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Creation & Customization Artists Availability Index

Discussion in 'Civ3 - Creation & Customization' started by subbss, Sep 2, 2004.

  1. Lord Parkin

    Lord Parkin aka emperor

    Apr 27, 2004
    New Zealand
    Lord Parkin / emperor (last updated 10 March 2006)

    • Map Creation (generally for Civ3 and Civ4, though I've created worlds for many different games as well)
    • Limited Modding (due to the arrival of Civ4... I'm not yet very good at it, but I'm slowly learning)

    Past Projects:
    • Map for a Mesopotamia mod (by Louis XXIV)
    • Map for the Fallout mod (by Thorgrimm)
    • Map for America in the Philippines mod (by El Justo)
    • Map for the final of the Civilization III Intersite Democracy Game
    • ...among many other things, check out my CFC Map Library for a more complete list

    Current Projects:
    Possibilities for Future Projects:
    • For Civ3:
      • Maps for the Anno Domini mod (by R8XFT)
      • Complete 362x362 Atlantic
      • Rework 180x180 New Zealand
      • Rework 256x256 Pacific
      • More maps in my "fair multiplayer maps" series
      • Tolkien's World (size unknown as yet)
    • For Civ4:
      • Many possibilities for maps in mind, none completely confirmed yet - watch this space
      • Possible World War III scenario currently in early planning stages

    Requests: I take map requests into consideration, although currently my time is very limited so I may not be able to take on all projects (especially larger ones). If you still wish to discuss things with me though, I prefer requests to be posted in my Parkin Creations forum (contacting me via PM is okay too). :)
  2. The Last Conformist

    The Last Conformist Irresistibly Attractive

    Aug 25, 2001
    Not on your side
    Skills: Modder, tester, history buff, static gfx, occasional mapper.

    Current Projects: My Classic Maya scenario, the Space Opera Scenario.

    Requests: I do requests on a feel-like-it basis. :p

    Seriously, if you need a playtester, just pm me and I'll probably take it up. I do resources on request; just post in the resource request thread. If you want any other still graphics (pcx's or static LHs), try PMing me, and I consider it.
  3. Takhisis

    Takhisis daria dance party

    Jul 11, 2005
    up yours!
    5/12/2005 Takhisis, the Dark queen of Krynn, announces:
    1. Modmaking (up to a certain extent), a bit of research, can´t make my own units because I only have Corel Photo Paint 6. Unit conversions from AOE.
    2. Currently working on my Hellenistic Times Scenario. Need help!
    3. Gotta know if there´s any way at all to make my own units animations with my unholy combination of Corel PhotoPaint 6 & the GIMP v2.2.
    4. I work on whatever kind of mod-making I try, as long as I know enough about it. :p
    5. Now it´s summer, ask anything you like! :beer:
    6. Contact me throgh my thread or PM me.
  4. Spacer One

    Spacer One Avatar subject to change

    Aug 23, 2005
    1.Improvements/Wonders, Pedia Icons...TXT work

    2. Playtesting BfNY and prelims on Narnia MOD

    3. Back on the ball...

    4. prefer Sci-fi/Fantasy/Quirky stuff, see my building thread in sig

    5. taking requests for any static PCX graphic

    6. PMs work well, or post in my building thread
  5. Quinzy

    Quinzy Deity

    Jul 16, 2005
    1. graphics. tech icons mostly. also c&p units.
    2. my scifi mod. check my sig.
    3. more tech icons for my mod, and a few units requested. (jaffa units, and a santa paratrooper :D )
    4. fantasy, scifi, historical. i'll do anything.
    5. i take requests for both gfx & units
    6. PM, my graphics tread, mod thread. check my sig.
  6. jehangir

    jehangir Chieftain

    Oct 27, 2005
    1. Historical / scenario creators
    2. Started a complete mod: its an epic spanning about 8000 years of human history (kinda like EE) - havent thought of a name yet tho.
    3. Thing to do ^
    A Crusades mod/scenario type thing
    A Conquer the World mod for Civ 4 (when I get it, if its easy enough) similar to ^.
    4. No theme (but i find islamic stuff easier since i no more about them
    5. Only open to requests for short things like simple scenarios or historical n geographical nonsense ....
    6. Contact by e-mail (aashiq.dar.man@gmail.com)
  7. estrongblade

    estrongblade Epaulette Inspector

    Mar 4, 2005
    I do not have any computer skills of great acclaim but I DO know my way around History, especially the Middle Ages, the Georgian and Early American Navies, the Age of Pirates [the REAL DEAL, not fantasy], late 19th Century-early 20th Century socio-political situations, World War one and World War Two. Where History is concerned I am pretty much a duck in his element, able to access and research to a high degree of accuracy.

