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Civ6 Modding Evaluation

Discussion in 'Civ6 - Creation & Customization' started by S3rgeus, Mar 5, 2017.

  1. Knasp

    Knasp Chieftain

    Sep 10, 2011
    Here's a version of Tar Valon on a single tile (I think the Modern road makes the bridges look white):
    Spoiler Tar Valon :

    Also I modified Toman head after looking up the descriptions in The Great Hunt (no walls).
    Spoiler Toman head :
  2. S3rgeus

    S3rgeus Chieftain

    Apr 10, 2011
    London, United Kingdom
    That's awesome work, Knasp! Seriously well done! The scale of the map and all of the cities and countries is looking a lot more accurate than I expected CiVI to look!

    Thanks again for posting, it makes a big difference to know folks are still enthusiastic!

    Having specific scenarios for certain parts of history is definitely something we want to do longer term with the mod, once the core general structure of the generated games is in place. (Similar to the scenarios in CiVI itself and how they relate to the games you generate by setting them up with map types etc.)

    Now to reach back into history, with the posts I've been intending to reply to for weeks:

    I don't buy much of the doom and gloom about CiVI modding. The capabilities we have now are better than what we had at an equivalent time in CiV. There are holes, but as Gedemon pointed out, several of them are being closed. Every new game is decried as the end of modding, but they've all found their niches by the time they've matured.

    I am conscious specifically for the WoTMod project that source access is needed for the kinds of sweeping changes that we want to make. Since it's completely up to Firaxis whether they release the source or not, it's difficult to invest in working on CiVI until we know it'll be possible to actually make the mod we want.

    I doubt it, a lot of the DLC effectively uses modding systems. Some of them are great examples, I used some of their structure and data as a template during the evaluation earlier in this thread. The main difference between the DLC and mods (from a feature perspective) is that if the DLC developers find they're missing a feature, they can walk down the hall and ask someone to add it in. That makes the DLCs feel very unique, but also means the more unique DLC features there are, the more variant mod features we can probably make.

    Yeah, as my extremely delayed reply probably suggests, it's difficult to pull together time to work on something like this while it's still so nebulous!

    I've not actually played that much CiVI yet (still only 39 hours), I'm hoping Rise & Fall will rekindle it for me. I've been playing a lot of Stellaris in its place.

    Overall I feel like going in blind isn't gonna be good for us, it'll be slow and demoralizing. We'll need to make a lot of decisions without enough information and have to come back and re-evaluate them anyway. I'm leaning towards just waiting until source access is provided. Once it is, I can do some serious digging about how it all fits together and then we can start converting all of our design work from CiV to CiVI.

    What do you think?
  3. counterpoint

    counterpoint Chieftain

    Jul 16, 2014
    Boston, MA
    OK, so apparently they stopped sending me notifications when there was a new post....

    right, hopefully it all stays feeling cohesive, though...

    Yeah, I've hardly been playing at all. I am at 134 hours into it, though.. It's been a game here and there, with weeks or more between, so I haven't really mastered anything though.

    So, this expansion, thing. First of all, clearly Firaxis follows the old CiV thread of ours and totally stole the Governors idea. It does indeed feel very similar. It'll make our ideas easier to implement.. though less unique, of course.

    I think the Emergencies thing has a chance to help us along with the Trolloc Wars and other game events. We'll see.

    I'm definitely interested in the Dark/Golden/Heroic Age thing. The Loyalty thing sounds interesting, too, as the fundamental core behind that idea... but I'm considered that it's yet another yield onto a game that's already perhaps overly complex.

    Still no diplo victory. also noteworthy.

    I agree. I hate that this is true, though. Just feels so lame. We were "close" - far from done obviously, but almost on "implementation," which was exciting.

    On the other hand, I'm pretty busy, so this is wise in any case..

    I'm fine with all of this as long as we still are able to strike within the "normal life" of CiVI. If what happened to us with CiV happens again (i.e., there's CiVII).... The one main benefit to plowing ahead into the great unknown was that we were likely to end up one of the first total conversion mods, which would have perhaps boosted interest a bit... but that ain't worth 500 hours of work "on spec"...

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