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Creation & Customization Artists Availability Index

Discussion in 'Civ3 - Creation & Customization' started by subbss, Sep 2, 2004.

  1. Orthanc

    Orthanc Shipwright

    Jan 4, 2004
    A shipyard near you
    1: Unit Creator

    2: In Progress:
    -Meso-Amercian 'Trireme'

    3: To Do:
    -Meso-Amercian 'Galleass'
    -FF8 Gardens (2)
    -Futuristic Battleship (Orion?)
    -(Top Secret);)
    -Elven Warship
    -Hajduk Rifleman
    -Hajduk Artillery
    -African Ship set

    See link in Signature for list and links to completed units

    4:I'll do almost any type of unit.

    5: See Orthanc's Creation Thread for requests and current project updates. My to-do list is quite long, so please hold off on the requests till I get through it.

    6: Preferably use the thread linked to above, PM's work too.
  2. bluebox

    bluebox King

    Sep 12, 2003
    Posting here also means claiming the title of an "artist" - and I gladly take it! ;) Let's see if I can fit this shoe:

    Skills: Scenario Creator/Tester; Misc. Graphics Modder (not animated)

    Current work: GOTM Mod Scenario 1.1, a scenario file to play the Civ3 GOTM Mod's rules, civs, and units; complete Civilopedia support included.
    The Scenario pak includes some graphics mods and fixes, e.g. replaced corrupted civilopedia icons, extended GOTM Mod luxury icons and city buildings sheet for the city screen.
    Recently, I helped AlanH to finalize his GOTM Mod Full Installer vor Windows .
    Misc: Created a personal set of territory borders.

    To-Do: GOTM: Keeping GOTM Mod scenario up-to-date, fix problems as they are revealed, create a classic GOTM Scenario with current rules, re-vive the PTW version.
    Misc.: I would like to adapt Womoks mountain grfx to the Standard terrain. Already working in my installation, some minor fine-tuning needed.

    Requests: I'm always interested in everything concerning the GOTM Mod: bug reports, suggestions ...
    My work style is very accurate and I keep an eye on details. If you think you want to ask me about something to do for you, I invite you to do it. :)

    Method of communicating: Please go to my thread if it has something to do with GOTM Mod or send a pm.
  3. Ur Mum

    Ur Mum Warlord

    Mar 15, 2003
    *post to be deleted*
  4. viper275

    viper275 Playing Civ4

    Apr 4, 2004
    I've never actually finished anything, do I count? I do know how to do what I do and I help someone out, I could.

    1. I make mods and scenarios. I've tried graphics but I'm not that great at them (same with map making.) Edit: After a bit of work, I've gotten better at map making, so I consider myself a map-maker too.
    2. Lemme see... I've messed around with the Rise of Rome conquest a bit, I guess this sort of counts. No big projects though, but I'm looking to do one.
    3. No list of things to do.
    4. If it's historical, I'm interested (so anything but things like fantasy mods.)
    5. Give requests, please.
    6. PM.

    My 1000th post [party] ! Yay!
  5. Goldflash

    Goldflash Grumpy Old Man

    Mar 18, 2004
    Land of King James
    1. Mod Masta
    2. Goldflash's Dumb Fantasy Mod :badcomp:
    3. The Goldflash's Altered Tech Tree Mod II
    4. Nope
    5. If you request something from me I'll call you a bad name and tell you to stick an Iron pole where the sun doth not shine.
    6. Leaving me Alone, but PM if nessicary
  6. IbnSina

    IbnSina Former Lurker

    Jul 1, 2003
    I just noticed this thread.

    1. I have done some simple work with 2d graphics, such as adding to Zulu's units_32.pcx, but my main interest/talent is in...
    2. Programming: C++, perl, python, etc. I do HTML, XML, PHP, javascript and java also.
    3. Of course, I mod as well.

    Current Project:
    I'm finishing up the (I think) last version of the PiC software linked in my sig

    To Do:
    I've been working lethargically on a mod (The North American Pacific Mod) that may become public at some point, but have no real ambitions...

  7. MaisseArsouye

    MaisseArsouye gentil petit nuton

    Aug 31, 2003
    I use to do maps and some city graphics

    I have a good knowledge of the history and gaography of France and Wallonia.

    Current work
    - Feudal Netherlands ( Belgium, Netherlands and neighbouring areas around 1250-1300 ) scenario/mod is long term project
    - ancient Greece scenario for my "Hellas" map

    To do list
    World map for CFC members mod :mischief:

    Favourite Themes
    - Wallonia
    - ancient Greece
    - France

    I use to take request for maps and city graphics. Maps can be made fastly, a few hours if the theme please to me ;)

    I can also help for mods/scenarios about France and/or Wallonia.

