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Dimensional sphere= opening doors between planes/dimensions?

Discussion in 'Fall from Heaven Lore' started by smjjames, Jun 22, 2008.

  1. smjjames

    smjjames Emperor

    Nov 12, 2005
    As I posted in another thread, I just thought of something. Since Os-Gabella learned Dimensional Magic and the Sheaim have those Planar Gates. Dimensional magic must be what is used to make those planar gates work.

    Having another sphere that is entirely made of summons (currently Death magic is the only one which has a summon on all 3 tiers) might be a little overpowered, and there are already alot of summons.

    So maybe some other spells?

    Rift: causes a rift between the plane of Erebus and some other dimension (probably random). The effect could be something like it kills or damages units since some of them fall through the rift or something. or maybe it could spawn some unique summon which cannot move because it's rooted to the rift and if the caster moves from the tile, the rift closes and the summon is killed

    Wormhole (the name could be changed): Essemtially a portal through space and it can transport a limited number of units (including the caster). This would have a limited range and have a long cooloff time. It would add a nice bit of strategy because you either take the chance that you will teleport to a safe place or save it and use a different spell. Maybe make this an archmage spell? that way it would limit the number of units capable of doing this. Unlike a 'real' theoretical wormhole, you can't travel forwards or backwards in time, although time would go at the same rate as if you weren't in the wormhole, so five seconds in the wormhole is five seconds in erebus. Actually, that WOULD be travelling forwards in time, just in a limited way.

    These are all just ideas, so feel free to add your own or elaborate on this or whatever.

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