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[MOD] Game of Thrones

Discussion in 'FfH2 Modmods, Scenarios, and Maps' started by ciruela, Sep 24, 2015.

  1. ciruela

    ciruela Warlord

    Sep 24, 2015
    Hello!I'm new here.
    I'm a fun of FFH and [HBO]Game of Throne,after countless day and night spend on FFH, and several years chasing GoT.When 5th season GoT had ended,I got a idea,why not use FFH mod to create a GoT world for me and other funs to continue their sage.

    Then this is it - Ciruela's Game of Thrones - a FFH scenario modmod.

    I'm not a modder,just draw a map and make some flavor for you to play a different ffh game.So feel free to use this map to further modding if you like.
    #update,how time flies,once a youngman now become a middle aged man,finally I become a python modder,and this one is from a single map to mod with many new features and scenarios.

    This map is based on the maps within the first five book of Song of Ice and Fire, and later based on The Lands of Ice and Fire atlas.Also use Wikipedia as reference.

    Game of Thrones Mod

    you can download v1.00 mod from here

    newest patch is v2.02, which contains changes in early patches
    ,you can download from here.

    and release v2.03 Beta3 for playtesting,you can try here

    Only need BTS v3.19 and download
    Game_of_Thrones.rar then unzip to /Beyond the Sword/Mods/
    then download newest Patch and unzip to /Beyond the Sword/Mods/Game of Thrones

    Mod Description
    This is a Song of Ice and Fire fiction world and [HBO]Game of Thrones adaptation mod created by Ciruela,Use Civilization IV Beyond the Sword 3.19, and famous Fall From Heaven II mod, More Naval AI v2.63 modmod as base frame.This mod countains:

    1 new civilization which contains features below,see #4 for more detail
    • 9 new leaders
    • 1 new hero
    • 1 new palace
    • 3 new buildings
    • 1 new unit artstyle
    • 10 new units
    • 1 new promotion
    39 new leaders for FFH2 civilizations,see #4 for more detail
    68 new leaderheads,see here for more detail to some of them
    new diplomacy/religion/backgroud sound,see here for more detail.
    13 new Dragon units,see #4 for more detail.
    1 new Race
    8 new Effects
    2 new Traits
    3 new Technologies for scenario use.
    10 new Wonders,see #4 for more detail.
    1 new Equipment and it's promotion
    1 new Route
    10 new house flags.
    3 new Promotions.
    1 Standard Scenario with more detail and event come from [HBO]Game of Thrones,see #7 for more details:
    • GameofThrones Westeros
    1 Standard Scenario with more balance,see #5 and #6 for more detail:
    • GameofThrones V8.2
    1 Standard Scenario with Advanced Technology and corresponding unit/building/improvement/wonder:
    • GameofThrones Advanced Tech
    9 [HBO]Game of Thrones Scenarios one for each season(Season I - VII),Which setting is at beginning of that season,three for Season VIII Which Setting is at beginning,middle and aftermath of that season:
    • S01 Game of Thrones
    • S02 Game of Thrones
    • S03 Game of Thrones
    • S04 Game of Thrones
    • S05 Game of Thrones
    • S06 Game of Thrones
    • S07 Game of Thrones
    • S08 Game of Thrones,S0801 Game of Thrones
    3 Theme Scenario give diversion of [HBO]Game of Thrones Scenarios:
    • TS00 Chaos is Ladder: Play as Petyr Baelish start with poor the Fingers city and Loki. Based on S01 Game of Thrones scenario
    • TS01 Winter is Coming: Play The Other or Wildling to conquer Westeros. Based on S02 Game of Thrones scenario.
    • TS02 The North Remembers: Lady Stoneheart's revenge. Base on S04 Game of Thrones scenario.
    11 History Scenario which happens before the beginning of A Song of Ice and Fire.
    • HS01 Dawn Age: 12000BC First man immigrant to Westeros.
    • HS02 Age of Heros: 10000BC First man heros found their house and city.
    • HS03 Long Night: 8000BC Night Watch and Hyrkoon resist The Other and Lord of Night to save the world.
    • HS04 Andal Invasion: 6000BC Andal immigrant to Westeros and found of Valyria.
    • HS05 Ghiscari Wars: 5000BC Rising Valyria fight against old Ghiscar.
    • HS06 Rhoynar War: 950BC Volantis fight against Rhoynar.
    • HS07 Century of Blood: 100BC Fall of Valyria Freehold and Dothraki storm Essos.
    • HS08 Aegon's Conquest: 2BC-1AC Aegon the Conquerer invade Westeros.
    • HS09 The Dance of Dragons: 129-131AC Targaryen civil war between Aegon II and Rhaenrys I.
    • HS10 Robert's Rebellion: 282-283AC Robert and Eddard rebel Aerys II the Mad King's rule.
    • HS11 Greyjoy Rebellion: 289AC Balon Greyjoy challenge Robert Baratheon's rule and unite of wildling.
    Scenario Setting:
    Season System:
    When no Globe Counter and no Plot Counter Game Option is off (turn off Long Summer and No season plot change game option),then new Season System will work,this new System replace old AC and Hell Terrain mechanic.AC will mark Season change clock when AC is higher,plot will become colder and colder.see here for more detail

    Advance start:
    Each civilization has settled several city and researched early tech already

    Low Magic: the only mana resource is your civilization's start mana,although you can still get mana from wonder,ritual, world improvement and your vassal/permanent alliance

    No Settler and can't raze city: you should conquer other city to enlarge your territory,although you can still get settler from immigrant event. Not like other civilization has fix city from beginning,Dothiraki has 1 city and 3 settler start, because their khalasars always move around and not permanent settle,but Dothraki are always fight their civil war.more barbarian city to conquer,and barbarian will spawn city as time goes by.

