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Civ2 GOTM #14 *spoiler* talks

I really like this gotm. I'm usually an emperor player, but this gotm is hard enough for king difficulty. I'm in 660 AD, and am well in front by now, but these barbs are giving me hell. Almost all of the map has been explored, I have the most number of cities by far, but am behind on infrastructure, thanks to the fact that the whole map is PLAINS and HILLS. This will be a good one for the 500+ anal engineer players :D.

All in all, I can see a lot of modern day wins coming out of this one. The land just isn't feritle enough to win without improving a heap of the land.
Originally posted by smegged

All in all, I can see a lot of modern day wins coming out of this one. The land just isn't feritle enough to win without improving a heap of the land.
...nevertheless, I have just finished playing and I won without irrigating a single tile (and also without building a single improvement) and that was looooong before modern days (even before 660AD :) ).
I'll fall victim to myself. It's 1 A.D., and I have explorered about everything, killed the English, weakened the Chinese by taking one and destroying another city. Got nice improvements everywhere, but still not sure if I'll try to conquest or something else.....it'll probably be a finish in 1000-1500 by conquest qith high points or something....we'll see.
It's been ehh...about 3 months since I played civ2, but now I am back! I don't think anyone remembers me though.

Man have I been lucky in this Gotm. I started building the city on the right spot, namely to the south west, so I got an extra special. I could have built it to the south east, but I wanted more room for more cities, so LUCKY me! :) Then shortly after, I got a nomad from the third hut. WOW! I never get nomads in gotms...hehe.

That nomad didn't know where it would build a city because it was rocks everywhere, so it went south, and finally found a good spot beside a whale. A short while after, I noticed the japanese capital Kyoto was 2 square beside my city. Perfect I thought! So I prepared war for about 2000 years, and destroyed them about 1000 BC. Then the germans, english and the chinese came for a visit, and my army was set east. I put some troops to stop the english from moving forward, and let my elephants and horsemen deal with the germans. They sneaked attacked and killed one elephant with a warrior. Hm! But the germans were too offensive, they only had a phalanx for defense and only one city, so it was a pretty easy task to killl them.

In the meanwhile I had built some triemes and some troops, and they landed beside the chinese capital. I only needed one crusader to destroy Beijing. Shortly after, my troops had moved south and destroyed the last chinese city...they only had 2. The english didn't like that, and they sneaked attacked. I lost some troops from this, but they lost more. I decided it would take too much work to try and take Hastings up north, because I only had about 2 horsemen up there, so I bought the city instead and made peace.

Now it's 1 AD, and I have 26 cities, 21 advances and the colussus. I am 14 turns from getting hanging gardens, and 7 turns from getting the pyramids. I have some cities building crusaders, because I want to get a conquest. I don't think I have the patience to play after 1000 AD, so this is a better option for me. Hmmm, maybe I will go into republic...yeah, that will be a good idea. Once I get the hanging gardens I am all set.

Will there be a first submission for me this time?? It's looking good.
Well, I don't usually play above Prince level, but I tried this out, and I actually finished the game this time!

(Okay, my citizens forced me into retirement after I tried to hold the mother of all keg parties in the palace while the German ambassador waited outside the door. But hey, I didn't get killed!)

I was able to get most of the strategic wonders (Library, J.S. Bach's Cathedral, Lighthouse, etc.), and I was able to hold my own, even as war after war kept happening around me (but for the most part, not TO me).

I found I ran into two problems:

1. A mixture of Japanese and Germans in the interior of the continent, forcing me to expand along the coast. This was quite annoying, as I never did manage to get my infrastructure properly into wartime.

2. A strange situation where I transferred to Democracy, and then found that my trade somehow didn't go up appreciably. I ended up caught in a technological standstill, lagging just behind the Chinese (which was fine, as they weren't trying to kill me). Instead of the five or six turns per advance that I was used to in a democracy, I ended up averaging about 12 turns (sad to say, after holding a "President's Day Sale", I only managed to shave about two turns off the count).

