Espionage direction poll (REDONE) (Part 1)

What should the espionage system accomplish for a player?

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Jul 17, 2018
It's been a while, and there was suddenly a bunch of new drafts going in completely different directions, so I figure this is better redone to make the first question even more fundamental.

CS spying is out of scope for this poll series. It's generally considered balanced by most, and doesn't need an overhaul.

Question: What should the espionage system accomplish for a player? (other than CS spies)
1. Help the player catch up/get ahead/win more by giving yields, techs, etc. directly, whether they're generated out of thin air or stolen from someone else. Tourism% from Diplomats counts.
2. Harm other players, e.g. by pillaging improvements, reducing yields, removing population, etc. Stealing yields counts as both 1 and 2.
3. Obtain information about other players, e.g. intrigue, vision, or other stuff normally hidden from other players.
4. Prevent other players from harming you, i.e. current counter-spying. Includes any defensive bonus on your units/cities.
5. Unlock diplomacy options with other players. Currently we only have vote trading and share intrigue, but there could be more.

The current system does all of these, just not very effectively for some abilities.

You can select one or more options. I assume nobody wants none of these. If you really don't think espionage should be about any of the above or that the entire (player vs player) system should die in hell, comment below and I'll count it as a NONE vote.

Note that there's no "winner option" in this poll. All votes will be tallied and counted as if the "congress options" are being used (all 32 combinations of the options). I'm saving you time by not including 32 options.

The poll will close automatically in 7 days.
+1 to CppMaster. I'm happy to have any of the above if it's a satisfying option, and there's satisfying tradeoffs with other options. If we can't make an option satisfying, cut it rather than have a mediocre one.
The espionage system has so much space for unique mechanics so i dont think it needs to help the player by giving them yields. Though i do think stealing a technology is thematic aswell as some kind of propaganda spreading (tourism boost)..
Results are out! It took a while to tally the votes.
Spoiler Results :

Inclusive/Exclusive example: 19 people voted for options 1, 2, 4, and may have voted for other options. 1 person voted for options 1, 2, and 4 only but not 3 and 5.

It seems most people voted for all options, with a higher bias on options 3 (obtain information about other players).
Maybe we should have an espionage system with the primary purpose of getting info, and a secondary purpose of doing anything else?
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