    I recently put in a little blurb about the First six Frigates of the American Navy on a thread that introduced USS Constitution as a new unit but I was late finding the thread and can only remember that the artist erroneously calls the ship "the Connie" on the actual file. "Old Ironsides" goo-o-o-o-o-d, "US 44 gunner" bet-t-t-er, "Connie" Baa-a-a-a-a-d, actual unit as presented on the thread, G_R_R_R_R_EAT! It just needs to be renamed properly. As "US 44 gunner" it would make an excellent alternative gender specific unit for the American Civ.

    I welcome inqueries from sailing navy enthusiasts who wish to toy with the idea of covering the Georgian Naval Era with limited build unit specific fleets that use the leaderheads of Admirals and involve world concepts that are mostly water. It is an idea that I have toyed with.

    For anyone who is looking for Pediacon text, I can probably be of immense help in nearly everything from the Middle Ages through the Industrial Age. I am not as knowledgeable about Ancient or Modern [post 1960], but will help where I can. I will probably work up a number of files as I make progress with my strange (not related to the Naval idea) historical mod, so the chances of my having civilopedia text will grow as time passes. I am also a talented speller, able to lift a college sized dictionary with one hand.:) ;) :D

    I have noticed big gaps and blatant errors in the existing civilopedia text for nearly every aspect of Civ 3, so I may be able to help those who wish to have more detailed or corrected descriptions in their Mods or Scenarios. If you need such help, contact me through PM. ;) :) :)

    Too late - I got drafted for SOE. I am quite happy there, but don't tell Recon...hehehe. ;) :D
  8. TheMorpheus

    TheMorpheus Welcome to the real world

    Nov 10, 2002
    TheMorpheus - updated 12th November, 2005

    unit creation

    Current projects
    Star Wars:
    Stargate SG1
    • The Jack O'Neil (A modified Asgard Mother Ship)
    • Al'Kesh (Goa'uld Bomber)
    • The Daedalus (The Production version of the X-303, with Asgard Modifications)

    Are taken under consideration

    PM me, if you find it necessary.
  9. Bluemofia

    Bluemofia F=ma

    Dec 8, 2003
    Dimension called Elsewhere
    Why not.

    Skills: Use of MS paint, and patience to sit there and work for several hours at once.

    Current Projects: Playground Mod 2.0 and accompanying scenarios.

    Requests: Only for simple graphics, such as Civ-pedia entries/icons, M-units, and aid for mods, basic c&p units.

    Contact: PMs please. E-mail is evil to me.
  10. Roman Legion

    Roman Legion Emperor

    Jun 19, 2003
    Washington D.C.
    Unit maker:C'N'P, and learning Daz studio(3D Program)

    I can make C'N'P, give general advice, or specific advice about C'N'P

    Working on:
    Female Cavalry(UNIT)
    7 Tower's Unit Pack
    Falxman(historically accurate version of weapon)

    I will take requests if somebody wants a unit I can make. or you can request in this link- http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?t=162020

    PM me or E-Mail me.
  11. Dark Sheer

    Dark Sheer Deity

    Nov 15, 2001
    Penang, Malaysia
    Skill: What else? Cut & Paste Unit Creator :D

    Current Project:
    Dismounted Warrior​
    Mounted Warrior (Same as above but attacking from horseback​

    You may post request in my current project thread but be patience as C&P is slow if you want it to be nice :mischief:

    Requirement when requesting:
    At least a picture of what you want the unit to look like. Have done ship, vehicle and human figures before but prefer to do human figures eventhough its the hardest. ;)

    Can teach you how to do C&P unit creation if you have the patience and still don't understand after reading my tutorial that can be found on both here and Civ3.com :p
  12. Wyrmshadow

    Wyrmshadow Deity

    Jul 14, 2001
    1. Unit Creator. Pre-made models downloaded from online. All mechanical, no biological units.
    2. WW2 mechanical units, Storm Over Europe MOD.
    3. too many to list. after ww2 I will do several WW1 units then move onto Modern.
    4. Will not work on requests for:infantry, biological, sailing ships, spacecraft
    5. http://www.evo-games.net/Home/viewtopic.php?t=287 Request Tutorial, and I will eventually get around to making EVERYTHING.
    6. I prefer you make a post in the above thread. You can PM me and I will get back to you quickly but you most likely will not like what I have to say.
    My Answers will be either No, or Eventually.
  13. Snakelover

    Snakelover Tank Commander

    Jun 23, 2006
    I guess I could try to get out of the shadow.:p

    1.Historical Advisor(American Civil War, Chronicles of Narnia), can work with the civilopedia and pediaicons with Civ3MM.
    2.Unit conversions, a cutnpaste, and a mod.
    3.See Signature
    4.Anything, as long as it doesn't portray undead in a positive light.
    5.I usually respond in 24 hours or less.
    I am open to text editing with Civ3MM, which can be started quickly.
    Units can be done under rare conditions, which will be done slowly.
    6.I prefer PM over forum posting.
  14. timerover51

    timerover51 Deity

    Jul 10, 2006
    Chicago area in Illinois
    1. Historical Advisor and Unit Modder.

