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Civilization Balance

Discussion in 'Civ4 - Fall from Heaven' started by WCH, May 1, 2008.

  1. Zechnophobe

    Zechnophobe Strategy Lich

    Sep 1, 2006
    Goleta, California
    Clan are really just an aggro civ, and that's all you can really say for them. However if they can get tundra access, and tech to a few specific techs, they can really push the assault for a good long time, starting very early.

    I really just wish Jonas was a better leader.
  2. uberfish

    uberfish Immortal

    Apr 4, 2006
    All ratings are for SP immortal.

    Amurite 6 - Govannon's training is powerful but takes a while to get rolling.

    Balseraph 8 - Cool UUs and buildings and most of them come pretty early

    Bannor 8 - Rather one dimensional but good at what they do

    Calabim 9 - strong economic traits, lethal vampires

    Clan 6 - another one dimensional civ. Powerful early rush but they lose points for their lousy research. They fit the orc concept very well though and have an interesting hero and worldspell that go well with the barbarian trait.

    Doviello 2 - Another rush civ but they're just a worse version of Clan in all respects.

    Elohim 4 - Defender is, simply put, not worth a full trait slot. Especially not for a civ that has sanctuary and corlindale to buy time when sneak attacked.

    Grigori 6 - Multiple melee heroes early is pretty devastating. Their late game is lacking since the magic revamp though. Adaptive does not switch often enough though.

    Hippus 9 - Great traits. Powerful mounted units and they start with horses automatically. They can rush with the best of them and have no drawbacks.

    Illians - can't play yet

    Infernals - can't handle all the hellfire

    Khazad 8 - slow but powerful, they don't get mages but trebuchets make up for it

    Kuriotates 4 - now anyone can get a super city via City of 1000 slums wonder, they lost a lot of interest

    Lanun 8 - they seem better balanced now. My only complaint is that pillaged pirate coves turn into coast and you can't rebuild them in the same spot, whch is very annoying.

    Ljosalfar 8 - great builder civ, now has a world spell that protects from rushes too which lets you focus on economy for a long time. (If you want druids as Arendel, just convert to Octopus Overlords for 5 turns to switch your alignment to neutral.)

    Luichirp 8 - I'd rate them higher because they can get a free engineer from turn 1, but I just don't like playing with golems much because they are slow, and if you lose Barnaxus while trying to level him up you are in trouble.

    Malakim 7 - Nice traits but pretty vanilla as a civ as it lacks unique mechanics that make the other civs cool.

    Mercurians - whatever

    Sheaim 6 - Like the amurites, they have a powerful magic based late game, but not much to get them there. The world spell is pretty useless.

    Sidar 4 - I have better things to do with my level 6 units, such as using them to kill people.

    Svartalfar 8 - They have a better hero and offensive units than the Ljosalfar, but pay for it by not having the defensive world spell, and being more vulnerable to the spread of hell. Everyone loves them anyway though.

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