Jan 15, 2002
New York
Does anyone bother to build fotresses after their workers have done every other possible improvement? Or do you just disband most of them and leave a few around to clean up pollution?
I say this b/c it seems my enemy has actually used my fortresses to their advantage when attacking me in my territory - making me reconsider if I should ever build them at all (except for the obvious tiles where I need to give a boost to some strategic defense point).
I never build a fortress without putting something in it. Seems silly to leave unoccupied strongpoints sitting around for potential enemies to use against you.

One important use I have found for fortresses is to defend my strategic resources. And my luxuries if I have limited numbers of them. Usually by the Middle Ages, I'll start defending my resources with a Pikeman and a Catapult, protected by a fortress. Of course the defenders will be upgraded as the technology improves, and more fortresses will be built.

Since Civ3 no longer features zones of control or lets the enemies use your roads and rails, I seldom find myself in a situation where I can build fortresses at geographic choke points. But every now and then they are useful for sealing off an isthmus or peninsula.

I never leave empty fortresses sitting around my empire. If I have to abandon one, I try to pillage it first.
"I try to pillage it first."

I used to do that too, build a fort when i needed it and then tear it up when i didnt, but they are so hard to pillage. First u gotta destroy your RR, then your road and irrigation, and THEN you can destroy the fort. Well what if i WANTED my irrigation and RR's? :(
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