    Adventure:there are some place to explore and challenge
    Shadow Land: Dragon/treasure
    Beyond the Wall: Frostling and Undead/mana node and resource
    Eastern Essos: Orthus/AC unit/barbarian world/dungeon
    Valyria Ruins: Hellborn champion/Diseased Corpse/unique dungeon

    Other setting list

    Special Thanks:
    George R. R. Martin for A Song Of Ice And Fire and The Lands of Ice and Fire atlas
    HBO for Game of Thrones
    Kael and FFH design team for Fall From Heaven mod
    Tholal for More Naval AI modmod
    Isenchine for forum guidance and trouble shooting
    MagisterCultuum for Worldeditor bug fix
    Schargiel's Game of Thrones modmod based on MagisterCultuum modmod
    King Bulrush for play feedback
    And many people who provide help or encourage on this post
    Wikipedia for Book and TV Drama Information
    http://gameofthrones.wikia.com/wiki/Game_of_Thrones_Wiki for Book and TV Drama Information
    http://awoiaf.westeros.org/index.php/Main_Page for Book and TV Drama Information

    Art Copyright
    Amok,Marc Simonetti,Mathia Arkoniel,Jordi Gonzalez Escamilla,zippo514,Felicia Chris Dien,René Aigner,Karen Petrasko and Magali Villeneuve's Art use as Leaderhead and Leaderhead button
    Black Rose's art of house flag
    SaibotLieh's female unit art
    Sandara Tang for White Raven
    reneaigner for Fall of Harrenhal

    Sound Copyright
    Ramin Djawadi for Game of Thrones Original Sound Track.
    David Byrne for The Last Emperor
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  2. ciruela

    ciruela Warlord

    Sep 24, 2015
    Stand alone scenarios:
    Here also provide stand alone Scenario for vanilla FFH2 v0.41o and More Naval AI modmod v2.63,If these scenario works for other modmod please tell me.

    Stand alone scenarios Download Description:
    GameofThrones.rar is for ffh2 0.41o vanilla or FFH2 with More Naval AI modmod

    GameofThrones with banner.rar is for ffh2 0.41o vanilla or FFH2 with More Naval AI modmod with black_rose's flag art
    after download,you should unzip Teamcolor.rar and copy all the dds into
    \Beyond the Sword\Mods\Fall from Heaven 2\Assets\Art\Interface\TeamColor

    Stand alone scenarios latest version is V8.2 and this is final version. New version scenarios need this mod to play.

    And here has more stand alone scenarios for [HBO] Game of Thrones TV Series adaptation.
    Each Season has one scenario which setting base on the beginning of that Season
    you can download from links below:
    [HBO] Game of Thrones TV Series adaptation stand alone Scenario
    Season 01
    Season 02
    Season 03
    Season 04
    Season 05
    Season 06
    Season 07

    Stand alone Theme Scenario based on GoT Scenarios:
    Winter is Coming Theme Scenario 01: Play as The Other or Wildling to conquer the Wall and southern warmer lands
    The North Remembers Theme Scenario 02: Play as Lady Stoneheart to do her revenge!

    Stand alone History Scenarios,which happens before A Song of Ice and Fire
    12000BC Dawn Age Historic Scenario 01
    10000BC Age of Heroes Historic Scenario 02
    8000BC Long Night Historic Scenario 03
    6000BC Andal Invasion Historic Scenario 04
    5000BC Ghiscari Wars Historic Scenario 05
    950BC Rhoynar War Historic Scenario 06
    100BC Century of Blood Historic Scenario 07
    2BC-1AC Aegon's Conquest Historic Scenario 08
    129-131AC The Dance of Dragons Historic Scenario 09
    282-283AC Robert's Rebellion Historic Scenario 10
    289AC Greyjoy Rebellion Historic Scenario 11

    Stand alone Advanced Tech Version
    Advanced Tech Another Version of Game of Thrones FFH2 Scenario,each civ has more techs\units\buildings\improvements from game start.

    Stand alone scenario version history
    Spoiler :

    V8 Version History
    Spoiler :
    V8.2 Changelogs(Jul. 13th, 2016)
    Spoiler :
    change landmark Howing Hills to Howling Hills
    change civ name Whaler of Ibeen to Whaler of Ibben
    change city name White Harber to White Harbor

    add gameoption COMPLETE_KILLS
    add Channeling1 to character who has Sphere 1 spell such as Thoros of Myr,Pyromancer,Qyburn

    change land where Oldstone is to marsh
    add river near Faros
    Add banana near ruin of Gorosh
    add deer near Ice River
    add toad near neck
    change High Heart to a hill with a held spec named Ghost of High Heart
    change city Antler River name to Ice River and move it west of Ice River,for move room then move Frozen Shore south
    change Giant's Stair to Rune religion
    add King's Landing Elder Council
    add Old Town Library
    add Qohor Forge
    Add Jason Mallister to Riverrun
    add free Merchant as Master of Coins(Petyr/Tyrion)
    add free sciencist as Samwise Tarly
    add JADE_TORC to Melisandre
    change Ramsay to bloodpet and change his pomotion Withered to Fear
    change Bran to lightbringer
    remove Grand Maester Pycell,Maester Aemon,add HERBALIST building to their city
    remove Black Dragon from Shadow Land
    name three the sand snakes as Obara Sand,Nymeria Sand,Tyene Sand respectively

