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Editing scenario, problem with tech imbalance


Aug 8, 2019
Hi. I'm sorry if this shouldn't be a new thread, or if it shouldn't be in this location. I'm creating a gigantic world map scenario for ROM: AND2; 28 civs, start year more or less 1925 technologically speaking (and on the calendar), but with many liberties taken to reflect an alternate history.

My problem seems to be that the more advanced civs' new techs cost about 700,000 beakers, and the less advanced civs' techs cost 1 beaker. Thus, in practically a handful of turns, Nigeria is more advanced than the USA and the entire balance of power is thrown completely off ("Nigeria" has over three times the US' population). What might the problem be, and where could I go in the xml to fix it? Could it be era-related? The little I've learned about computers/programming has been on a need-to-know basis, so if you know the solution and speak to me like I'm a baby, I'll be pleased, not insulted.

EDIT: I'm not totally sure it's broken down by advanced/non-advanced nations.

Also, I'm fiddling with start era and start turn and game speed, and I seem to have finally gotten "5 turns" for a USA tech instead of only 5,000 turns or 1 turn. Not saying I want 5 turns to be the end result, but it looks like I'm hopefully heading in the right direction. The thing that really threw me is that some civs were 5,000 turns and some were 1 turn, in the same game. And it was based on beakers, apparently. Like, the beakers were different for different civs on the same scenario. Weird! Anyway, any help is still appreciated, because I haven't solved this one yet.
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I think I solved it? I changed two things: switched it from Snail Speed to Marathon, and... I think I had Start Era as Ancient instead of Industrial. Not sure how that slipped my notice. So, the solution was probably in one of these two changes. Now all civs seem to range from 4 turns to maybe 17 turns to discover new technologies. Still a bit fast, maybe... But satisfactory, I think. For now, at least. (I still have to fill-in about half of the civs' infrastructure, armies, populations, and buildings, so this is fine as a working solution.)

If it seems I frivolously posted here when the solution took such little time to find, know that this problem had been plaguing me non-stop for like five days before I finally posted about it! :p
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