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Frequently Asked Questions (A New Dawn 2)

Jun 7, 2008
Just wonder...
Spoiler :
I know there's already a sticky FAQ thread but it's mostly outdated and it was made by Afforess for AND until version 1.75C. I'm opening a new thread and I will ask moderators to lock the old one and make this one sticky so that we can update it with info needed for latest "Rise of Mankind: A New Dawn" revisions. Just give me some time to collect some of the most asked questions and to get a new video card for my pc because I've just fried my GTX460 and typing with a flickering screen is a nightmare (I need a few days). Thanks.

For reference only, I'm keeping here the link to the old FAQ thread: https://forums.civfanatics.com/threads/frequently-asked-questions.344524/

History, Installation & Setup
  • What is RAND/RAND2/AND/AND2?
Those are all different names of "Rise of Mankind: A New Dawn", a mod for Civilization 4 - Beyond The Sword
  • Why all those different names?
"Rise of Mankind" was initally developed by a forum user, Zappara, and then expanded into "Rise of Mankind: A New Dawn" by another forum user, Afforess; after the project stopped for a while, another team (the "AND Resurrection Team") picked up the project and it's still maintaining it: that became RAND2.
  • Is the mod still under develpment?
We are currently polishing the mod and fixing some rare bugs, there won't be any major changes at this stage of development.
  • Where can I download the mod from?
You can download the latest version from here
  • What happens when you update the mod? Do I have to start another game from scratch?
No, savegames are always compatible through different revisions.
  • Is there a changelog?
Yes, there's a thread here on the forum
You can also watch the changelog if you're using RAND installer/launcher and if you're using the SVN installation method.
  • Which revision am I running?
You can see your current revision in the launcher window or by hovering your mouse on your flag next to the minimap while in-game.
  • How can I install the mod?
You can use the full installer from the link above, or you can use SVN method, also described in the link above. Full installer is about 1 GB in size.
  • Do I need to download everything again each time you update the mod?
No, either using installer or SVN method, you only need to update files that have changed through different revisions. The full installer also provides a launcher where you can set some starting options (like using "Formations" or different sets of ground textures or different flags for civs, and setting different languages). You can also use the launcher to update the mod: it will always display a yellow "Update available" button when mod can be updated.
  • Why am I asked to perform a recalc each time I update the mod?
Things might change from one revision to another; for example we might change science, gold or culture output for some buildings. In order to let the game run smoothly, the first time you start a game after an update you are asked to recalc. I suggest you always do it. In case you need it, you can also do it manually by hitting Ctrl+Shift+T. Sometimes this causes you to lose some gold in your income; probably a bug and we're still investigating.
  • Can I help translate the mod?
Translation is always in progress but temporarily we've suspended importing translated strings in the mod; if you want to help, check here
  • Is my language supported?
I always advise using the english version but yes, many languages are supported and translation is still in progress, so chances are your language is already supported.
  • I think I've found a bug, what should I do?
You can report it here: https://forums.civfanatics.com/threads/and2-and-svn-bug-reports-a-new-dawn-2-only.474185/
  • Does the mod work in multiplayer?
Yes! The mod runs perfectly fine if you play hotseat or PBEM (Play by e-mail). It also runs with Direct IP although some OOS (out of sync) problems might occur. There's a dedicated forum for Multiplayer with RAND here. I suggest you strictly follow all my advices there if you want to play MP. It might be a little tricky at first, but once you learn you can play MP easily enough. MP with Direct IP is still being improved. Pitboss is the only MP mode currently not supported.
  • I get a message " GFC Error: Failed to Initalize Primary Control Theme". What's happening?
Have a look here
  • Religion icons are missing in-game. What can I do?
Religion icons bug is caused by Steam, have a look at the note for Steam users here
  • I used to play the old Rise of Mankind mod (before "A New Dawn"), now RAND doesn't work for me. Why?
You can not install both Rise of Mankind and Rise of Mankind: A New Dawn. If you want to play RAND, make sure you don't have a "Rise of Mankind" folder in your mod folder: only "Rise of Mankind - A New Dawn".
  • What is Mega Civ Pack?
MCP is an expansion which lets you use about 100 more civs with RAND. You can get it from the mod's installer/launcher (suggested) which points you here but I suggest you look for updates and hotfix here on the forum too. Remember that once you've installed MCP, you need to activate it from Launcher's Modules menu.
  • How do I get A New Dawn to work under Linux?
There's no support for Linux at the moment but searching the forum you can see some users already use RAND in a Linux environment (you better look for IPEX-731BA5DD06 tutorial here, thank you IPEX).
  • How do I get A New Dawn to work on a Mac?
  • Step 1: Throw your Mac out the nearest window
  • Step 2: Buy a PC
  • If I want to send you a donation, where do I send it?
We can not take donations, but if you feel obligated to pay for this mod, send a donation to Amnesty International.

