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Civ1 Build etc 1570AD

Discussion in 'Civ2 - Game of Democracy II' started by GaryNemo, Jan 13, 2003.


City Build Q Plan posted in Turn 1570AD?

Poll closed Jan 16, 2003.
  1. Approve most Switch & Build plans, as amended here

    3 vote(s)
  2. Approve most plans, but I've posted important changes

    2 vote(s)
  3. We will not be ready to move Wednesday morning

    0 vote(s)
  4. Not sure... I abstain

    1 vote(s)
  1. GaryNemo

    GaryNemo Settler from None

    Feb 14, 2002
    Ohio, GMT-4
    Civ1-addict (3:07 PM) : Hey Gary!
    GaryNemo (3:07 PM) : Hello to you!
    Civ1-addict (3:08 PM) :
    I'm trying to post at CFC but the server is too busy....
    GaryNemo (3:08 PM) : It's been getting worse again!
    Civ1-addict (3:09 PM) :
    Annoying when you've typed a post and you click submit and then it's busy, I save all my posts with ctrl+c before submitting
    GaryNemo (3:09 PM) :
    I do too! I use NoteTab Light for all editing, creating a poll now
    GaryNemo (3:11 PM) :
    Sadly, also must be working. Plus, I'm Mr. Mom, limited time @office. Fun tho.
    Civ1-addict (3:11 PM) :
    I use the little program in windows to make larger texts I want to post later, I don't know the english name for it (it's not word or wordpad)
    GaryNemo (3:12 PM) :
    Programs, Accessories, Notepad. A good one. Like Paint, ubiquitous.
    Your maps are much needed, thanx for all of your good work, really!
    Civ1-addict (3:12 PM) :
    I use paint a lot, but you've seen that from the screenshots! :lol:
    It's fun to do
    GaryNemo (3:13 PM) : How long will you be online?
    Civ1-addict (3:13 PM) : Maybe another 30 minutes not more

    GaryNemo (3:13 PM) : Want to chat about builds? or not?
    Civ1-addict (3:14 PM) : Sure, let me open civ then
    GaryNemo (3:14 PM) :
    I think I must make up many gruesome polls, no way to avoid it...
    Can you see my BuildQ post in Turn 1570?
    First, get your post in thru the busy...
    Civ1-addict (3:14 PM) : I was just about to check it out.
    Just an idea: post all things you think should be done and the last word of the post will be: objections?   Then people can post objections but they probably won't! :lol:
    GaryNemo (3:15 PM) : I'm very tempted, this time.
    Maybe I should just poll things I'm unsure of...
    Civ1-addict (3:16 PM) :
    Your ideas are usually approved so why not?
    Just poll about major things but everybody will agree on a temple here, a diplo there and an engineer over there...
    GaryNemo (3:17 PM) :
    Well, I'm going to kill off most improvements, as I've posted. Focus on 6 big cities, otherwise Viking Temples, Dips, Vans...
    Maybe I've polled enough? eh? I have 3 polls out there...
    Civ1-addict (3:17 PM) : Very good plan!
    GaryNemo (3:17 PM) : It will save a lot of work and confusion, to be sure.
    Civ1-addict (3:18 PM) :
    We need a strike force to kill capitals and diplos to bribe other cities and vans to give the diplos money to play around with.
    GaryNemo (3:18 PM) :
    Suppose I just went with my recent post in Turn 1570AD, can you see it?
    Civ1-addict (3:19 PM) : I'm going there now
    GaryNemo (3:19 PM) :
    This way, when Jayne moves in 36 hours, there won't be any last minute confusion about goofy poll results. Only posts with new reasons. ...   Take your time ...
    When you get it, Turn 1570AD at the end, City Build Qs ...

    Civ1-addict (3:20 PM) : I've seen the Build Q post now.
    What I think is that you shouldn't post it as questions but rather as advise
    GaryNemo (3:21 PM) :
    That is the first option in each case. Frozen Toe, Engr

    Well, if you want me to change anything, chat so here and now. Do you have time to consider each city?
    Civ1-addict (3:21 PM) :
    Others can come up with better ideas but just post the buildQs for Jayne and if nobody objects she has something she can work with
    GaryNemo (3:22 PM) :
    Ok, by tonight I'll post one more poll with a few good questions, the rest straight from that post. See anything you'd change?

