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Diplomatic victory still possible?

Discussion in 'CivRev - Strategy & Tips' started by luukjn, Nov 10, 2009.

  1. luukjn

    luukjn Chieftain

    Sep 23, 2009
    Currently I'm playing a game as Willem van Oranje where I'm trying for a diplomatic victory (religious leader) on noble.

    Before I went on an exploration of the world I had build the AP under Buddhism, while Wang Kong had the shrine. It was no biggie (at this point) since I had most of the votes (Wang Kong kept voting for himself).

    In the last millennia I had discovered the other continent (the one with Mansa, Egypt, Mongolia and Pacal). And wars have raged over that continent (Egypt was a vassal of Mansa and helping her master at a war with Mongolia when I met her).

    Egypt broke free from Mansa and both Egypt and Mansa where great trading partners, even before I managed to convert them both to Buddhism.

    Soon after that total war broke out with Pacal and Mongolia being the two targets (Egypt and Mansa where sandwiched between Pacal and Mongolia). I was dragged in a couple of wars (and stirred it up with bribes), but I never send over any troops in that general direction.

    When I noticed that Pacal was loosing to Egypt I loaded up a couple of East Indimans and took out Pacals capital and made Pacal my vassal. (and spread Buddhism to Pacal while I was in the area).

    Shortly thereafter an AP vote shows up and I choose religious leader. I was short 20 votes.
    At this point I noticed that Mansa (one of the major voters for me) was in free religion. So my thinking was to convert Mansa just before the next vote to a religion civic, so he was a full member. (I don't know if this line of thinking is correct).
    Fortunately I had more votes during the next vote, unfortunately, the amount of votes I needed had skyrocketed and I was short 150 votes on my next attempt for religious leader.
    Maybe this was cause Mongolia decided to crush some city's of Mansa in between votes. Shortly afterwards Mansa became Mongolia's vassal. This did not stop Mansa to vote for me in the next election round.

    At this point I realised to make a good change at diplomatic victory I needed Wang Kongs votes (he was at friendly). But there was no way he would ever vote for me it seemed. This lead to my conclusion that he had to die. Or at least that I needed Wangs holy city.

    I started creating an army and declare war on Wang Kong while i still had a war raging with Mongolia and now Mansa (well, more of a looking angry at each other war, nor Mongolia, nor me had send over any troops).

    At this point I just took one of Wangs border city's and am still pumping out more units out of a couple of city's and am starting to get ready to make a move for Wangs capital, the Buddhists holy city.

    The question I have though, is a diplomatic victory still doable at this point with Mansa being vassal of Mongolia and my relations with Mansa being somewhat hampered in the process? Or should I make peace with Wang and try for a space race? Or should I churn out a lot of units for domination?

    At the moment I have no clear view of what victory to go for (if victory is still possible), and how to achieve it. So that is why I ask it to the more experienced civ players out here.

    [edit] Just found out I posted this thread in the wrong forums, it was ment to go in the CiV 4 strategy forums. Sorry for posting this here[/edit]

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  2. generalkhan

    generalkhan Chieftain

    Aug 11, 2009
    wrong forum

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