[These last two are Afforess' FAQs, I think we must keep them here. Actually there's a Mac forum here on Civfanatics, maybe you can ask there]
  • Do you have a website?
Yes, here: http://anewdawn.sourceforge.net/

Gamplay, Options and Strategy
  • I can't see all the buildings when they are built in my cities. Is there something wrong?
No, it's meant to save memory by not displaying all buildings. Check Assets\XML\A_New_Dawn_GlobalDefines.xml, line 449. Change <iDefineIntVal>3</iDefineIntVal> to <iDefineIntVal>131</iDefineIntVal> to show all buildings. A value of 1 displays anything defined as a National or World Wonder, a value of 2 displays anything with city defense greater than 0, and a value of 128 displays everything else. 131 is 1+2+128.
  • Why can't I raze a city anymore?
Make sure "No City Razing" option is OFF. Also, when you raze a city in AND, you can't do it in one turn. You can only do it when a city has just being conquered while it's still in revolt for some turns (you can see a red fist) and you have to pillage the city with your units. Each time you pillage you might lower population by one and extend revolt period by one turn. If you reach size 1 and you pillage, the city is razed and some specialist from that city might relocate to one of your cities. Only ground units can pillage. Also, make sure "Friendly Pillaging" is selected under BUG options.
  • Can I abandon a city / destroy a building? I remember it was possible a long time ago.
No, you can't do it unless you're using cheatcode. This feature has been removed because AI didn't have a clue on how to use it and so it's considered cheating. If you're using chipotle cheatcode, it will work again.

  • Can I change a gameoption after the game has started?
Quick answer: no, you can't.
Long answer:
Spoiler :

it's possible to do it using chipotle cheatcode. Enable cheat mode in civilization4.ini and then in your game, press the ~ key (shift + `) You should see a translucent text console appear in the middle of the screen, and it should say "Python" on the top line followed by some version/build info and then a prompt:

2.4.1 (65, Mar 30 2005, 09:13:57) [MSC v.1310 32 bit (Intel)]

Make sure you see it says Python; if you hit just ` by mistake you'll get a similar-looking but very different console.
Just type

CyGlobalContext().getGame().setOption(XX, False)

where XX is the option number you wish to change from True to False (the opposite works too). You can see the correct number by just counting options in CIV4GameOptionInfos.xml

  • How many Wonders can I build in a city?

Right now you cannot find this detail in Civilopedia but eventually you will find it there; for the moment there's a post by Vokarya explaining it.

  • I've run into a loop (endless turn), is there something I can do?

Try reloading a few turns before
it happens and see if it works. Or, if you're using a Unit-Per-Tile limit (especially if you're using a small number), try increasing that UPT limit. Most of the times, a loop is caused by AI not knowing where it can move some units because of the UPT limit.

  • Why do espionage points reset from time to time?

We still don't know, it's a bug. It happens mainly when switching from one revision to another or when reloading a game. I'm still investigating this bug, for the time being nothing we can do.

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