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Foreign Treaties

Discussion in 'Team Kazakhstan' started by Provolution, Jan 16, 2009.

  1. Provolution

    Provolution Sage of Quatronia

    Jul 21, 2004
    This should be a stickied thread with all the treaties we have with other nations, as well as a history showing if these have been fulfilled or not, and if broken, the reason of the treaty being broken.
  2. Kaleb

    Kaleb Deity

    Jan 14, 2004
    The CavKaz Treaty of 2080BC, signed on T48

    §0. Treaty Duration and cancellation terms
    * This treaty will last indefinitely, and can only be cancelled by written notice 20 turns in advance.
    * Such notice to cancel the treaty can not be given before the year 1 AD (turn 115).

    §1. Peace and Non-Aggression
    * The peoples of Cavaleiros and Kazakhstan agree to take no hostile action of any kind towards the other people.

    §2. Open Borders
    * The peoples of Cavaleiros and Kazakhstan agree to open borders with each other, to allow the free passage of units and merchants alike.
    * This state of Open Borders will be effective immediately, on both sides, from the signature of this treaty.
    * Upon the completion of Writing by either people, this will be handled via a formal Open Borders agreement. If passage is needed before that time, it will be handled through a phony state of war.

    §3. Mutual Technological Advancement
    * Team Cavaleiros and Team Kazakhstan agree to form an Exclusive Tech Alliance (ETA). Neither member of the ETA will buy, sell or trade technologies with a civ/team outside the ETA without the consent of the other ETA member.
    * The peoples of Cavaleiros and Kazakhstan agree to cooperate on the
    advancement of knowledge to achieve the following trade as soon as possible:
    - Team Kazakhstan to give Hunting, Animal Husbandry, Writing, Alphabet
    - Team Cavaleiros to give Meditation, Preisthood, Monarchy, Feudalism*
    - *If team Cav fail to acieve the Oracle first then Team Kaz will gift Alphabet to Team Cav on the turn after the failure is confirmed.
    - *If team Cav build the Oracle before being able to slingshot to Feudalism they agree to give the tech they get instead in exchange
    * Both peoples agree to adhere to follow the agreed advancement plan as close as possible:
    - Team Kazakhstan to tech Writing > Alphabet
    - Team Cavaleiros to tech Priesthood > Monarchy > Feudalism (through Oracle)
    * Both peoples agree to carry out research at the highest sustainable speed, with no stockpiling of gold beyond that reasonably needed to deal with adverse events.
    * Exceptions to the advancement plan may be given in a state of emergency, or in the case of an urgent domestic need.
    * If either people wishes to invoke such an exception, it must notify the other people of its intent and reasons for the deviation.
    * Upon completion of the respective beelines, the related technologies will be traded as quickly as pre-requisites restrictions allow, with Alphabet and Feudalism being exchanged on the same turn.
    * Both peoples agree that mutual technological advancement will continue beyond the completion of the immediate goals, but that plans for the future are to be negotiated at later points, as addendums to this treaty.
    * Both peoples agree that a cooperative spirit is more important in such an alliance than strict adherence to minute advantage to the own team.

    §4. Resources
    * The peoples of Cavaleiros and Kazakhstan agree that in the case that either team has a spare resource to trade, they will first try to negotiate trade with the other people of this treaty. Only if no such deal is possible will the people consider trading that resource to a third people.

    §5. Religion and Oracle
    * The people of the Cavaleiros recognize the wishes and needs of the people of Kazakhstan for a religion, and will agree to let Kazakhstan have priority for researching any technology that leads to a religion, after the completion of the inital advancement plan.
    * The people of Kazakhstan agree to not build the Oracle and the people of Cavaleiros agree to build it with all due haste.

    §6. Extension
    * Both peoples agree that the intent is to find a third civilized people to include in the Exclusive Tech Alliance, and agree to work actively towards finding such a people.
    * The exact terms of the cooperation with this third people will be negotiated when relevant, and the contents of this documents are not to be seen as binding in any way towards this third people unless all three parties agree for it to be so.

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