    Additional Change for certain scenarios:
    change Astapor training to arena
    early scenario add Old Town elder council building as a replacement to library,move Dragon Bone to Shadowland
    change Fishman of Valyria to Shepherd of Valyria
    add Planar and Grove building to Valyrian cities in order to make them summon Manticore(Dragon) early
    add City Greywater Watch,Last Hearth
    change the Other city conquer route,due to Ice River city's move
    change House Manderly Civ type to Ljosalfar
    for Season IV and Theme Scenario II,add new playable House Baelish of Harrenhal
    for HS8 Andal Invasion, add Valyria as additional Playable civ,add City Si Qo for Yi Ti

    V8.1 Changelogs(Feb. 17th, 2016)
    Spoiler :
    Rename Qhoin Halfhand to Qhorin Halfhand
    remove Pyromancer Held due to unable to cast spells
    set The Other state religion to the Ashen Veil from start to avoid Meshabber of Dis lossing

    add character some promotion according to his origion
    add homeland to Thoros of Myr
    add Remnants Khalasar Horselord,Weak,Combat1,Commando
    add Melisandre potency,spellstaff,change to lv 3
    add Daario Naharis Commando,Combat1
    add Jaqen H'ghar Magic_Resistance
    add Maester Aemon,Grand Maester Pycelle Potency,Mobility1
    add Jorah Mormont Commando,City_Raider1,change to lv 3
    add Organizations some promotion
    add Unsullied Courage,Loyalty
    add Grand Maester Blessed
    add Night Watch Loyalty
    add Mercenary/Brotherhood without banners/Brave Companions Bounty_Hunter
    add Kingsguard/Queensguard/Rainbow Guard Guardsman,Loyalty,their Lord Commander get additional Defensive
    add Jorah Mormont Guardsman,Loyalty
    move Loras Tyrell to King's Landing,change it to Radiant Guard,remove Drill3-4,change lv3
    use GOLDEN_HAMMER promotion/item as Valyrian Steel
    add to Jon Snow(Longclaw),Brienne of Tarth(Oathkeeper),King's Landing(Widow's Wail),Randyll Tarly(Heartsbane)
    Character Change
    add Qhorin Halfhand: lv 1 hunter to Castle Black
    remove Nymeria,Benjen Stark
    rename Pyromancer to Hallyne the Pyromancer
    add Spirit_Guide to Bran Stark
    add Jaime Lannister Weak,Heroic_Defense
    add Beric Dondarrion Light
    add several scenarios season corresponding to details of Book
    Autumn:Game of Thrones Season V
    Winter:Game of Thrones Season VI
    End of Winter:HS II Robert's Rebellion
    Autumn:HS III Dance of Dragons
    Minor Change
    Start Civilization Relation modifier change
    add Lannister openborder to Tyrell
    add Castle Black Leave,Octopus,Rune religion

    V8 Changelogs(Feb. 8th, 2016)
    Spoiler :
    Watch Neutral Politics and Kingdoms Eternal War:
    Add Permanent War or Peace to certain Civ,such as Watch keep Neutral to Westeros.
    According to Scenarios,Certain Kingdoms will be at War with another kingdoms or never made war to another kingdoms from start.
    Add Civ:
    add Jogos Nhai as Hippus with Rhoanna leader
    add Leng as Svartalfar with Rivanna leader
    add Hyrkoon as Elohim with Thessalonica leader
    Add City:
    add Lonely Light city to Greyjoy and remove 1 settler
    add The Arbor city to Tyrell
    add The Frozen Shore,Antler River city to Wildling
    add Yi Ti 2 settlers
    change Morosh Owner to Lorath,remove 1 settler from Lorath
    change Port Yhos to Qarth
    change Tiqui to Yi Ti
    change Leng ma,Asabhad to Barbarian
    break Summer Isle to Barbarian,only leave Tall Tree Town
    remove Hardhome city and change as a ruin
    Civ and LeaderChange:
    make Wildling Majorciv,but penalty for diplomacy to Westeros.
    change Bolton to Calabim with ALEXIS leader
    change Frey to Clan of Embers with Sheelba leader
    change Lorath to Sheaim with GOSEA leader
    change Summer Isle to Ljosalfar with Amelanchier leader
    change Tyrell leader to ARENDEL
    change Karstark leader to CHARADON
    impassable swamp and Sand:
    change Moat Cailin and south area to swamp
    Add Ice Feature to Great Sand Sea/Shrinking Sea/Dry Deep & Five Forts/Neck/North Volantis area swamp,make them impassable,so Moat Cailin become the only passable route by land to North
    Religion Change:
    Use Leaves And Rune as Old God,Order as The Faith of Seven,Esus as several minor God
    change all north/wildling cities except White harber to Leave religion,Winterfell is Leaves Holy city
    remove all Tyrell cities Leave religion
    move Order Holycity to King's Landing
    remove Empyrean from King's Landing and All Dorne Cities
    add Order to All Dorne Cities
    add Order to Braavos
    add Empyrean to Pentos,Braavos,Lys,Tyrosh

    add missing cottage to Westeros
    Fair Isle mark wrong plot
    change Qai mark to Qal
    remove 1 more Gogossos mark
    rename Lotus Port to Lotus Point
    rename Samyriana to Shamyriana

