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Discussion in 'Civ4 - Creation & Customization' started by Soduka, Mar 20, 2008.

  1. Soduka

    Soduka Warlord

    Sep 2, 2007

    I've been tinkering with this mod for myself for a little while now and Kael's video series finally inspired me to get off my bum and get to it. I also mod first person shooters such as Battlefield 2/2142 and Crysis and have done for a while so I felt a little better than if I jumped into this whole process blind. It's just me and I have no intentions of forming a team so I have no idea when this will get its butt out my door.

    I opened this thread up for myself mostly; to keep track of everything and be able to post updates on what I'm doing along with screen shots and anything else.

    (If you are unfamiliar with the game, check wikipedia, it's very accurate and you will not longer be missing out on one of the most fantastic RPG's ever made.)

    So far I have the civilization in called "Shinra Incorporated" with leaders Rufus and President Shinra.

    Shinra Company -

    UU- Turk or SOLDIER, haven't decided, maybe both.

    UB - I am pretty settled on Mako reactor

    City names - I took and am taking major liberties with the city names for various civilizations because there are just aren't enough mentioned places for as many cities as I need.

    Spoiler :
    <City>North Corel</City>
    <City>Fort Midgard</City>
    <City>Goland City</City>
    <City>Neo Midgar</City>
    <City>Deling City</City>
    <City>Fort Shinra</City>
    <City>Fort Ghald</City>

    Rufus' Traits:

    Aggressive + Organized

    Favorite Civic: Police State

    Spoiler :

    I still need to fix Shinra's ingame flag and the flag thing you see in the picture. I can't find anything very fitting.


    President Shinra's Traits:

    Financial + Industrious

    Favorite Civic: Mercantilism


    Next up on the list to do:

    Add Avalanche Civ
    - Add Cloud as Leader
    - Add ? as leader (Who to pick?)

    Add Cetra Civ
    - Add Aerith/Aeris as leader

    Add Reunionist Civ
    - Add Sephiroth as Leader
    - Add Hojo as Leader

    Add Wutai Civ
    - Add Yuffie as Leader

    Change Current Civics to be more relevant towards FF7

    Long Term Goals:

    Changing the Oil Resource into Mako. I'll just take the oil one and color it that greenish tint color. I'm sure it sounds easier than it is.

    Add UU's and UB's

    SOMEHOW do all the art for these UU's and UB's. I suck at art and all things related so I don't know what I am going to do, but I suppose I'll figure it out.

    Probably add more leaders. Shinra and Avalanche are easy for that, but the rest are pretty difficult, at least as far as I can think.

    Editing the Tech Tree a little bit. I'm not sure how much but I will be adding the discovery of the Mako process as a trigger to open up Mako fields as a resource.


    I've also been using some mod components because the creators are nice enough to allow use with credit.


    Final Fantasy 7 Game in General (Too many things to list, venture to say I credit the whole darn game and its creators for various characters, artwork, etc.)
    Xaleph for "Son of Chaos" music used as Early diplo intro for Rufus.
    Bhruic for his Unofficial Patch(es)
    asioasioasio for the UI Coal.
    The many tutorials that are helping me along the way.
    Seven05 for World Piece Script


    That's what I've used so far, there will be more. :)

    That's my little slice of Civ 4: BTS modding, I'm open to suggestions and ideas on the traits and civics I've used for Rufus and President Shinra, well, anything else really. It's not much but it's growing nearly every day.
  2. Soduka

    Soduka Warlord

    Sep 2, 2007
    Reserved -----
  3. alex9988

    alex9988 Chieftain

    Dec 21, 2005
    Nationhood.... hmmm... he was the leader of a corporation that had control of the entire world, there were no such things as nations in that game... Id give him Free Market or Police State
  4. Soduka

    Soduka Warlord

    Sep 2, 2007
    Would this Civic - Which replaces Monarchy, be balanced?

    If not, what could I do to balance it?
  5. Dknight99

    Dknight99 Chieftain

    Oct 16, 2005
    Maybe use uranium for mako?
  6. Soduka

    Soduka Warlord

    Sep 2, 2007
    Mako is more of a liquid as seen in the first part of the game...BUT you do give me an idea that Uranium could act as a Materia resource.
  7. Shqype

    Shqype Shqyptar

    Nov 15, 2005
    New York + Shqypni
    As much as I love FF7, in order to successfully depict that wonderful universe you'd have to do a complete remake of CIV4. The current system just won't cut it, as far as I'm concerned.
  8. Soduka

    Soduka Warlord

    Sep 2, 2007
    Well I suppose it'll just be one thing at a time. I'm slowly replacing most of the Civics and have added the resource Materia and replaced the resource oil with "Mako" today.

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