Comprehensive reference (Updated manual?) anywhere?

Barking Iguana

Jan 2, 2002
Kendall Park (South Brunswick), NJ
Is there anywhere on this site or any other, where the current rules of the game are laid out in at least as much detail as in the vanilla manual? More formulas than the manual has would be better, of course.

I'm about to give Civ VI my third try. I've played several hundred hours, first vanilla and then Gathering Storm and didn't really get into it the way I did with V. But it took 3 tries for V, too, so maybe this time will be better. (And EU4 is currently broken and I may finally have had enough of V.)

I've always learned games best by reading good manuals and the best of the old strategy guides. I knew Alpha Centaur better than most players before I every launched it for the first time. It was fun. Is there any way to approach Civ VI the same way?
Dec 28, 2020
I'm unfamiliar if there's a comprehensive manual, but it seems like the Civ wiki might have some of what you're looking for. They have in-depth descriptions for just about everything in the game, and most pages have a dedicated "Strategy" section. Once again, this might not be what you're looking for, but I hope it at least helps.
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