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All civs on Europe, me with Russians (save games)


Apr 23, 2005
I think some of you might like these save games, I saved the current turn at the 4th save game, the auto saves are also from this session.

I decided to play Russia with fast tech tree selection to get quickly to republic and such to see what it would be like.

Russia/Moscow has some nice rivers to benefit from the gold it provides otherwise it might run into gold problems ! ;) =D

Anyway there was also a Chinese civilization in it but the Mongols killed it after though stole some of my irrigation so they could be a lazy chariot.

Unfortunately for the Chinese AI it get stuck with a city of size 2 lol. I was going to go over there to irrigate it but the Mongols already killed it.

Quite a fun and enjoyable game, where Russia is on top but the rest is alive and well and kinda locked in lol:

French, Greece, Babylon, Mongols, Egypt.

Strangely enough Egypt and Chinese and Mongols don't expand, they probably stuck with their units.

French want to expand real bad as well as Greece and Babylon but they keep losing their settlers and messing with each other and/or me.

The french even bribed one of my cities but I got it back... scared me a bit lol, close to Moscow ! ;)

Anyway I am going to share these save games with you all, especially for any noobies that want to have a fun setup/save game at emporer level and now get beat up =D

See attached file ! ;) It may also contain 3 save games of other sessions lol. I did do a little bit of save scumming and restarted at BC 3000 the first time to try out what would happen if I went immediately to war but that didn't work out so well, so I went back to BC 3000 and started playing more seriously...

The turn is currently at 1752 AD, I am currently exploring Africa with a diplomat !

North and South America and probably completely undeveloped ! Would be funny if barbs would grow there ! ;) =D

(Only civ not yet have embassy is Mongols by the way lol hihi, just injected diplomat into it lol)

(One way to bring back the dead civilization would be to capture somebodies capitals, version of civ is x.05 with diplomacy patch and civ respawn patch installed, perhaps some other but after AD does not respawn anymore, let me know if you have any troubles loading the save games, with other or unpatched civ versions ! ;))

Russia was kinda easy to play as long as you expand quickly. The rivers and the forests and perhaps the extra game, make it strong ! =D

Just use some militia to surpress enemy as it does to me when I play French and voila, must should be easy to handle ! Interesting to play it from the perspective of the AI for a change ! ;) =D

Countering Russia might have to be done with war units/chariots but hard to do with French in early stages, my advise would be to buy them off =D and try and keep expanding cities ! ;)

Both if militia can be destroyed and Russia surrounded with militia and such might also work for a while... taste of own medicine.

I find the double city of the French near Paris amuzing ! =D I wish French would expand faster into Spain and Italy but apperently does not want to do that.. hmm...

Babylon seems surrounded, freeing him might allow him to expand hehe... instead of freeing himself from Mongols he keeps attacking me from time to time... not the brightest hehe..

Mongols just sneaked attacked me after this save turn I think after made embassy, I also bribed a couple of horses in Africa with diplomat... funny stuff.

One more thing is interesting, since I am the number 1 civilization the Greece chat in a different way to me, and the smile a lot ! LOL.


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Here is a more developed version of these save games, this time, more cathedral, some railroads, embassy into mongols. Freeed the babylons briefly down right, not sure if they are escaping lol, possibly lol. Mongols could at surrouding civs lol... they always do that.

Anyway I just subverted a french city by paying twice the normal ammount after I got it the french did contact me so I could not verify if subverting instead of revolting indeed maintains peace but ok...
(but I did not see a peace/reject screen so that is at least some indication that subverting indeed does not trigger war...)

Funny and fun game hehe. Feels kinda bad to steal a city from the French hehe... but they were pesky annoying... and so are the Babylons and the Mongols... constantly sneak attacking... hmmm...

Enjoyable how they have a city in the desert near fishes... I kinda wanted to build a city there during another game if I remember correctly or was it this game, probably when I was playing greece before I played this one... hmmm cool stuff... road through desert =D Reminds me a little bit of "painfull" civ 3 games and harbors lol. Also very cool multiplayer stuff ! :) =D

See attachment.


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