Civilization IV: Finished Games Screen Shots(Okay outside of Screen Shot Repository?)


May 26, 2007
California, USA
Would you like all to see the results, whether good or bad, of the time you invested in a game of Civilization IV? Post it here and let us all see!

(Screen Shot Begginers: How I did it: Easy but looks long: There are other ways too but this site has a fairly simplified "Easy Upload System" button. The red one above the new post window.

In game\Shift+Print Screen\My Computer\Local Disk\Program Files\Firaxis Games\Sid Meirer's Civilization 4\Beyond the Sword\_Civ4ScreenShots\Right Click Send to My Documents\Use the red "Easy Upload System" button on this site's post window\Browes\My Documents\Double Click on the icon for the Screen Shot\"Upload File" Button\wait for upload\right click copy and paste the line name into this site's post window.)

-Civilization IV: Finished Game
-Noble Level (I couldn't get my "Victory Conditions" screen to save correctly. It would save as a blank screen for some reason.)
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