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Oct 6, 2010

The FAQ states that the anarchy duration of non-religious tribes in C3C can take values between 3 und 9 turns. That is correct.

It does however also claim that at a given amount of settlements there are only 4 different values allowed. If i open up the Napoleon scenario of Conquests as France at Emperor i can get 5, 6, 7, 8 or 9 turns of anarchy. So there are 5 different values, not just 4.

Small empires incur 3 to 7 turns of anarchy, mid sized empires 4 to 8 turns and larger empires 5 to 9 turns.

Religious tribes always incur 2 turns of anarchy. The later even overwrites reduced anarchy durations for AI at higher dificulty setttings. This makes them "easy" targets at Sid, when anarchy duration for most AIs is zero. For AIs the maximum anarchy duration is zero at Sid, one at Deity, two at Demigod, three at Emperor and four at King. At regent and below the anarchy duration rules for AI are the same as for the human player.

When switching to anarchy after finishing a new tech the old turn does still count towards the total turns of the anarchy despite commerce still having been calculated under the old government.
Do we have a summary anywhere, what was changed compared to Vanilla/PtW? I know that in PtW the anarchy period for religious tribes is 1 turn. (I heard that they changed it to 2 turns in C3C precisely because of the "hack", that if you revolt interturn after learning a new tech, you only lose 1 turn of production and 0 turns of commerce.)
Do we have a summary anywhere, what was changed compared to Vanilla/PtW?
There once was a statement on how it was before Conquests by Soren Johnson.

Unfortunately there is no primary source. Without it it seems a bit fishy.
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