Europa Universalis IV: Free to play until Sept 15, and 75% off!


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Oct 22, 2008

Paradox is a producer of a range of 4X games, which also have a big following in the Civ community, despite actually not being turn based.

One of their latest games, Europe Universalis IV, is currently free to play until September 15! In case you can’t get enough within the remaining days, the base game is also 75% off, costing only 9.99€ right now!

You can find this sale here.
It's been out for nine years... and it's been on sale for 75% off about 75 times by now, so this is probably the plan to draw in anyone who still hasn't bit. They eventually made the base version of Crusader Kings II free to play, so my guess is that's the long-term (after all expansions) plan for EU4 as well. Though it could be a while, I think Johan said they have plans for two more expansions (or at least immersion packs) after this one. Which, surprisingly, is actually getting very good reviews, usually the expansions get terrible reviews.

It definitely is too big of a time sink, so your computer might be doing you a favor in the end...
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