Dos Window Playing


Feb 5, 2002
I use to play Civ I years ago and recently purchased Civ II. I wanted to replay Civ I and would like to play in a minimizable Dos Window versus playing on the whole screen. Any help would be appreciated.

PS I am playing in a NT enviroment.
Don't know about NT, but you can certainly do it on W95. Install the DOS game and run it. It comes up full screen size so then press Alt-Return to make it smaller. You can then treat it like any other window.

The disadvantages are that it's obviously clunky when reduced in size. The colours sometimes shift too. But it's playable.

It's often pointed out that running the DOS game on Windows causes an irritating slow piece slide. I've found that this always returns to the normal DOS fast piece slide after one of my units has won a combat.
Thanks for the help. I was able to minimize the window in NT but it freezes the game until you unminimize. Better than nothing, I can still essentially pause the game and go check email etc. I tried playing the WinCiv version which works but I guess I still prefer the DOS version of CIV I.
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