Data Angels SMAX Scenario: Operation Cntl-Esc-F8

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    The Short Version
    Sister Miriam has captured Aki Zeta 5, and is conducting a digital detox on our favorite cyborg on a secluded asteroid (read: low gravity environment). Provost Zakarov has hired you, a Data Angel specializing in locating and retrieving missing artifacts, to rescue Aki Zeta from her prison on this asteroid.

    The Long Version
    "Have you ever lost someone you loved?".

    You know better than to reveal personal information to a client, so you lie, "no".

    The Provost nods, accepting your answer at face value, before continuing, "she is the culmination of everything I have strived for, a composite creation embodying all of the superior attributes of our species". Zhakarov pauses, as if wanting to say more, before finally simply saying, "and now she is gone".

    "You said that there were previous iterations of this cyborg entity - why not just continue your work on one of these?".

    Zhakarov appears distressed for a moment before waving a hand dismissively, "they weren't.... viable".

    You decide not to inquire further as to the fate of the Aki Zetas 1 through 4. Instead, you bring the conversation back to the matter at hand, "how did this cyborg escape your facility in the first place?".

    Zhakarov brightens at this, "Because she is an adept with digital interfaces!". He holds up one hand for emphasis, "if you or I were to lose our hand, we would have a prosthetic grafted on, and we would then need to learn how to use this new appendage".

    You nod in response, "seems logical".

    "Ah, but with Aki Zeta there is no learning curve - the appendages we grafted onto her were seamlessly accepted by her, and she immediately optimized them for her own personal use. It was during one of these trials we believe she was able to use her cybernetic enhancements to interface with the host computer system, and was able to make good her escape".

    You could tell Zhakarov was proud of what his child prodigy had been able to accomplish against his computer network's firewalls, however having been able to easily bypass the Provost's security measures yourself you decide not to pass judgment too quickly, "and you want me to locate her and return her to you".

    The Provost nods, "she is out there somewhere all by herself, an innocent amongst the wolves of our species".

    "Right", you reply flatly. Privately you know that this cyborg creature is almost certainly getting help from someone, and even though the galaxy is big, the number of places she could be hiding are limited, "give me a standard month to locate her, and then I will contact you with what I need".

    Zhakarov is effuse with his gratitude, "of course - my resources are at your disposal!".

    The universe is immense, but you have to hand it to the humans communications net in that it is exceptionally good at putting this universe at your fingertips. You send out your stealth scents into the net and sit back and wait, working on other projects while you let the net and your bots do the heavy lifting. Within a standard week you've caught the scent via some innocuous Believers communications. Your blood quickens - whenever the Believers are involved it is always a dicey affair, however theirs is more a defensive posturing when it comes to the net, and you have a full suite of tools honed over the generations to gently pry the information from them. Soon you've got an auto-entity positioned within the Believer hierarchy who is able to elicit the necessary information from a rejoiceful celebrant: your quarry is a guest at a new Believer colony on an inhabitable asteroid.

    You don't bother consulting the Provost regarding supplies - you just use some of your tools to "acquire" the necessary resources from a University account. You crack your knuckles and bend over your keyboard - it is time to go to work: you have one job, and that is to capture the errant cyborg, and if necessary drag her kicking and screaming back to Provost Zhakarov.
    Cnt Esc F8.jpg
    1) In your "scenarios" subdirectory create a folder called "Cntl Esc F8", and download and unzip the attached files into it.
    2) Start up Alien Crossfire, then select "Scenario", "Play Scenario", and then
    select the scenario "Cnt Esc F8". The game is set up to allow you to choose your own difficulty level, and will automatically load the Data Angels first turn.

    Enjoy! :cool:


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    This alphax.txt file is designed to represent a low gravity environment. Note that it is a work in progress - stayed tuned!


    - Movement rate along roads changed from 3 to 4. Rationale: lower gravity increases movement. Also this assists the AI in that they can more quickly congregate units at threatened points in their empire.

    - Max artillery range changed from 2 to 4. Rationale: lower gravity increases artillery distance. The AI will use this on occasion. Forewarned is forearmed in this case!

    - Max airdrop decreased from 8 to 6. Rationale: gameplay decision in that humans can abuse drops much better than the AIs can accommodate.

    - Intrinsic base defense increased from 25 to 40. Rationale: benefits the AIs as they are typically on the defensive.

    - Global warming changed from 1/1 to 1/12. Rationale: don’t want global warming present in this game (still a possibility, however I haven’t run into it during playtesting.


    - Boreholes changed to have a -2 nutrient intake. Rationale: simulates the horrid conditions workers face while slaving away in the boreholes.


    - Infantry movement changed to 2, Speeder changed to 3, and Hovertanks changed to 4. Rationale: lower gravity increases movement.

    - Needlejets and copter chassis disabled. Rationale: the thin atmosphere does not support roto nor winged aircraft.

    - Missile chassis movement decreased to 8. Rationale: you’ll thank me for this…..


    - Conventional Payload available at DocAir. Rationale: with the decreased gravity rockets become available more quickly.


    - Air Superiority disabled. Rationale: not needed since there are no aircraft in this game.

    - AAA Tracking: moved to DocAir. Rationale: need to start building units ASAP that can defend against missiles!


    - Crawler has been removed from this section – you will have to prototype your first crawler yourself. Rationale: crawlers are overpowered human exploits, so this is in a small way benefiting the AIs.

    - There are 13 new units available to build. I’d suggest reviewing them to get a feel for what you will be facing in this game. Of note are the following:

    A) Missile Frigate available at DocAir

    B) Drop Trooper Mk1 available at DocAir

    C) Chaos Battletank available at Fusion

    D) Seawolf Attack Submarine available at Superconductor

    E) Missile Mk1 available at DocAir

    F) Resonance Probe available at Field Modulation


    - Nessus Mining Station available at DocAir. Rationale: lower gravity allows for orbital launches much sooner.

    - Virtual World moved to Social Psycholoy. Rationale: watering down the beeline to Industrial Autmation.

    - Cloudbase Academy: moved to Monopole Magnets. Rationale: watering down the beeline to MMI.

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