So...not the best game I've ever played (indeed, far from it), but certainly the most challenging one I've ever finished.

Best regards to all,

Robert Marks
I think I built too many troops this Gotm even though many cities were undefended. Anyway, I took London a short while after 1 AD, and bought the rest of their cities. So I conquered the world at 180 AD.

As usual it's going to be fun to be shocked all of you others. :) I believe someone will have 50 cities at 1000 BC, and conquer the world at the same time. I can't wait to see it! :)
Hi Civfanatics:

I played this GOTM last night and i finished last night too! I know that this is pretty usual for most of you at king level, but still i'm very happy because i bought the Sid's Maier Civilization II game at January 2002 and before that date i don't know nothing about to play Civ II. I finished the last GOTM too. As you know it was Deity but i survived!, even better, i did a really good game (my opinion :scan: ).

King level on a small map is totally different. I think that most of you conquer the world about 500 bc or 1000 bc. I had the option to conquer much earlier (about 100 ad) but my "attack skills" arn't too good... for now.

This is a compact of my game:

- Explored with settlers and get some huts.
- In the meantime i had 3 archers, some gold and a couple of techs (Pottery and... i forget the other!)
- Started to explore with warriors.
- some huts were bypassed to avoid barbs and, most important, the science research (specially when i start research Monarchy).
- I start to encounter other civs.
- I demand tribute and they give me Warrior Code and Code of Laws.
- 2650 bc Japanese Civ destroyed.

- 1850 bc English Civ destroyed.

- 160 ad German Civ destroyed

- 440 ad Chinese Civ destroyed

My stats at 1 ad

For a moment i think to go for the Space Ship, but i prefer tyo do this for this time. The next will end with the succesful land of the space ship on alpha centauri!! I know it.

To every newbi player like me i suggest to play the Civ 2 GOTM. This month is on king level and a small map. If you have questions don't be afraid to ask. Thare are players (and really good players!!) like smash, lucky, matrix, etc that always answer the questions. This helps a lot to improve your skills to play civ II. AND TO ALL PLAYERS: Send yours games, even if you are killed or some in your strategy fail. Let's keep the GOTM alive and atracting more people.

:scan: LONG LIVE CIV II:scan:
:cool: Nice map! Lots of produce! The resource map certainly helped with the founding of resource rich cities. This is the first time I used the resource map - I'll do so in future as well! :goodjob:

:confused: I'm still not happy with my early game. I (naturally) went for an early conquest but my strategy is not up to par - I got my botty smacked by Kyoto! :p So I went back to the PRODUCE, PRODUCE, PRODUCE technique. It turned out to be longwinded (1824AD) before I got bored and took Beijing.

I am inspired :eek: by the finish dates of such players as NOL and the Duke of Malborough. I've down loaded the save games but my version won't open them. I'm at a loss :crazyeye: as to what the quick conquest strategy is - any quick tips, guys? :(
Originally posted by Relegin Bor
I am inspired :eek: by the finish dates of such players as NOL and the Duke of Malborough. I've down loaded the save games but my version won't open them. I'm at a loss :crazyeyes: as to what the quick conquest strategy is - any quick tips, guys? :(

I use the hut pattern as much as possible. I try to get 2 or 3 huts before even building my first city. That gives me some time to get free units and also check the terrain to see if a better spot is available for my city. Once I have some units I go after more huts and along the way I usually find the other Civs and tyr to contain them until I can get enough troops over there to kill them. During that whole time I am building as many settlers as possible and spreading out as fast as possible.
Originally posted by Relegin Bor
BTW - my first roaming barbs didn't appear until after the 1500BC turn. Is this normal?

(Matrix - sorry if this is off topic!)

:lol: I think mine was even later. ;)

I wazs right, 1480 A.D., not too many points. :( Another bad GotM.
I finally got around to playing a GOTM too.
I didn't bother going for a fast finish, which explains why I only ended at 1969 (by "conquest"). I played as usual, rather isolationistic, not bothering much with the opponents, just defending myself, expanding and capturing a city here and there... Until the early 20th century when I unleashed my spies and wiped out all competition.
And I was lucky too, because the English were killed very early by another AI civ.
My second consecutive GOTM. Found CivFanatics site in Feb 2002.

