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Extremely long load times


Feb 15, 2020
Since upgrading my late 2014 iMac to Mojave load times on Civ 6 have gotten ridiculous. Takes maybe 5 mins of initial loading screen but then actually loading a game and waiting for the round blue play button takes 20-30 minutes.

Once the game is actually running it is prone to crashing after anywhere between 0-30 minutes.

iMac has 2.7ghz quad core intel i5, 8GB ram, Intel iris pro graphics and latest Mojave version. Running OpenGL game option and all expansions but no mods.

Any tips on debugging this problem would be greatly appreciated.
not sure about load times, but AI benchmark is about twice faster under bootcamp
I have found that if I take some of the pressure off of my GPU everything else speeds up. Try reducing the video options.

Frankly, I don't understand why the name is graphically demanding anyway - no one needs that for a turn-based strategy game like this.
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