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Aug 8, 2003
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Well, it's here finally. I'll be working to update this thread periodically and post some pictured previews of the game here in the first couple posts. For now though, the only place to get the mod or look at the previews is at Evo-Games. For now, read the instructions on the downloads thread and have fun!

Here's a link to the mod:
Link to the latest Home for the D&D Mod: Mystara

A preview of the title screen

Credits so far:
Mod developer: tjedge1
Maps & terrain: Arghis, GRM7584
Testers: Arghis, Bahzell, Blackbird_SR-71, BradRinWi, CamJH, cynguz, GRM7584, Hrafnkell, Isak, IXIRandyIXI, jonatas, Kinboat, odintheking, Onedreamer, recon1591 (Admin), Rhymes, Seth the Dark, Steel General, tlaw, Wolfhart, Xen, zagyg
Others: aaglo, BeBro, BradRinWi, CamJH, CivArmy s. 1994, Clam I Am, Crush_99, Drift, Eddiit, embryodead, frekk, frenchman, Goldflash, Grandraem, Hikaro Takayama, Isak, Kinboat, Kindred72, LizardmenRule!, Lusikka775, mrtn, odintheking, Pounder, R8XFT, rcoutme, Recon1591, Rhye, Sn00py, Supa, Sween32, Sword_of_Geddon, Ukas, Unexisted, utahjazz7, Womak, Xen

Note: Others are those who either intentionally assisted in either
graphix or ideas or unintentionally produced something or discussed
something that was included into the mod.

PM me if you see your work in the previews and your name is not here or
you have assisted with information for the mod.

These sites have been an inspiration to this mod:
Vaults of Pandius
Wizards of the Coast/Mystara Forum
Chronicles of Mystara

If you have any questions feel free to post them.
this is cool but could you also add all hte files together so we don't have to download each and everyone?
Just give Tjedge1 some time to get the whole mod compressed. It is after all a very large amount of data to compress and we all wouldn't want anything to go wrong.

Hey Tjedge1, was a pleasure testing Mystara. :goodjob:
Great Job tjedge. I've been looking forward to this one for a while.
Thanks guys, this was a nearly 2 years in the making and it feels good to have it available. I'm still planning an upgrade later this summer though.
bloodofages said:
this is cool but could you also add all hte files together so we don't have to download each and everyone?
Don't worry, I'm looking into getting a full install version up. It will be around 650mb here on CFC or 575 or so on Evo-Games. I'm shooting for Evo-Games first since it will be smaller and I can get it up quicker there.
Ok, In a few minutes there will be a full install download that you extract into the same location you would the mini-downloads. For those of you who are bad with multiple installs. Enjoy.
Ok, there is now a full size download available. Just 1 download and install it. Follow the instructions please. It's almost 600mb, have fun.
Well first will be version 1.5

I'm still waiting for some graphix. In the meantime, I'll be working on my own scenario for the D&D mod called the Wrath of the Immortals, which is a sort of World War type incident that happens on Mystara around 1004 AC, or AD in this version of the game.

Version 2.0 won't be happening, but I plan to redo the mod for CIV once it is released and I get used to it. I haven't played it in a year and I didn't get to mod much then.

In the meantime I will patch this one up whenever enough graphix become available to do so. I'm hoping the first will come in July so I can add the Mansorpion and put in the proper graphix for the Gnome Engineer (which has substitute graphix at the moment).

I also am planning to set up whatever scenarios for the mod I can besides the Wrath of Immortals. I'm going to do a scenario with the Mystara civs on Earth and another with them on Krynn. As well as scenarios of the known world and world maps of Mystara. ;)

I'm also going to try and help with other modders as much as I can.

EDIT: Actually a 2.0 version could become a reality if I get enough attention from unit makers. There are dozens of units still missing.

Oh yeah, I was also planning on making the Fantasy Empires II mod that never got off the ground when Balrog disappeared. That will probably be using much of this mods graphix but with a much different resource system for the various races to be used. Could be interesting.
Another thing, I'm putting up another version of the random game with giga maps. They are renamed. Make sure you only play the 3 largest sizes as the 2 smaller do not allow all the buildings for happiness and corruption so they can be hard to control the people. The 2 smaller are tiny and huge. They aren't really meant to play in this version because they are both in the standard version.
Man, I had forgotten about Fantasy Empires. I spent a lot of time on that MOD. Your ambition is admirable and appreciated.
Thank you. I'm not sure if I should stick to the same game mechanics as the FE did or use some of the Mystara mechanics such as movement. Retreat isn't possible in Mystara because it was sacrificed for racial stats of ignoring terrains. IE: Dwarves ignore hills, elves ignore forests, lizardkin ignore marsh. I'll eventually get a thread started on that though as that's off topic here. Once I finish the Wrath of Immortals. That might be a while. I've been real picky with the map, so I may just make one form scratch on my own. That's not knocking any that I have so far from GRM7584 and Arghis though. Those are spectacular and they are the first goals I have of setting up with cities and starting points to give the full mystara flavor.
i am getting aN error and the game exits something about icon_building and then it says storehouse and it crashes this is soon after you choose d&d mystara from civ content
Really? See if you can get the exact error message and I'll see if I can locate the problem. There shouldn't be any. All buildings and their files were included in the Mystara-2 download. The text was in Mystara-1. Try downloading those and reinstalling them. If they don't overwrite anything then they were left out.

Did you download the mini downloads or the full download? I need to know if theres a problem with any of them so I can re-upload. The mini's should work as my wife downloaded them and installed and played a game, but the full hasn't been tested.

EDIT: The game spent 6 months in beta testing so this should not be happening.
Too bad I just uninstalled civ3:/

The mod looks very good, good luck with it:)
Thanks, I just put up some late age one last night, so if anyone wants to take a look. All the shots are taken from the beta so some things have changed which you might notice in game. For those how haven't checked out the previews pages there are 4 pages of them. Screenshots and looks into the world and plans for the scenarios are hidden in there too.

EDIT: I sorry to hear that Yoda Power, well if you get CIV, I'll be attempting to recreate the mod with that. This time it will be done much sooner.
verry nace Mod.Thnks for your work. :goodjob:
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