Have obtained a lot of tips from the site. Realized what a lousy Civ player I was. Tried some of the strategies that I found at this site on this GOTM.

Killed the English very early. Thought the Japs were too powerful. But had to kill them eventually and realized they weren't as powerful as I thought. As I was exploring with my Tireme I thought the Chinese were on a different island. Later realized they were on the same continent. Allied with the Germans until they got mad and decided to attack me. I made peace with them when Berlin was the only city that I had not incited a revolt in.

Incited Canton during my alliance with the Germans and had a ceasefire with the Chinese. After several ceasefire violations by the Chinese captured/incited all their cities leaving Beijing alone.

When the Germans sneak attacked for the last time had no option but to capture Berlin.

After the last war with Chinese kept peace for several years by gifting them Railroad, Industrialization and Gunpowder in the 1970's until my spaceship arrived.

Finished in 1985 by the arrival of the Roamn Spaceship in Alpaha Centauri.
I have started yesterday evening and almost finished it. :cool:
I´m going for an early conquest this time again. I already have 3 gold medals and 2 blue stars so it´s time to do something different! :lol:

And the game progresses much faster towards your goal this way and the map encourages early conquests.
HOW early lucky?

I was thinking of going OCC and searched with my settlers for a better location. Popped the first hut and, swosh, there it was, the NONE horseman (maybe chariot, but it's same **** different names). He followed the hut pattern and, whosh, some cash and some more units and later some barbs, :( I decided to go for early conquest instead of OCC, EARLY conquest. Rome was founded close to a whale and some oil (7 production with monarchy).

Japanese was in my way so I lowered their city to the ground with my explorers. One of my explorers found the english, who defended London with a punny warrior, no match for my horseman and archer (who I got from the hut next to London :)).

Next on the menu was germans and the ligth blue civ. I met them in the mountains west of their lands. I tried to trade maps but when I was gifting techs to them they just told me they didn't have time to talk, and then just left, :( I had to do it the "hard" way... But with some civ skills it isn't hard to find a city that way, :) Germans died first, and next is light blue who HAD more than one city, not anymore, :lol:. Here I stand with the HG built , I've got a score of 70 or something like that. I know (at least I'm pretty sure) where the last city. I even have a unit ready to capture it. The year is 2XXX bc (not gonna tell you the last 3 numbers ;) and yes that is 2XXX bc). I don't know if I should kill them and finish the game or continue playing (I have a really good start and I think I'll be able to get a pretty good score)?
hmmmm...this game was kinda not really a game.I started on a wander and soon found myself in a spot of trouble.No good site was found and my settlers were split apart.But..by 3350 bc I had a horse and archer near London and 3 horses near Kyoto.Kyoto was on a river but the stupid AI attacked my horse with a warrior and lost leaving the city undefended.Since it was so early,London had no chance against 2 archers(found another in a hut in London's radius!) and a chariot.

Then I met a Chinese horse and it led striaight to b
Bejing..thank you very much.A few turns of marching my ever increasing NON army and no more Chinese.I did capture Beijing but now I had no palace.And I had a bunch of tech now so the first tech was something 100 turns to complete!!
Just as well cuz the poor Germans were found by 1 chariot.A few more turns of army moving and it was over.Without ever building a city!

I hire an elvis in size 2 Beijing and I get a score of 28 :D

I think its time for a no huts game.I got around 10 units but only needed 4 or 5 to win really.Small map king level is just too easy to win this way...
A bad start

I dumped my first setler at the staring position and used it only to produce setlers.
did not find any good site's to build city's but build them anyway
traded science as mutch as possible even got a few allies( did not go for a quicky) but did not get monarchy until 975 BC
i'm now at 1000 AD with only a few enemy city's in site
Barbs are driving me crazy they pop out of nowere and kill off all my units
My casualty timeline has never been this long.
I think this will be my first retiremend game

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