    Civ1-addict (3:22 PM) :
    Dur Sharrukin is building an engineer, we need a dip on that island I think.
    GaryNemo (3:22 PM) : I'm going all Vans Engrs & many Dips, basically.
    Civ1-addict (3:23 PM) : You should
    GaryNemo (3:23 PM) : Frozen Toe is Dip
    Civ1-addict (3:23 PM) : We'll need lots of dips
    Oh, you mean engr after dip? That's fine!
    GaryNemo (3:24 PM) :
    Dur Shar, we'll build the Engr as planned, you can build a city with it.
    Frozen Toe: Dip in 2, then an Engr, not Market.
    Civ1-addict (3:24 PM) :
    Yes and cold front should switch to defensive unit I think
    GaryNemo (3:24 PM) :
    Cold Front is the Dragoon Island Guard. Not defense.
    Already 2 muskets there.
    Civ1-addict (3:25 PM) :
    Build an offensive unit on the island though and station in Dur Shar for killing unbribable units
    GaryNemo (3:25 PM) :
    Yes, station Dragoon in Dur Shar, I'll mention that.

    York Downs, switch to another Caravel, you'll need another one at least.
    Civ1-addict (3:26 PM) :
    We need more Caravels indeed! I think we have quite a shortage already!
    Caravels will soon sail beyond Persia to drop off engineers, long trips and then we don't have ferries anymore around the home continent!
    GaryNemo (3:27 PM) :
    Always keep 4 Ferries near home. Always same 4.
    Beast, Boreum, Udal, India.

    Civ1-addict (3:28 PM) : Yes, those 4 are quite essential
    Maybe another ferry when we settle the empty islands?
    GaryNemo (3:30 PM) :
    More and more Ferries, and Dip Captains for all the others.
    Civ1-addict (3:30 PM) :
    The Indian ferry and Beast ferry are quite far away for those islands and should remain in place
    GaryNemo (3:30 PM) :
    The islands can begin to build their own Ferries.
    Civ1-addict (3:30 PM) :
    Yes. Diplos are so cool. Bribing all those cheap cities for us.
    True, let them take care of themselves

    GaryNemo (3:31 PM) :
    But, I am VERY FEARFUL about Antioch.
    This is DEITY

    Civ1-addict (3:31 PM) :
    Same goes for Scandinavia, they should be building engrs to settle their own continent!
    GaryNemo (3:31 PM) : Hladir, Hladir, Hladir

    Civ1-addict (3:31 PM) : You don't want to bribe Antioch right?
    GaryNemo (3:32 PM) : NO, leave it. Dip embassy.
    Civ1-addict (3:32 PM) : Right, that's what I think too
    Antioch is too expensive right now
    Too many problems defending, nothing but trouble to be found there....
    GaryNemo (3:33 PM) :
    Now I'm thinking we must post this chat. Antioch is dangerous. And yes, we need the $Sewers. York Downs Caravel? Other cities on my list?

    Civ1-addict (3:33 PM) : Bribe Gordium though!
    GaryNemo (3:33 PM) :
    You guys must have your fun! Then we need a Rush Buy Dip guard, methinks. I seem warlike, but am cautious to a fault.
    Civ1-addict (3:34 PM) :
    Yeah! The other Persian cities are far away though, thus help is far away for Gordium.
    GaryNemo (3:35 PM) : True. But they will hate us for it.
    Civ1-addict (3:35 PM) :
    Besides, I want to settle the land around it and we don't want the enemy to be amidst young, tiny cities!
    We're at war with them, who cares about their feelings! ;)

    GaryNemo (3:36 PM) :
    Salzburg: Rush Buy Musket $52 and then a Dip?

    In 2 turns, the Muskets will be Rifles, take longer to build.
    Civ1-addict (3:36 PM) :
    Certainly, it's very close to the Russians and Spanish!
    GaryNemo (3:36 PM) : Musket in 1 is the key!
    Civ1-addict (3:37 PM) : And more expensive too!
    GaryNemo (3:37 PM) : What is more expensive?
    Civ1-addict (3:37 PM) : To buy a rifle over a musket
    GaryNemo (3:38 PM) : Yes, but we could then IPRB=30 Dip then sw to Rifle.
    GaryNemo (3:38 PM) : Salzburg $52 Musket will become a Rifle.

    Civ1-addict (3:38 PM) :
    Routskilde courthouse? Will we still need it in democracy?
    GaryNemo (3:38 PM) :
    Courthouse is still a benefit in Democracy, one happy.
    Civ1-addict (3:39 PM) : Yes, we should do that!
    Oh, ok, Build it then!   Corruption is a killer there right now....
    GaryNemo (3:39 PM) :
    I don't know how long until we all agree on Democracy. Right after Bach is my plan, no sloppiness buildup.
    Civ1-addict (3:40 PM) :
    That's right, Bach will keep them happy, temples and marketplaces on other continents, they are free in maintenance anyway!
    GaryNemo (3:41 PM) :
    Bach + Democracy cancel out all new ill effects.

