Different versions of Civ2


Jan 3, 2002
I was just wondering what exactly Fantastic Worlds, Conflicts in Civilization, Test of Time, and Call to Power 1&2 are. And what are the differences between them. :confused:
You can also add Classic vs. MGE to your list.

Part of the answer is in MGE, besides being multiplayer, the AI is more hostle. The rules.txt file has more slots for user defind units and techs. The .sav files are different: MGE can use a bigger map.

If there are more differences, I'm not sure what they are.
Fantastic Worlds added scenario building tools and the ability to read events.
Conflicts was/is an expansion pack of scenarios.

ToT is kinda Civ2 1/2.An extended game and maps with multiple levels are the main features.Unfortunately,ToT is kinda out there on it's own.

CtP...not even worth mentioning.A pretender.
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