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Oct 9, 2006
Santa Cruz, ca
I started playing with automated partners to make the game go faster. Since I did that, things have happened that puzzle me: Currently I'm in the late stage of a science victory and will win. I have 2 spaceship parts left to build, and I'm researching the last of the two. Thing is, I can't SEE the other one on my list of things to build. Can it be that one of my partners is building it, so I can't?

How can I SEE just what my partners are BUILDING? To update this, I completed the last tech in the spaceship tech tree and I'm building one of the last two pieces.

[later] I see that one of my 3 partners seems to have completed the other last tech in the tree; it's done and I didn't do it. I still can't build (or see) that last piece of the spaceship in my list of possible tasks. I'm building the other piece now.

[I posted this in Quick Questions and didn't get a complete answer, so I've moved it here.]
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Not sure what you mean by "automated partners". Do you mean City State allies? Or maybe AI civs with whom you have a Declaration of Friendship?
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