DOS tileset for Civilization for Macintosh


May 10, 2004
London, UK
DOS Tileset for Civilization for Macintosh

This is a port of the 'DOS tileset for CivWin' graphics mod created by @honza.havlicek to the Macintosh version of Civilization. This port was possible because the Mac & Windows 3.1 versions of Civ appear to share the same codebase, and more importantly use identical graphics assets meaning that the existing Civilization for Windows mod tools (also created by @honza.havlicek) can be used on the Mac files.

Please bear in mind that I have never owned a Mac before, and figured out the bare minimum to get Civ running in an emulated environment. Therefore this mod has been tested with precisely one configuration, the Basilisk II emulator emulating a Quadra 900 running MacOS 8.1.

The mod is currently distributed as a floppy disk using the 'dsk' format with a single file on it, the modified 'Civ Data 4' file. To use the mod, simply back up your original version of 'Civ Data 4' on your hard drive and replace it with the version from the disk. Only the 256 colour graphics have been modified, the black and white graphics have not.

The mod is based on the 256 colour version of the CivWin graphics mod I tweaked to use the original CivDOS Civ colours rather than Honza's original. You can see the version history for this mod here.

I'd appreciate anyone with Mac knowledge giving it a try and letting me know how it goes with alternative configurations (even real hardware? that would be cool!). And indeed whether there's a better way to distribute the file. Presumably early 90s Macs have an equivalent to WinZip which would be more sensible than a floppy disk. Thanks.


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A quick guide to how I did this

1) Copy Mac file 'Civ Data 4' onto a disk (CiderPress can create blank disks for this purpose)
2) use CiderPress to extract the resource fork of the file onto windows. Rename this file to have the '.rsc' extension (but make a note of its original name)
3) use 'rsc_extract' from Honza's CivWin mod tools to extract from the archive.
4) the tileset is called 'SPR32x32.GIF' by Honza's tools (identical to windows version)
5) use Honza's gif_extractor to convert to tga, make changes, use Honza's tga2gif to convert it back to a gif file.
6) use rsc_replace to put your new graphics back into the rsc file (this is my command line RSC_replace CivData4.rsc 0 200 SPR32X32.GIF)
7) put the rsc file back onto the floppy disk with its original name and copy back over to the Mac.
An alternative to the first few steps is to use ResEdit on the Mac to open the resource fork of 'Civ Data 4' and extract SPR32X32.Gif directly, then put that on the floppy disk and skip straight to the gif_extractor step. I think Honza might have accidentally reinvented the wheel a bit as the Windows RSC files appear to be a replication of standard Mac resource forks in Windows.
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