    Private message or open request
  8. GrandSultan

    GrandSultan Full Time Hypocrite

    May 23, 2004
    Albuquerque, NM
    1. Historic Advisor, mostly Mediterranean area during and before the Romans and the Middle Ages although my knowledge of Mesoamerica and Asia are decent too. I have many books and good websites on these subjects so not a problem.
    Scenario Creator: Dont ask me to do maps but I can help figure out what should be in and what shouldn't and I believe I pretty creative.
    2. Currently Working on: Dungeons and Dragons Forgotten Realms Scenario.
    3. Forgotten Realms Scenario
    Forgotten Realms Mod
    5. I am open to new requests as most of the time It wont take a long time to do what I have to.
    6. Just PM, I am always willing to help as I know I need alot myself ;)
  9. Crash757

    Crash757 King

    May 30, 2003
    Riga, Latvia
    1. Mod/scenario creater/tester
    2. Currently working on next version of BalticSea mod.
    3. Things to do: finish next version of my mod.
    5. I'm open to any requests, which i'd be able and willing to do. I can get job done fast, if i like it, because free time isn't problem for me.
    6. You can contact me via pm, email or msn messenger.
  10. Anarki

    Anarki Prince

    May 30, 2004

    I'm new to designing stuff for Civ.

    Working on:
    My Mod
    Things to do:
    My Mod
    I'm taking requests, but no Units
  11. GRM7584

    GRM7584 King

    Dec 13, 2004
    Orlando, FL
    Character Sheet:

    1. Skills: Static Graphics, Static Graphics Modification, Creative Input, Advanced Creative Input, General Research, Grammatically Correct Typing (with Spelling Feat), Basic Map-Making, General Modding.
    2. Current Action: Unspecified. Mostly working on a mod.
    3. Actions Queue: Miscellany graphics, Miscellany testing/input, couple-a mods.
    4. Prestige Class: None.
    5. Next Turn: I'll take requests, but only if I like them. For static graphics stuff, given a single .pcx file to modify, I can probably be done in an hour. For input on mods, my interest will be held for at least a week. For map-making, give me a day. For stuff I don't want to do, No.
    6. Adventurer's Psi?: PM me. I don't guarantee a response, but if I do respond, it will probably happen within a day or two.

    Equipment: T-shirt +1, Pants of Power, Wallet of Holding
    Inventory: String, or Nothing.
  12. Ben Flankton

    Ben Flankton Chieftain

    Mar 6, 2005
  13. Seth the Dark

    Seth the Dark The Lost Soul

    Apr 3, 2004
    Between Heaven and Hell
    Skills: Scenario creator/tester
    Current Projects: Suikoden II Mod
    Things to Do: Suikoden II Mod, Story of English Game, College
    Themes: Anything
    How to reach me: PM or E-Mail
  14. the100thballoon

    the100thballoon Emperor

    Aug 13, 2003
    1. I am very adept with the C3C (or previous) editor. I can navigate the Civilopedia.txt and Pediaicons.txt and most other game txt file very well. I can copy and paste but I hate CnPing with a fiery passion!
    2. I am currently finishing development of my modpack: Power House. Please join the team and help test it for me! (see sig)
    3. I plan to finish my modpack. My life is chaos so nothing else is planned as of now.
    4. I will do almost any theme (meaning I cant think of any that I wouldnt do but I retain the right to reject an idea ;)).
    5. I will take requests but until I turn in my English paper on Thursday, creations will be VERY slow. Give me a week or so and then I will help out. :)
    6. I accept private messages, posts in my threads (or i wont know you asked for my help), emails, and IM. I check my CFC inbox everyday. I check my email only three or four times a week. I get on AOL Instant Messenger about once a month. :lol: THE BEST METHOD OF REACHING ME IS VIA PRIVATE MESSAGES.

    I am all of the following:

    **Unit Creator-I can edit palettes and copy and paste but remember: I hate CnPing with a fiery passion!.
    **Mod Writers-I am very good with the editor... IMHO, of course. :D
    **Misc. Graphics Creators-I can edit these and copy and paste but I have never created anything from scratch.
    **Scenario Creators-Yes, I can do busy work. :lol:
    **Historical Advisors-I am a history buff. :D I LOVE HISTORY! (especially wars and military history :mischief: ) I can also research for people.

    Hope this helps people! I know I sure could have used this resource a few times in my past.

  15. the100thballoon

    the100thballoon Emperor

    Aug 13, 2003
    double post! dammit!
  16. Paasky

    Paasky Good News Everyone!

