DoC 1.17.1 released


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Aug 23, 2009
They should!
It's a closer step towards a "final" version before the large map version is issued.
Surprisingly, version 1.7 in the version of the game published in Russia causes bugs, such as the non-appearance of civilizations on the map (the same Russia)
You mean playing DoC with the Russian language release of Civ4?
Yes. For understanding - I downloaded the English version and everything works fine for me
Okay. The Russian version is not really supported - I don't own it and there is no way for me to test for it. From what I understand about it, the way it was implemented makes it hard to develop a mod that is both compatible with the Russian and the EFIGS version.
I downloaded the installer, this latest version DOC1.17.1, and installed it in the "Mods" folder, inside the "MyGames" folder. in a similar way to what I did when I installed the DOC1.16 version. But now this error is appearing before initializing the MOD.

What could be wrong?

EDIT: Perfect. Now it's working. Thanks Leo.

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Nope, it needs to go into the Mods folder inside your Beyond the Sword folder.
Have One City Challenge been removed for 1.17.1 release or did I miss something earlier?
Yes, I removed all game settings that were not supported by the mod.
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