Features I miss in civ 3 and from previous civ games


Jan 21, 2002
Features I miss in civ 3 and from previous civ games:

Honors, orders and splendid gifts to be issued out during diplomacy for rewarding civs ( to increase culture and score).

Changing of civs great leaders through time.

Casualty list to view with military advisor

National anthems intros during diplomacy (Mp3 or wave)

Diplomacy with barbarians, guerrillas and accepting new minor civs if peace agreement signed etc

UN intervention by allied civs during modern ages ( allows no building of nukes by surrendered enemy who has been enforced, also no enemy buildup along borders allowed during 20 turns).

Better city view with richer use of commercial and residential buildings ( to spartan in civ3)

More detailed citizen icons, black Africans for zulus, mixed black and white americans etc

"Spoils of war" pillage increases your own nearby city resources.

A option to hold series of spectacles and games to be held for the people, when citizens turn unhappy.

Transport ships instead of landing craft (looks a bit silly moving a landing craft, half way across the globe to make a landing, or option to load landing craft onto transport ships).

Good new feature with unique units but one thing I have always missed in civ is separate national uniformed army units like Riflemen, infantry and cavalry etc for each civ (English coldstream guards, French imperial guards, British "scots greys" cav, French cuirassiers cav, Prussian ulanhs etc).

When a eastern city is conquered a european civ, then there should be a mixture of both eastern and european buildings being built. Both on the map and in the city view.

supplying military units as mercenaries, to serve in a allied armies chain-of-command, during war or making profit by it.
"Casualty list to view with military advisor"

I miss that the most. :(
I agree that the casualty list was awesome. It's too bad it's not there anymore. :(
Too bad about a LOT of things with Civ III. :(
Too bad Toecutter is not here with us.
But I will tell anyway that things that I miss in Civ3 include: Bridge building, roads in Civ2 look more logical to me, whereas in Civ3 they are a complete mess, my head goes dizzy when I look at roads like that.
Truckloads of goods being sent to help build Wonder and to trade with other Civ's, planes and bombers at least moving or flying on the face of the map.
This Epic Hero or Heroic Epic with Military Academy I was never able to build that since I got the Game, and Leaders never helped me to build Wonders. That's very stupid. Or may be I get stupid at times.:confused:
I don't know what do you have to do to acquire this Military Tradition and then to be able to build this Epic Hero.

Well some here will tell you to use your first Great Leader for rushing wonders.Don´t,move him into a city with a barracks, on the command screen there should be two options added,"build army" and "hurry improvement".Build the army,move some units on same square,load them into army,there are enough threads on armies,so check those out,but anyway send this army into battle asap.Once your army was victorious you will be able to build the Heroic Epic.This will increase your chances of getting further leaders,you don´t need Military Tradition.
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