    Civ1-addict (3:41 PM) : Hamburg: Diplo to explore the island!
    GaryNemo (3:42 PM) :
    Good idea. Engr seems best, but there are many needs there... I'm not sure.
    Civ1-addict (3:43 PM) :
    Maybe build a few strike-units on the homeland and rehome in Hipsheim soon?
    GaryNemo (3:43 PM) :
    When we get Bach. Right now it can support only 1 unit. With Bach, six (6) !
    Civ1-addict (3:44 PM) :
    Attacking the Persians will not be such a great deal, few cities. Take out their capital, in the same turn we can bribe all their cities! :)
    GaryNemo (3:44 PM) :
    The Mtn between Arbela and Tarsus...
    Civ1-addict (3:45 PM) :
    After Gordium attack their capital and then bribe the other 5 cities...
    Civ1-addict (3:45 PM) : Those mountains are great in stopping military influx
    Civ1-addict (3:45 PM) : They've even build a fort for us right behind them
    GaryNemo (3:45 PM) : Mtn and fortress, but I guess only Tarsus is beyond them...
    Civ1-addict (3:46 PM) : Persians support us in taking over their land I'm sure.... :lol:

    GaryNemo (3:46 PM) :
    Oh yes, also we need to pillage all Viking fortresses...
    Civ1-addict (3:46 PM) :
    Yes, we shouldn't make the same mistake as the Persians
    Same goes for the Indians and Russians, plenty of forts to stack our units in.

    Civ1-addict (3:50 PM) :
    An engineer in Ebor? It can take off immediately and found a city, in that way we can keep Ebor small as it isn't of main concern to develop it yet.
    GaryNemo (3:50 PM) :
    Good one! I wasn't at all sure about Ebor. So Engr next.
    Civ1-addict (3:51 PM) :
    Melampyrum a van, production can be quite high when Elvis starts working that forrest
    GaryNemo (3:51 PM) : Yes, but first a Dip, then Van, right?
    Civ1-addict (3:52 PM) : OK
    GaryNemo (3:52 PM) : OOPS, I meant Lindow Moss PEAT: Dip then Van.
    GaryNemo (3:52 PM) : Melampyrun Temple, then Van you want?
    GaryNemo (3:52 PM) : Dip already in Triticum.
    Civ1-addict (3:52 PM) : Yeah
    Civ1-addict (3:52 PM) : What for Triticum, Van too??
    It's hard to decide but you can't go wrong with a van can you...
    GaryNemo (3:53 PM) : Nope.
    Civ1-addict (3:53 PM) : Or Temple.
    GaryNemo (3:53 PM) :
    When in doubt, built a Van or Engr. Nearly all cities get a Temple, yes.
    Civ1-addict (3:53 PM) : Temple would be better! It grows fast
    GaryNemo (3:54 PM) : No Temple in Little Nemo. Most other cities, yes.
    We are Unitarians, no Temple! :lol:

    GaryNemo (3:54 PM) :
    Speaking of growing fast, I can't wait until Democracy!
    Civ1-addict (3:54 PM) :
    Little Nemo, our little engineer factory, how sweet.............
    GaryNemo (3:55 PM) : Mother of Most Cities.
    Civ1-addict (3:55 PM) :
    Then we can see some growth, science and money! :)
    GaryNemo (3:55 PM) :
    Thoughout the World! We will reevaluate our key cities, they no longer need to be Aonia.
    Civ1-addict (3:56 PM) :
    I completely agree with your plan to focus on development on a selection of cities, others can build vans and engineers
    GaryNemo (3:57 PM) : Even in Democracy, still always a focus.
    Civ1-addict (3:57 PM) :
    Especially in democracy when there is no corruption cities on other continents can be just as important as the ones in Aonia
    GaryNemo (3:57 PM) : Yes, plus long trade routes.
    I am dreaming of Democ, Uppsala Market!
    Hladir will become the best, because it can build a Harbor.
    Civ1-addict (3:58 PM) :
    Nice cities: look at Susa, Bangalore, Delhi, Sverdlovsk, can't wait to get my hands on them
    GaryNemo (3:59 PM) :
    You are a dreamer! I'm worried about the next 50 years. ;)
    Civ1-addict (4:00 PM) :
    Spain will be quite a killer but worthwhile. I feel that they are quite strong and expanding rapidly. We must deal with them now before they become too strong
    GaryNemo (4:00 PM) :
    Our Duke is thinking of flow of troops. Good plan.

    Civ1-addict (4:00 PM) : I need to go now, have to get up early tomorrow.
    Good luck with the polls!
    GaryNemo (4:01 PM) : Just a moment, I'm edit the post as an EMail to you!
    Civ1-addict (4:03 PM) : I'm fine with it. You post it. Good Night!

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