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Earth Map Scenario


Nov 29, 2001
I saw this neat game on the stories and tales section of this forum and decided to try a game on Earth. So I started the huge map earth out of the box scenario with 16 Civs. I was England. After about twenty turns or so of expectations of seeing the english isles I realized that I was on the Australian continent. I tried again. Now the english were in South America. A third time, now with the Americans, I think that I was in Scandinavia. Fourth time was a charm and I wound up on the US West Coast.
I also like to play with the lowest level of barbarians, so it is frustrating when I can't build cities because the barbarians keep destroying them. One time I moved my settler to the right on the first turn of the game. Well it happened to be right next to a barbarian. This was the shortest game of my civilization career - all three games combined.
What I want is a game on Earth where the starting locations are relatively accurate and the barbarians are only in goody huts. There is a setting for barbarians in the scenario properties (?) menu in the Editor. This doesn't seem to have any effect, though. What I did was change the game options so that the barbarian units were set to none. I don't like doing this.
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