    Nov 19, 2003
    Vantaa, Finland
    1. Scenario Creation, Heavy Rule modification, static graphics (I'm learning how to do moving units though).
    2. WWII Europe, Pirates!, North Africa 1940-1943, Korean citymap.
    3. Same as #2 + Anything that's in my sig.
    4. Anything interesting
    5. Anything small can be done quite fast (ie flag leaderheads or other static graphics)
    6. PM, any of the 6 IM names/numbers. Mail will just mix with junkmail.

    I think some people will like this very much, although I've learned everything from tutorials/q&a/the hard way.
  17. striq

    striq Lost at sea

    Apr 29, 2004
    Great idea, pool the resources.

    1. modding, scenario creation, cut and paste type things

    2. Island Conquests V3.1 it is a scenario. PM me and if you want to preview it.

    3. Finish IC V3.1. Then... post some of the custom content I have created. Maybe work in my spelling.

    4. I'll work on whatever I'm interested in at the time.

    5. Sure, PM me.

    6. PM
  18. Komoda

    Komoda Chieftain

    Apr 22, 2001
    Having played a few of the mods mostly, it has given me an idea for a mod based on an rpg I did create once called Archaenon.

    The premise of the game was humans have crashed on a wilderness planet and have been forced to settle. If a player was to play humans, they would be in a race against time to find their missing fuselage, which happens to be a reactor, stable is the reactor during the beginning of the game, but would go critical in 10000 years and go into a meltdown scenario, destroying the planet and everything on it.
    The humans being the invading force to be reckon with, the creatures of the planet have decided to put away their differences and work together or not, to fight off the invaders.
    Greater and Lesser Cats
    Insects of other sorts
    Sea going creatures

    Figuring that the leaderheads should be the Avatars of their civ. Not really sure on how to approach the leaderheads. Perhaps making them the mythological equivalent.

    Currently messing around with a techtree based upon the I-Ching and Taoism.
    Earth,Wind,Fire,Water,Metal/Wood. Two other paths of the techtree would be
    Technology and Spirit.
    Where the path of technology would strip the world of its resources, path of spirit would have more to do with power nodes and ley lines.

    For humans, its either they are player civ or an AI civ.

    Still trying to figure out how to make certain aspects of the techtree, not so much rectrictive, but harder for one civ to research than another.

    Open to ideas or collaboration in this endeavor.
  19. Varlin Saliptor

    Varlin Saliptor Does not hate the future.

    Oct 8, 2004
    San Antonio, Texas
    miscellaneous small, static graphics.
    able to convert entire mods down from one version of the game to another.
    Ex. A conquests mod can be turned into a PTW of Vanilla mod, and everything will work the way it should.
    mixing unit graphics into advanced M-Units.
    Wonder Splashes

    Current Projects:
    Rule the World (WIP) (mod)
    Star Wars: A New Mod(WIP) (mod)
    The Legend of Zelda Mod (WIP)
    King Richard I of England (Leaderhead)

    To Do:

    Themes Preferred: I like more ancient units and graphics, and prefer them. I do not care when a mod is set if i am converting it.

    Requests:Open completely to new requests.

    PM or email.
    For MOD conversions: state the MOD's name, its thread, and any changes you would like me to make. I WILL ONLY ACCEPT THESE REQUESTS FROM THE MAKERS OF THE MOD IN QUESTION!
    For graphics: Tell me what you want, and what it is used for.
    For M-units: specify the # of units in it, any special attributes (i.e., running away in the death animation), and the types of units in it.
    For Leaderheads: Specify # of eras, I will ask more questions later
  20. Corn Shucker

    Corn Shucker Great Khorn

    Feb 12, 2004
    Illinois, USA
    1. Modding. Though I have experiance with the editor and modding... I've never actully finished a mod before. Its more like I get in way over my head and shut down the whole thing... *sigh*
      Graphic Design. I'm pretty experianced here. I'm good for props (ie:leaderheads) and other stuff like that. Done *one* static leaderhead before. This is probly the thing I enjoy doing most and me being a perfectionist may make you pretty happy (as long as your thinking the same type of idea that I am)
      Historical Advisor. Mostly (pretty much only) about Roman History and a little bit of WWII. Not an expert or anything but definitly got sumthing there :)hmm: hmmm).
    2. Well other than doing some props... nothing really.
    3. To-do lists dont really work for me... at least not long-term ones. If its more than two weeks in the future-fat chance I'll get to it... unless I'm reaally interested. But since I'm pretty open this shouldn't effect my efficiency with projects.
    4. Well my favorite themes are Roman, industrial-type (late 1700s to mid 1800s), and basically anything that isnt futuristic, fantasy, or si-fi thats way out there. (I like the real historical stuff).
    5. Sure I take requests. Mostly about graphic design.
    6. PM me... if i think it's important enough and I'll do something mabey I'll give ya my email lol.

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