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Five questions for masters

Discussion in 'CivRev - Multiplayer' started by soprismb, Feb 11, 2009.

  1. soprismb

    soprismb Chieftain

    Feb 10, 2009
    I'm a newbie to the site, awesome wealth of info--you guys are the best!!

    I'm about to takle the diety levels. I need help with the following questions:

    1. Is the Oracle worth pursuing? It's an expensive wonder and it SEEMS (strictly surmising) that the combat points total is a pretty good indicator anyway as to who wins.

    2. Are the era bonuses cumulative? I know some aren't, like for example Roman 1/2 price roads--they're not available in the modern era--but others are, like the Aztec 50% gold. Am I wrong there?

    3. What is the optimum amount of cities? I know this has been covered but I'd like to hear it again from a pro--I want to know what everyone prefers.

    4. I've heard that the multiplayer isn't fun because there are a lot of guys that are just so good that they end up killing players like me who, while decent, aren't good enough to play with the best. Anyone know how to make MP better?

    5. When can I expect the eras to change? For example I'm the Germans in my game and I need to know when the 2% gold takes over in the modern era...can you guys tell me what triggers EACH of the eras? I looked it up in the game guide and I can't find anything.

    Thanks...you guys rule.
  2. bija_konja

    bija_konja Chieftain

    May 24, 2005
    Hoffman Estates, IL
    I would say no. Typically id rather build units in the earlier stages if the game and dont build wonders unless i get a great builder or at the end of the game when i just need something for my factories to stay occupied with.

    I believe they are NOT cumulative.

    I usually go ape and build cities on any free lands. More cities = more tech = faster win... but I think the correct answer to your question is that it depends on your playing style. I like to rush early, then hammer the tech.

    MP is all about coming up with a good strategy and using it affectively. Yeah MP can be frustrating when you play a 3 hr game and then lose in the final turns because someone built the world bank the turn before your guys got to Alpha Centauri, but thats what makes you a better player. Ive learned alot from some of the "best" guys which I implement into my own strategy.

    Eras change when you get the correct number of techs. There is no other trigger that I know of.

  3. soprismb

    soprismb Chieftain

    Feb 10, 2009
    Okay so going back to my question on Eras--then what number of techs make EACH era? Any ideas? Is it just, "Okay, he's at invention, we'll move him to modern?"

    Thanks so much for your reply.
  4. Hertsh

    Hertsh Darwinist

    Jul 18, 2008
    Stockholm, Sweden
    Hi Soprismb,
    Regarding the era advancement you need to research a certain number of Techs for each new era. The number of techs are:
    Ancient Era - 0 Techs
    Medieval Era - 5 Techs
    Industrial Era - 14 Techs
    Modern Era - 24 Techs

    Regarding the era bonuses, they are all cumulative.

    Early on in the game you need to build your army or cities, depending on your strategy. In almost all cases the Oracle is not worth pursuing. Rely on your own ability to guesstimate what kind of defense the enemy has instead of using the Oracle.

    Regarging cities, I would say, the more the better as a general rule, but you need to balance the cost of building a settler. Generally grow your empire during the first two eras and preferrably during republic leadership. Build settlers in small cities because it is cheaper to regain the original size.
  5. Sciguy001

    Sciguy001 CiV Great Scientist (duh)

    Oct 25, 2008
    the CFC Forums
    You are going to diety and you didn't know that era bonuses are cumulative? The Romans get half-price roads throughout the whole game.
    Just to make it apparent to newbies:
    There. Now anyone who looks through this thread will see it.

    My take on your other questions:
    The Oracle is sort of a waste of hammers on higher difficulties, benefit not so great and it gets obsolete realy fast.

    And for cities, just build as many as you can as long as you could adequatly protect them. Build more when you are China and build them faster if you have Republic. I like Russia for higher difficulties because the AI is almost always invading and they are full of defensive bonuses to protect a myrad of cities. Try to get republic realy fast, it is very useful.

    Multiplayer: Because of the upright stupidity of the game's AIs, multiplayer seems generaly harder than Diety level (whenever I can find a MP match). If your problem is MP difficulty, just play the real difficutly levels to practice.

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