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Differences between LoR and vanilla BTS


Oct 9, 2005
I realize this might be a little too early to ask, but is there no compiled list of ALL the changes between BTS and LoR?

For instance, I never knew the Serfdom civic had been completely revised until I saw the Sevopedia. Now you could argue that all the stats are listed in the Pedia, but problem is, I don't always remember the original BTS stats. This usually means that when I go for my time-tested strategies, I fail. This happened, of course, when I tried to fight fortified Swordsmen with Axemen. I found that Axemen really were no good against fortified positions and cities, and Swordsmen were only marginally better. On the whole, siege warfare in the Ancient era turned out to be a very longwinded and resource-comsuming affair. The Capped Ram was a big help, though.

Not that I'm complaining. I love this mod and find it very interesting to try out new strategies and adapt to new stats. I'm just a sucker for lists. Maybe one will come out when version 1.0 is ready?
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