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Enhancer Beliefs for Tall Empires


Jun 25, 2012
I always have a hard time choosing and kind of have the 'Oh, I didn't think this through did I?' feeling when I get my 2nd great prophet.

I play on Emperor/Immortal. Sometimes I do get lucky and get first/second Enhanced Beliefs (2nd Great Prophet). But I don't know what to choose for my usual tall empire. I usually choose Cathedral, but I'm pretty sure many would argue it's a waste of faith. The AI seems to never choose it (that probably means it's bad xP)

What do you guys choose if you are first/second in the religious race?
I'm also interested in this question in terms of an OCC. I try to get the Fertility Rights as the first religion to speed up the growth rate, but is there a good second one to choose if you're only going to have one big city?
Well, this may or may not help you, because it is situation specific, but...

I'm playing a game where using missionaries is a significant portion of my science growth concept. As the Mayans I've been able to get the first fully enhanced religion, and these were my choices:

1) The +1 culture for jungle tiles (I have lots of those on my map)
2) Interfaith dialog (science benefit when spreading religion)
3) Mosques
4) Pagodas
5) Reduced cost for missionaries

I'm very happy with the Mosques and Pagoda combination, since I get +3 happiness in each city where I've built both.
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