    Geograph Change
    move Dragonstone east 1 square
    move God's Eye landmark,add Isle of Faces,move Seven Pine to Isle of Faces
    use river to divide small isle from mainland such as Esterment,Qal etc
    now World can sail to Hardhome directly
    change Tarth cottage to Marble
    add razorweed to ghost grass
    add Gems to Leng,Summer Isle
    add Wine to Yi Ti
    add Gold to Asshai
    change Yunkai,Valysar,Volon Therys to Village
    change Kingsgrave into a tower
    Character Change
    add Aeron Greyjoy to Pyke
    add sand snakes to Sunspear
    add Ramsay Snow to Dreadfort
    add Randyll Tarly to Highgarden
    add Paxter Redwyne to The Arbor
    add Kevan Lannister to Casterly Rock
    add Alliser Thorne to Castle Black
    add Daario Naharis to Yunkai
    add Thoros of Myr Enchantment1,Enchanted_Blade pomotion
    change Melisandre to Asshai Wizard
    change Mountain that Ride to Orc
    City Change
    change some cities population,Largely increase pop of Five Cities in Westeros
    add Shipyard to The Arbor,Dragonstone,Pyke
    change a warrior to Unsullied with held to Qohor
    add Guarding Vine with Held to Highgarden
    add scorpion with Held to Dorne
    rename Wildling city
    add Dancing Bear to Norvos
    change White Harber Beastmen to Elven Warrior due to Manderly Reach Origin
    Minor Change
    name Royel/Redwyne/Iron Fleet to Dragonstone/Arbor/Pyke ship
    rename Free Cities Leader
    add Cave of Three-eyed Crow as barbarian and dungeon
    change Grand Maester Pycelle to Disciple of Runes as his support to Lannister
    Change Arryn Mountain Clans to Barbarian move left 1,add Warrior to Eyrie
    add Mountain Clans to 3 North of Winterfell,add 1 lizard scout to neck
    minor map and religion change

    V7 Version History
    Spoiler :

    V7.5a Changelogs(Nov. 8th, 2015)
    Spoiler :
    add missing word of wilding/other capital name
    add missing Esus religion to some Essos cities.

    add 3 hawks to Summer Isles
    add 4 hawks to Wildling
    add 1 lion to Casterly Rock
    add 1 Hawk to The Eyrie
    add king's landing oo,empyrean religion
    change Qyburn to disciple of Kilmorph with Body I
    change Pyromancer to disciple of Kilmorph with Fire I
    change Thoros of Myr to disciple of Order with bounty hunter,Life I,Sun I
    make Grand Maester Pycelle held
    add Asha Greyjoy to Pyke
    add Victarion Greyjoy to Pyke
    add Brynden Tully to Riverrun
    change Pentos religion to Esus
    change warrior at Highgarden to Loras Tyrell

    V7.5 Changelogs(Nov. 1st, 2015):
    Spoiler :
    change Esus holycity to Braavos due to version confuse

    delete Stark Widow's Watch city
    add one city to Summer Isle,Volantis,Qarth,Lhaza

    Rename V7 new created city,change some plot,add more landmark according to the maps from the Land of Ice and Fire
    Move the Other and Wildling capital

    V7.4 Changelogs(Oct. 27th, 2015)
    Spoiler :
    Change Braavos Mithril Golem to Iron Golem due to lose Mithril Golem for not having proper religion
    check meshabber of dis for same issue
    remove over-spawn goblin archer
    clear team contact list
    remove hardhome wilboman
    re-add the other more troop and settler due to version confused

    make Braavos playable

    change braavos assassin to lv 3 scout with Aerons chosen,Avatar,immortal,marksman,perfect sight,timor mask
    change Yi Ti and Qarth 1 warrior to 1 archer to hold city from barbarian
    change other civs capital 1 warrior to 1 archer for avoiding being early conquered

    rename titan of braavos
    change Pentos leader to FLAUROS,Lorath leader to ALEXIS
    in order to keep from difference civ having the same leader,change leader for below civs:
    House Karstark to DUIN
    Volantis to KEELYN
    Tyrosh to WEEVIL
    Lys to FURIA
    Qarth to SHEKINAH
    Yi Ti to VOLANNA

    V7.3 Changelog(Oct. 20th, 2015):
    Spoiler :
    Change Esus holycity to Braavos.

