can take the Beastmaster promotion allowing capture of defeated Beast units and +20%str against Beasts, Giants, Ogres. Beastmaster promotion units can use a "track Beast" action : 3 turns : "create" a Beast on tile with 10-20xp... so you can attack it to snatch it.
    • Cosmologists (Metaphysicists / Tech: Transcendental Thought): Reveals entire map : need something else which is more of a day-to-day use +2 scholarship for all Sage.
    • Weapon Masters (Weapon Smiths) all units get +10%str OR weapon smith allow special gear/weapons and Weapon master increases iron/mithril boost
    • Master War Strategists (War Strategists) all units get +15%vs cities or Warrior give +15%str/rng to surrounding units
    • Imperialists (Royalists or War Strategists) Effective population is reduced by 25% for Culture Level and Knowledge Maintenance calculations
    • Underdark Lords (Underdark Denizens)
  3. Pazyryk

    Pazyryk Deity

    Jun 13, 2008
    I'm not done with this yet, but I've been slowly (quietly) updating the OP for Enabled Policies. The list has changed with some dropped and others added. If you look in the manual now you will see that all 70 civs have a list of Enabled Policies. The vast majority have exactly 7, but a few have 8 or 9. Probably the names at least won't change again, only effects. (Well, there will be new ones for Heldeofol civs. I just mean for existing civs.)

    I've added "empty" policies to v8 tables and attached them to civs. So I'm close to starting on the task of implementing actual effects. The listed effects in the OP have changed over the last few weeks based on comments and new ideas. They will probably continue to change for the next week, or until each is really added the game. So take a look again and let me know what you think or if you have any (easy!) ideas that don't seem to be in the list.
  4. Llednar Twem

    Llednar Twem Prince

    Aug 13, 2014
    Huh, glancing through the names in the manual, I notice that Segoÿim is planned to be locked out of learning Maleficium. That's rather disappointing, as fallen is by far my favorite way to play that civ. It even inspired me to imagine about what it might look like if pantheism had a fallen variant like theism does during especially dull stretches at work. >_>

    I never actually posted any of those ideas of course. It would be a rather huge addition and even suggesting it felt like it would just be me rudely pushing my ideas on somebody else's mod.

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