    2 and 3. A) Accurate location of resources for historical scenarios, B) reworking combat values of naval units to make them more accurately reflect the weaponry involved, C) doing the same thing to the air units, D) reworking the combat values of the military units in the WW2 War in the Pacific scenario.

    4. Resource location and unit combat values right now.

    5. Presently, I am working on two requests, but am open to additional ones with the caveat that I have a limited amount of time to work on major mod request. Mac users will get priority on their requests as they do not have access to the Conquest and Play the World editors. If it is a simple change, they might get it in a week or so, if a major piece of work, we will discuss it. I am open to doing changes to an existing mod or scenario after first discussing it with the original designer, if he/she can be reached.

    6. Unit request thread is preferred, until I get to know them, then we will discuss it. The advantage to unit request thread is that other forum members can see what is being done and gain the same information.

    My background is as follows. I teach World Geography at a local college, and spend a fair amount of time discussing world resources. I am a military and naval historian, with a library that starts with the Sumerians and runs to the present day, total of about 1,000 books. I do game design and technical consulting to some of the miniature wargaming companies, as well as designing my own miniature games. I am a consultant to the Defense Intelligence Agency in the area of weapons effects, i.e. what happens when something hits and goes bang. Lastly, I assisted Dr. Robert Ballard in the finding of PT-109, serving amoung other roles that off identifying the wreck. If you have seen the Search for PT-109 National Geographic TV special, you have seen me. I am the one with the punch line.
  15. Avelon

    Avelon Lord

    Jul 21, 2006
    Post removed. I don't have the software to edit Civ3 art files and that's what this thread is about, though if my brain is needed, go ahead and by all means contact me.
  16. SWalker

    SWalker Warlord

    Dec 19, 2005
    New Zealand
    1. skills
    Fidling with graphics, dabling with mods...

    2. current projects
    An epic unnamed mod at my brothers request.

    3. to do list
    In no real order:
    Age of Wonders II cities.
    Finishing said mod (play testing, civilopedia, credits, and obvious glaring errors that I have overlooked until now).
    Start recolouring units.
    Work out ideas for inverse-warhammer mod.
    Considering an "All the Dead Babys" scenario (alternate history post WWI)

    4. specialty
    No 3d graphics (at the moment)
    No practical cIV stuff (I don't have it yet) (I can do the impractical - ie make suggestions without ever having seen the game)

    Thematically: Late middle ages to pre-WWI, fantasy, some sci-fi.

    5. open to requests
    Yes, no garantees. Responce 30min to 1 week+. I'll consider anything.

    6. best way to contact
    PM, Email or request thread.
  17. Lord Malbeth

    Lord Malbeth Emperor

    Feb 28, 2006
    Tower of Fornost
    1. Skills

    Minor Cut'n'paster, Scenario Maker, Graphic Editor

    2. Current Projects

    EFZI C'n'P units, Battle for the Human Body

    3. To-Do List

    Make Body Units and Graphics
    Make Random Graphics

    4. Requests

    I'll attempt to do as many as I want.

    6. Best Way to Talk to Me

    PM or Any of my threads.
  18. WerBackIII

    WerBackIII Jar of the Rotting Brain

    Sep 11, 2005
    Out of Space
    Skills: Cities graphics/ Terrain enviroments
    Current Projects: None (just a little mod, but it's only an idea)
    To Do: PCX Requests... And leaderhead graphics(NOT LEADERHEADS)
    For the PCX: C'n'P some things: Greece, Original graphic, skyscrapers
    Availability:Only PCX
    Communication: PM
    Note: My projects are small, so no big ressults (but I work quick)
  19. Ogedei_the_Mad

    Ogedei_the_Mad Caffeinated Khagan

    Feb 15, 2004
    Moved back into the kimchi jar
    Might as well put this up. :)

    1. Skills
    - Modelling East Asian architecture in Bryce.
    - Pixel-by-pixel graphics editing.
    - City graphics.

    2. Current Projects
    - "Ambition: Wake of the Tiger" mod spans the 3rd to 7th centuries, a time of dramatic transformation in East Asia with particular focus on the rise of Korean civilization.
    - "The Annals of Seven Kingdoms" mod, which is heavily influenced by Wuxia (martial arts fiction) fantasy, the "Juuni Kokki" anime series, and East Asian mythology.

    3. To-do List
    - "Ambition: Wake of the Tiger" mod
    - "The Annals of Seven Kingdoms" mod

    4. Specialty
    - Modelling buildings in Bryce
    - East Asian architectural styles, history, and culture

    5. Open to Requests
    - Yes and no. I can't make any guarantees. I'm extremely busy these days, but if you have an interesting request, I'll consider it. :)

    6. Best Way to Contact
    - PM or a Request Thread
  20. Plotinus

    Plotinus Philosopher Administrator

    Nov 14, 2003
    Moderator Action: Most of the entries in this thread haven't been updated in quite a while, so I've decided to unsticky it since we are accumulating too many stickies in this forum. If anyone thinks it should be re-stickied then let me know and I'll consider it.

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