Finding compilers & libraries to build C++ code


Jun 11, 2019
I used die too to find out Civ4 (BtS) tools used to build executable:

Linker: Microsoft linker(7.10.3077)
Compiler: Visual C/C++(13.10.3077)[C++]
Library: Python(2.4)
Tool: Microsoft Visual Studio(2003)
Sign tool: Generic(2.0)[PKCS #7]

As it is known you can't mix C runtimes and Microsoft proudly breaks compatibility with each toolset major release:


Visual Studio 2003 is no longer sold.

Microsoft first time in a history released no-cost toolset to build C++ programs that compatible with MSVC 2003, two essential components:

* Windows Server 2003 SP1 Platform SDK
* Microsoft Visual C++ Toolkit 2003

As of end of 2019 MS still provides downloads for free SDK:

* Windows® Server 2003 SP1 Platform SDK exe -
* Windows® Server 2003 SP1 Platform SDK ISO -

md5 dd26a923e94efd35878d9a725f012660
sha1 ee43b337d9739a4da3417b8eaca36cfafaa41de7
sha256 7ef138b07a8ed2e008371d8602900eb68e86ac2a832d16b53f462a9e64f24d53

But you no longer find Toolkit officially, original links:


I found there were two version of VCToolkitSetup.exe:
MD5 3e1e1cad2e4b4e2427dbe4616cccaa02
SHA-1 956c81c3106b97042c4126b23c81885c4b5211f4
SHA-256 03aad135c22e953e0928b118705338afdbd08abf8e4039038ef77945504e65fa
signed: ‎Wednesday, ‎April ‎14, ‎2004 01:55:23


MD5 90d8b963ca196aa9855b2ca6c3174c14
SHA-1 50dc6cca1503f08a41d56816f3f1abcaf347b0bd
SHA-256 c040f6ffbc2259426dd523b7561575fe1704b58bc37092fbfe27b64aefc449f6
signed: Wednesday, ‎June ‎30, ‎2004 00:31:54

Both executables are signed by Microsoft and hash-sums are mentioned by trusted sources.

I don't know why Microsoft decided to re-release installed by I think it is better to stick to later version.

I hope hash sums help to find files (when links will die) and to verify integrity to avoid Malwere.
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