Feb 3, 2002
Hi Folks,

just want to introduce myself to the rest of the fanatics and connect a question with my introduction :love:

I'm a 24 year old civ-addict from Germany, I'm addicted to Civ1 since I'm 16 y.o. now and I need your HELP :confused:

I know there are tons of cheats for the DOS :lol: Version of the game, also for the 'I only have a single mousebutton'(Mac:p )-Version of the game...

...but I found nothin' for the great -myopinion- Win 1.20 Verion.
Can this be true?

Pleeeeeeease help me out...I just LOVED to hack my old DOS Version and enable myself buying the Colossus the 1-st round after founding my 1st city...:king:
Ok, I believe you can still edit the rules.txt file to hack and make all sorts of weird stuff happen. Oh yeah, why don't you download and play the CivI GOTM located in this forum since you are here. :D
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