    remove Avatar of Wraith due to iras it summon are too powerful for early civ
    disable world spell
    remove archer of Castle Black
    add more unit for civ according to start city number or locate on Middle/Eastern Essos
    held barbarian city archer
    give Asshai 1 more settler
    add scout for each civ

    add Eastern Essos Barbarian Stronghold Sheam theme
    change mage of dragonstone from Sun II to Sun I/Shadow I/Mind I,and set level to 4
    add an shaman with flying,potency,weak,Air I for Stark
    add strong heavy to a warrior in Casterly Rock
    add an adept with Body I,an adept with Fire I in King's Landing
    add a beastman for Greyjoy
    add a loyety amph warrior in Dragonstone
    add a courage guardsman warrior in tarth
    add a poisoned blade,light scout for Martell
    add a drill IV warrior for Tyrell
    add Life I,Bounty Hunter ecclesiastic and immortal,Bounty Hunter warrior for Tully
    add a hero scout for Braavos
    add winterborn for all Stark relate unit
    add landmark for Craster's Keep,Yunkai and so on

    V7.2 Changelog(Oct. 18th, 2015)
    Spoiler :
    Seven Pine do not show correctly

    add a elvish scout and a dwarven warrior for Watch
    add another Sea Channel
    Rename Tully's Leader from Hoster to Edmure
    Add diseased corpse to Valyria
    Move Orthus from Valyria to Eastern Essos
    change 7 Kingdoms color according to their banner

    add black_rose's flag art for Westeros Kingdoms.

    V7.1 changelog(Oct. 15th, 2015)
    Spoiler :
    barbarian city need more troop to avoid being conquered early
    the Other need more troop and settler to storm the land beyond the wall,remove Hybo held promotion and add Meshabber of Dis to replace Hybo' Capital-defend role
    Asshai/Greyjoy need a settler to encourage expanding

    due to lack of AC, can't build Mithril Golem,use it replace Braavos Iron golem
    add Orthus and hellfire to Valyria adventure
    add more equip/mana node to shadow land
    add unmovable AC unit to eastern Essos
    add more mana node/resource to eastern Essos
    add more world improvements
    add Secret Sea Channel to connect Seas

    V7 changelog(Oct. 13th, 2015)
    Spoiler :
    change Karstark color,the original one mess with Stark color

    enlarge the area of beyond the wall and increase the wildling city number
    give the other more tech
    give Watch more tech to make them produce army earlier
    place more barbarian city on Essos to make more pressure to these civilizations and give them more potential place to conquer
    give several island kingdom(Lys/Tyrosh/Lorath) 1 settler for encouraging them to expand from sea

    set map y-wrap to enlarge the area of beyond the wall
    set map x-wrap to make more room for westeros's west coast
    add an island west to westeros
    place ivory and war elephant for wildling
    give several island kingdom(Greyjoy/Barathoen) 1 settler for encouraging them to expand from sea
    place 1 more city for Meereen civ to make revolt trouble when Targaryen conquer Meereen
    place more troop for Targaryen to encourage their early conquer and make more flavor
    add a hero beastman(Jon Snow) and a wolf for the Watch
    add disciple for Castle Black and King's Landing
    place fire mana and shipwreck around King's Landing
    set Wildling city some religion which unit adopt can become mane after death
    add a pirate coven and smugger port to Dragonstone,change adept to lv3 mage with sun II there,delete Heron Throne and reduce population to 1
    add an ogre on skagos island
    add Landmark for flavor
    rename some unit for flavor

    V1-V6 Version History
    Spoiler :
    V6 Jun. 26th, 2015: Draw all the known world and add many unvisited civilization
    V5: Draw Middle Essos and add Meereen\Astapor(Targaryen)\Dothlaki\Lhazar\Qarth
    V4: Draw West Essos and add Free Cities
    V3: Add Vassal State(Bolton\Karstark\Frey)
    V2: Add more cities for each kingdom
    V1: Draw Westeros and add 7 Kingdom,Night Watch,Wildling,The Other


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    Last edited: Apr 25, 2017
  3. ciruela

    ciruela Warlord

    Sep 24, 2015
    Future Plan
    1. find some unit art for special character.
    2. New Hero for each major house.
    3. add Age of Dragon game option in order to add new dragon into regular game
    4. add Wonder for ancient castles,certain castle enable train city watch.
    5. change Tower of Mastery victory and these team wonders to Iron Throne wonders like Schargiel's mod
    6. add new civic such as Reaving
    Known Issues

