1. Knightfall

    [C3C] No Tech Trading Scenario

    Hello Everyone! DESCRIPTION: Here's a mod/scenario I made that disables tech trading by marking all techs as "Not Tradable". I came into Civ III from V/VI, so I was used to not playing with tech trading being a thing, and found it kind of annoying and easy to exploit. If you're in the same boat...
  2. S

    Editing scenario, problem with tech imbalance

    Hi. I'm sorry if this shouldn't be a new thread, or if it shouldn't be in this location. I'm creating a gigantic world map scenario for ROM: AND2; 28 civs, start year more or less 1925 technologically speaking (and on the calendar), but with many liberties taken to reflect an alternate history...
  3. Merkava120

    Some Observations About Events and Techs

    I've been fiddling around trying to create a dynamic tech tree using random events (so have techs be randomly discovered by your people instead of you actively researching them), and I found out some interesting things. Events that have to do with techs do not occur unless you can actually...
  4. Sir Monster The Great

    Good tech priorities?

    I tend to plan out my tech rush. I generally do the whole era, per column. Are these good tech priorities?
  5. Sir Monster The Great

    Some purposed techs.

    Hello. I have some ideas about what could make into the tech tree. They are the following: Cattle Domestication (Late Prehistoric, replacing Animal Husbandry which comes later, likely early Ancient) Pastoralism (Late Prehistoric, replaces Animal Riding) Cavalry (Middle Ancient, in the same row...
  6. Sir Monster The Great

    Civology Remake

    I haven't been modding C2C for a while now, mostly due to disinterest. As of now, I mostly mod Total War games. But now I have good motivation to go back on my Civology modmod I did years ago. This remake will try to add many buildings that add new fields of study much like the old mod...
  7. Arkatakor

    Ancient Techs Rebalanced (v6)

    I have had for quite a while a mod on steam that modifies the ancient era by adding hunting, fishing, mysticism, stone tools and the wood working techs and adds new buildings / wonders associated with those techs. As I have heard that there are players who have an aversion to using steam, I...
  8. UncivilizedGuy

    [BNW] Saga Of Man 2

    This thread is about the development of my newest project, Saga of Man 2. My original mod is available on Steam. For download information and details of my original creation please go here: Saga Of Man original creation !!!!!Newest Alpha version (3 Oct 22) download>>>>>>>>>>>> Newest Alpha...
  9. Arkatakor

    Ancient Techs Rebalanced (Vox Populi) 1.2

    I have had for quite a while a mod that modifies the ancient era by adding hunting, fishing, mysticism, stone tools and wood working. Monument and shrine buildings require these new techs and scouts / pathfinders require hunting. New buildings include furrier, carpenter, fish traps, apiary and...
  10. A

    Science Enhanced

    Is there any mod that makes science more realistic? In real life, we don't discover new technologies by wanting them to exist... which is basically what the Science Tree is. I'm thinking of things like, accumulating science points would allow you to unlock technologies in domains on which...
  11. Sir Monster The Great

    More Techs

    Ive added more techs. As of now, I have added Wheellock and PercussionLock, both do nothing, but the Wheellock will add a pistol unit, along with a pistol promotion. PercussionLock may add something, but I dont know what that is yet.
  12. UncivilizedGuy

    Universal History (Version 1.01)

    UNIVERSAL HISTORY This is a simple mod that changes the era names to the eras that historians use when presenting world history on a macro scale. Eras Prehistoric Era replaces Ancient Ancient replaces Classical Post-classical replaces Medieval Early Modern replaces Renaissance Modern replaces...
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