Civ7: Immersive and Balanced AI?


Feb 25, 2019
My dream for the AI for Civ7 is really not that far fetched.
I realised when I played Civ6 more extensively, that the AI's difficulty (in terms of actual aggressiveness) and their "cheats" are interlinked.

If you wanted to play Prince (a balanced game) you have to deal with bonkers stupid AI, it's totally unimmersive, they're very uncompetitive, and this has nothing to do with the amount of actual cheats that they're given - they just don't care and will let you win for free.

Higher difficulties in that game seem to (keyword "seem", at least in my experience) to have a brain. They will try to take more territories, get in the way of victories, and play a bit more greedy. The problem for the casual player is that if they want this AI, they have to settle for the fact that they cheat with free Settlers, Warriors, and bonuses.

In comparison to Civ5, Civ6's AI is more unimmersive on every level. At least on Prince difficulty, in 5, the AI plays way more distinct from each other. Alexander swallows territory and makes a million city state friends, whereas another would not.

So what gives? It seems that the Devs wanted Prince to be easy enough to beat for Beginners, but it comes at the cost of immersion and choice for the player.

Unfortunately, this is coupled with the problem that the AI is just generally more stupid, takes terrible trades (have all my money for this diplomacy), and... Doesn't have that same custom 3D palace setting and custom voice lines for every action (trade, war etc.) that Civ 5 does.

So for Civ7. What do I want? In short:

Separate choices for AI Difficulty / Intelligence and AI cheats.

Personality and vast variation in gameplay style for each Leader or Civ.

Bring back War music.

More custom voice lines.

Palace room for the leaders that reflect their personality
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