    Mod version history
    V2.0.2 Changelogs(May. 4th,2020)
    2.Due to More Naval AI version map's total team num limit increases from 35 to 51,add new civs.
    • add House Glover of Deepwood Motte,seperate from House Stark on S08
    3.Major change​
    • Modify to Ice Theme Infernal civilization:
      • add Hyborem Immune to Fire promotion
      • block the Other to build Siege weapon:catapult and cannon
      • change 1 hammer,1 commerce from Ice terrian and 1 more commerce by river for Infernal to 2 commerce from Ice terrian and 1 more commerce by river for Infernal
      • change White Hand ritual prerequisite tech from Philosophy to Priesthood
      • block Infernal to produce Priest of Winter,They still get them by finish White Hand Ritual(3 hero Priest of Winter) and kill opponent priest and raised as a Priest of Winter
      • block infernal all Ashen Veil unit
      • [Python]T2 UNITCOMBAT_DISCIPLE will raised as Frostling instead of Disciple of Ashen Veil
      • [Python]when Infernal seized a city will not build Elder Council,Forge,Training Yard,Odsidain Gate,Mage Guild free building
    • Modify to Season Mechanic and new Season Concept of AC:
      • finish Purge the Unfaithful ritual won't change AC
      • remove armaggeddon event
      • remove random event's AC change
    • change Mercurian civilization to more like Night Watch:
      • remove block of Marksman,block Angel of Death
      • can build warrior and scout again
    • add S0801 scenario
    • move start a golden age effect from Bone Palace to Three Bells, change Bone Palace perequist Tech from Philosoph to Sorcery,reduce Bone Palace culture +10 to +2, add 25% defense and 25% defense toward bombard
    • rust spell now can't remove Mithril Weapon promotion
    • reduce pirate harber to +1 food and +1 commerce,pirate port to +1 food,+1 hammer and +1 commerce
    • change Lady Stoneheart leader from Doviello civ to Bannor civ
    • Enchanted Blade spell now can also effect Mounted unit
    • Pyre of the Seraphic now can't explorer
    • Public Baths reduce Happy from +3 to +2,add +2 Gold
    • add Sider Angel of Death unit,remove Angel promotion need Counsil of Esus state religion,change 3 holy combat strength to 3 death combat strength,as a special shadow unit
    4.Minor change​
    • add Hyborem Immune to Fire promotion on HS03,S01-S08,TS00-TS02,AdvTech
    • remove Elder Council,Forge,Training Yard,Odsidain Gate,Mage Guild building from the Other city except White Castle on HS03,S02-S08,TS01,TS02
    • change Dungeon where Greenseer is to Ancient Forest on HS05-HS11,S0-S6,TS00-TS02,AdvTech
    • change Greenseer and Children of the Forest owner to Nightwatch on HS05-HS09
    • make Small Council present by several build on HS08-HS11,S0-S8,TS00-TS02,AdvTech
      • Hand of the King/Queen : Basilica
      • Grand Maester : Herblist
      • Master of Laws : Courthouse
      • Master of Coins : Market
      • Master of Ship : Harbor
      • Master of Whisper : Eyes and Ears Network
    • change many characters details,upgrade veteran soldier to higher tie on HS08-HS11,S0-S8,TS00-TS02,AdvTech
    • change Three-Eye-Crow and Children of the Forest owner to Nightwatch on HS10,HS11,S0-S6,TS00-TS02,AdvTech
    • change all Melisandre sun1 promotion to fire1,mind1 to enchantment1 on HS10,HS11,S02-S08,AdvTech
    • add Donal Noye as a Forge at Storm's End on HS10
    • add Donal Noye as a Forge at Castle Black on HS11,S0-S4,TS00-TS02
    • add Nymeria at Oldstone on S0-S6,TS00,TS01,AdvTech
    • add Public Baths as Petyr Baelish at King's Landing on S0,AdvTech
    • add Sandor Clegane at Harrenhal on S0,AdvTech
    • add Castle Black Bone Palace as The Wall on S0
    • rename Stark leader to Sansa Stark,add Jon Snow at Winterfell,remove Longclaw on S07
    • remove Brother without banner civ,change Thoros of Myr and Sandor Clegane owner to Night Watch,add Lord Beric Dondarrion with them,remove Sandor Clegane bronze weapon promotion on S07
    • move stark warrior from Eastwatch-by-Sea to Shadow Tower,move 1 Nightwatch Angel from Shadow Tower to Eastwatch-by-Sea on S07
    • move 1 Targaryen warrior from Astapor to Yunkai,add Held promotion on S07,S08
    • reduce Dreadfort population from 2 to 1 on S07,S08
    • remove winterborn promotion from Benjen Stark,add Vulnerable to Fire and Cold Resistance to him on S07,TS02
    • remove Night Watch civ,change Castle Black city to Citadel Improvement,add Eddison Tollett for Stark on S08
    • change Rhaegal owner to Stark on S08
    • move Targaryen-Stark army to Winterfell,move Jaime Lannister to Moat Cailin on S08
    • add a forge to Winterfell as Gendry on S08
    • add Targaryen Yara Greyjoy and a galley near Dragonstone,move Theon Greyjoy with Yara change Theon Greyjoy owner to Stark on S08
    • move Melisandre to Widow's Watch immoveable 5 turns,change owner to Stark on S08
    • add Stark a Trebuchet at Winterfell on S08
    • remove Heartsbane,add Jorah Mormont Valyrian Steel Blade promotion on S08
    • add held promotion to Stark beastman(Umber) south from the Wall on S08
    • add 1 Mounted Mercenary with Mobility1,Flanking1,Knight as Ser Harry Strickland , 1 Mercenary with Mobility1 and Flanking1 as Golden Company at King's Landing on S08
    • add 1 archer named Scorpion with held and dragon slaying promotion for Lannister at King's Landing on S08
    • change Viserion from white juvenile to white wyvern due to wight system weaken origin unit and lost of Dragon race promotion on S08
    • add held promotion to Night Watch unit at Shadow Tower and Eastwatch by sea on TS01
    • change Lady Stoneheart from Doviello civ to Bannor civ,Start with Crusade civic,and rename civ as House Tully,change all tully's unit and Riverrun to Lady Stoneheart,add Brynden Tully at Riverrun on TS02
