Civ V Calculator Nerds


Paraclete of Kaborka
Oct 9, 2006
Santa Cruz, ca
For many years I've been using Excel macros I hastily wrote, named Current Civ V Game and Civ V Trade Calculator. If they sound like they could help you, I'll figure out how to make them available to those who have Excel; let me know the version you have. I just now got this idea, which is why the macros are crude.

Why don't we form a sub-group, to improve them. called Excel Calculator Nerds. I don't claim the macros are great! But are they better than what you have? Take a look, then maybe join the sub-group. There's a good chance you have better macros than mine. If I can make them available (free of course) to those who don't own excel, then I will, also. I think you can export read-only macros maybe? It's likewise been many years since I read the Excel manuals, also.

I'll do likewise for Civ IV and VI and VII (if I live that long.)

I'm asking the admin to make this read-only, a sub-group, and the title in caps. (He could then remove this comment.)
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