[TOT] Reading the Terrain descriptions in Test of Time scenarios to up the story & immersion..


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Sep 24, 2016
The posters that came with Test of time detailing all the units and terrain were cool but in-game did anyone else ever read the Civilopedia full terrain descriptions when playing the Test of Time fantasy and scifi scenarios back in the day? I don't think I even did as a teenager but a few years ago when I played the Lalande scifi scenario with the 4 worlds (earth like, space platform, dark ash world, and gas giant platform) each time I entered a new world I'd sit there reading all the terrain descriptions (and there's so many as the special resources get their own too) as it was like reading a scifi novel that had you picturing the world in your mind massively upping the immersion and enjoyment of the game as suddenly I cared more about game number 1018564 of Civ2 lol cause it felt more real. I remember enjoying the descriptions on the fantasy midgard one too as once again it felt like I was reading a fantasy novel making me care more about that world and the game I was playing in it! :)

Some examples from both scenarios..

1712150488527.png 1712150539782.png

1712150601702.png 1712150647089.png

1712150843609.png 1712150894179.png

1712151227640.png 1712151280053.png
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