    • add plot start culture as noble house sworn to certain great house on AdvTech
    • remove temple of Viel from White Castle,because Block building on AdvTech
    • add Donal Noye as a Great Engineer specialist at Castle Black on Adv Tech
    • move Bone Palace from Dragonstone to Castle Black on Adv Tech
    • make scenairos change corresponding to major change
    V2.0.1 Changelogs(Nov. 27th,2017)
    Spoiler :
    1.Major change
    • Modify to Ice Theme Infernal civilization:
      • add Frostling promotion immune to fear and Poison damage,is not alive(in order to avoid when Frostling be killed it reborn as manes and/or undead)
      • remove Hyboerm Barbarian trait(in order to change wild animal/barbarian into undead,and confict with last children of forest in scenario),add Sundered trait
      • [Python]decrease chances of reborn to undead on Snow terrain
      • [Python]Undead raise by Wight mechanic won't add Stigmata promotion
      • [Python]T4 unit died on Snow terrain will reborn as T3 undead with the same combat type
      • add Hyborem,High Priest of Winter,Priest of Winter Prophecy Mark promotion
      • [Python]add Hyborem Immortal promotion when summoned by Infernal Pact
      • [Python]Infernal won't use Scorch spell on Snow
    • Modify to Season Mechanic and new Season Concept of AC:
      • [Python]when game option no global counter is on,no save and load of Season Variable
      • [Python]Peak and Hill will become colder more quicker than flat terrain,especially in winter, and become warmer more slowly than flat terrain
      • [Python]Marsh will become Swallow in winter
      • remove free Stigmata promotion from Stigmata of the Unborn
      • remove Sundered Trait from Sheaim civ
      • change Stigmata promotion require race from Demon to Undead
      • change Sundered promotion require race from Demon to Frostling
      • remove Meshabber of Dis AC requirement and AC modify,add Divine Essence technology requirement
      • remove Mithril Golem AC requirement,add Held promotion,change +60% city attack to +60% city defense
      • [Python]Planar Gate now summon unit max is fixed 1 unit per Gate,non-based on AC
      • remove AC modify from Rosier the Fallen,Avatar of Wrath,Beast of Agares,Eidolon,Ars,Mardero,Sphener,Valin Phanuel,change Basium AC modify from +5 to -5,add Hyborem and Ice Golem +5 AC modify
      • [Python]when Ice Golem and Hyborem without Immortal promotion is killed -5 AC,when Basium is killed +5 AC
      • remove buildings,such as Stigmata of the Unborn,AC modify,build Temple of Hand will add 3 AC
    • Modify to New Dragon Race:
      • add Dragon Race to All Dragon units,reduce Fire combat damage by 1(Dragon Race provided another 1 Fire combat damage)
      • remove Dragon Race promotion Immune to Fear,Cause Fear,Roar,Breath Fire,add Dragon Race promotion +1 Fire combat damage, +20% combat on Broken Lands terrain and +25% on Volcano feature
      • reduce Wild promotion betrayal chance from 2% to 1%
      • add Roar promotion which can use Roar spell
      • add Breath Fire promotion which can use Breath Fire spell
      • add Roar,Breath Fire promotion to T4 Dragon Hero
      • remove T2 Dragon certain element damage resistance promotion
      • change Dragon Slaying promotion from +20% Combat vs Beast unit to +40% to Dragon Race promotion,reduce Fire resistance from 25% to 10%
    • [Python]raised undead by Mokka's Cauldron won't has Stigmata promotion
    • [Python]Burn Harrenhal event will also remove all five Harrenhall Towers
    • Harrenhal wonder require 4 cities to build
    • re-add Training Yard,Champion,Berserker,Immortal,Phalanx to Sheaim,change Pyre Zombie to swordsman
    • change Daenerys Targaryen permanent trait to Philosophical
    • change Sheaim palace Death mana to Entropy mana
    • change Kuriotates palace Spirit mana to Earth mana
    • reduce Pirate Cove and Pirate Harber commercial to 1,Pirate Port to 2
    • Philosophical leader can build Academy with Sorcery technology
    • change workboat to non-military unit
    • Royal Guard need lv 6 Melee unit to upgrade,and won't abandon when civic changes,change unit type from Mounted to Melee,increase Combat Strength from 4 to 5,reduce move from 3 to 1,remove Horse/Nightmare resource requirement,change unit art to Paladin,change Spirit2 promotion to Loyalty,can upgrade as Champion,increase max instance of Royal Guard from 4 to 7 per player
    • Champion can upgrade to Royal Guard
    • Grigori can build Pagan Temple
    • add more choice of great specialist to build Shrine,Great Prophet can build all 7 Shrines,Great Engineer can build Tablets of Bambur,Great Commander can build Code of Junil,Great Artist can build Song of Autumn,Great Merchant can build Nox Noctis and Dies Diei,Great Scientist can build Stigmata of the Unborn and Necronomicon
    2.Minor change
    • make scenairos change corresponding to major change
    • change rice which near bitterbridge to wheat
    • change landmark the Thousand Islands to Drowned Kingdom on HS01
    • add Dragon Urrax and Serwyn of the Mirror Shield,a lv 2 warrior of House Gardener with Dragon Slaying and Black Mirror on HS02
    • add Hyborem Immortal promotion on HS03,S01-S08
    • remove Undead Stigmata promotion on HS03,S02-S08
    • add Faith Militant for House Gardener at Old Town on HS06,HS07
    • add Faith Militant for House Hightower at Old Town on HS08
    • add warrior for House Targaryen at Sharp Point on HS08
    • add Feudalism technology to House Targaryen on HS08
    • add 1 Hunter to Stark,Arryn,Gardener,Durrandon,add 1 Horseman to Martell,add 1 Dwarven Slinger to Lannister on HS08
    • change Kingsguard/Queensguard to Royal Guard on AdvTech

