Funny: Zulu settler (AI) takes hut and barbs spawn !


Apr 23, 2005
Yesterday I saw something funny and something rare, maybe even first time ever, I always wondered what exactly happens when the AI takes a hut.

I was doing well with french on earth map, I had a trimeme/ship sailing near the left side of the south america. The zulus were there with two settlers.

I also had a diplomat on their land, I already took a hut, there was another hut. The zulu settler reached the hut first, I could see it with my ship...

Then my diplomat and ship spotted two barbs coming out of the hut ! It was funny !

So yes, the AI can trigger barbs from huts, I kinda already knew that ofcourse because sometimes there are these barbs coming from mid center europe and such and I always suspect that maybe the AI took a hut with barbs in em, but this time I happen to witness it up close, which is kinda rare ! =D

Osvaldo Manso

Jul 28, 2006
Lisbon, Portugal, Europe
Yes, you can see this happen from time to time.
However, most of the time, the outcome is not easy to detect (instead of spawning barbarians, the other civ found money or a new tech).
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