Editing AI cities?


May 23, 2007
Is there a way to edit AI cities using the Firetuner for Civ 5(I would like to add certain Wonders to certain civs as they would pertain in real life)? I have tried using the 'selected city' tab, but to no avail. Thanks for any advice/help in advance and sorry if I posted this in the wrong part of the forum.
Well, I believe it's possible, because in the New World scenario two wonders are only available to the "New World" Civs (Iroquois, Aztecs and Incan), and cannot be built by the Old World (Spain, France and Britain).
Nevermind, figured it out on my own. In case anyone else would like to know how:
In the Firetuner, go to the 'Game' tab and select the Civ you would like to control and comeback as and autoplay for 1 turn or whatever you see fit.
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