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CivFanatics social media survey

Do you interact with any of our social media accounts?

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We are aware of the issues.
Thunderfall has recently been experimenting with the ad providers, but not sure if the analytics provider is on the list too.
I've noticed far less instances of me having to close the CFC tab due to extreme slowness and re-open it after like 30 seconds....
Usually after leaving it unattended for like 2-3 hours.
I am a bit surprised... or maybe not... I don't know.
I thought most people would be on social media... but then again, people who use forums, maybe that is just often a different kind of population :think:.

I'm quite active on FB, just not anything CFC-related. There's not a lot about Canadian politics here, for instance. On FB I'm part of multiple groups. About the only advantage CFC could offer on the forum is that news links and articles could be posted. Canadians aren't allowed to do that on FB.

I noticed some years ago that there are people who love email groups and FB, but panic at the first sight of a forum because they have no idea how the navigation works and it looks like an incomprehensible maze to them. I've been screamed at on FB for quoting people, and when I tell them that quoting is normal on forums, they call me a liar.

It's getting to be quite a cultural divide.
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