CtP2 Source Code Project now GOG.com compatible


Nov 30, 2001
Forssa, Finland
The CtP2 Source Code Project is now comaptible with GOG.com version of the CtP2 and thus no longer requires CD in drive while playing.

Apolyton CTP2 Edition: Revision 1056 (28-Feb-2010)
Submitted by Martin Gühmann

The Apolyton CTP2 Source Code team proudly presents the Apolyton CTP2 Edition Revision 1056 from February the 28th 2010.

This time we have a a lot of crash fixes, AI improvements, game graphics improvements, a new minimap relation view, and the removal of the CD-check to make the Apolyton Edition compatible with the version from gog.com.

The game, for instance, does not crash when you try to load a saved build queue for a city without any items in the build queue.

The AI now calculates its city production, food, gold, and happiness ranks correctly. This way it does not use the same build list in all its cities. It can now more different things across its empire.

The graphics are now double buffered. This means you do not see anymore how the stuff on the screen is drawn bit by bit, but is now drawn in one piece. Additional, a bug that causes from time to time a short blackening of the screen. This removes strain from your eyes and you can play longer.

The minimap got a new view relations options. With this you can see on a glance who is your enemy and who is your friend. They are displayed in different colors. Blue is for you and your allies, green is for those you are at piece with, yellow is for the neutrals, white for those you do not know, and red is for those you are at war with.

God old games (gog.com) has released Call to Power 2 as online download. Their version is officially licensed and so must be supported by the Apolyton Edition. Therefore the Apolyton Edition does not require the CD anymore.

For further changes and the details check out the brief change log in the readme.

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