    V2.0.0 Changelogs(Oct. 22th,2017)
    Spoiler :
    • clear leader traits promotion after civ leader trait change
    • [Python]fix python bug that when a civ gain a disciple from religion tech,all civs have the same FFH civ type will gain a same type disciple at same time
    2.Major change
    • Re-design Infernal civ as The Other Ice theme:
      • [Python]living unit killed on the Snow Terrain will rise as a unit of same unitCombatType and Tier with Undead and Vulnerable to Fire,Weak,Cold Resistance,Stigmata promotion,will also reborn as a manes,both to random Infernal city for Infernal if they are active,change chance of unit reborn as manes
      • Default race change to Frostling
      • add 1 hammer,1 commerce from Ice terrian and 1 more commerce by river for Infernal
      • change Infernal palace free resource to Ice mana,Death mana,Iron
      • re-design Hyborem to a Mounted unit with 7 combat,2 movement,can use Bronze/Iron/Mithril weapon,+2 ice mana Affinity,Hero,Loyalty,Sentry,Gela,Fear,Magic Immune,Divine,Channeling1-3,Ice1,Death1,Entropy1,Frostling,Sundered promotion,with Ars as unit art
      • add Frostling,Frostling Archer,Frostling Wolf Rider,Priest of Winter(need Priesthood Tech to produce),block Scout,Archer,Horseman,Chariot,Beastmaster,Phalanx
      • block Guild of the Nine,all Temples but Temple of the Hand
      • move Illians Temple of the Hand to Infernals
      • [Python]change AI build Temple of the Hand min requirement
      • move Illians Samhain,the White Hand,the Deepening,Stir from Slumber Ritual to Infernal
      • move Illians Drifa the White Dragon,Priest of Winter,High Priest of Winter unit to Infernal
      • add Frostling promotion get +50% combat from AC
      • change Death Knight from Demon to Frostling,add Ice1,Entropy1,Fear promotion,remove 2 cold combat,add 1 Ice mana Affinity
      • add Priest of Winter and High Priest of Winter Frostling,Death1,Entropy1,Sundered promotion,add +1/+2 ice mana affinity,remove Immune Cold,Winterborn,remove cold combat(add 1 from Frostling),Priest of Winter can also upgrade to Death Knight
      • add new unit Giant Ice Spider(replace Assassin) with 3+2 Combat(+1 Poison and +1 Cold from Frostling),with Marksman,Frostling promotion and Whiteout ability(can go into invisible until attack on Snow terrain)
      • change Manes from Demon to Frostling,only can upgrade to Warrior
      • [Python]add Hero promotion to 3 Priest of Winter which get from the White Hand Ritual and increase cost of the Ritual
      • [Python]change infernal start plot choose method,and change start 2 champion to 2 priest of winter,add Hyborem 'White Walker Leader' name,remove Immortal promotion,infernal civ will declare permanent war to all non-Infernal civs
      • add Frostling unitArtStyle and Undead unitArtStyle by combine several unit art
      • change Imp from Demon to Frostling,add Ice1,change Fire Resistance to Cold Resistance,remove 1 Unholy Combat(but +1 Cold from Frostling),Imp only can upgrade to Priest of Winter
      • change Hellhound from Demon to Frostling,add Giantsized promotion,remove 1 Unholy Combat(but +1 Cold from Frostling),can't upgrade
      • change Balor from Demon to Frostling,remove Fire Resistance,Stigmata promotion,add Biltz,Giantsized promotion,add Ivory bonus requirement
      • add new world unit Ice Golem,20 combat(10+10 Cold),2 Ice mana Affinity,1 move,+60% City Attack,with Golem,Stigmata,Immute Cold,Vulnerable to Fire,Sentry
    • Season System with change AC running method:
      • [Python]AC now present Season Counter,shows how long next season will come,Start of every turn Season Counter will add/minus several point,0-40 as Summer, 40-50 as Autumn/Spring and 50-100 shows Winter.Several rare season will effect Season Counter change length and change rate per turn,even reverse Season circle,such as Long Summer,Fierce Winter,False Spring.A full normal Season Circle will last 150 turn at standard speed
      • [Python]add new Plot Counter method to control plot colder/warmer according to the Season Counter, only work for map which top is polar region and botton is tropic.
      • [Python]death of a civ don't change AC(original death of Evil civ will increase AC,death of Good civ will decrease AC)
      • remove old AC Armageddon Event
      • [Python]remove old Plot Counter method
      • move Elegy of the Sheaim ritual to Infernal
      • move Hallowing of the Elohim ritual to Ljosalfar
      • [Python]change End of Winter to a new simple method used SeasonSystem mechanic
      • remove Game Option No Global Counter on HS04-HS08,HS10-S04
      • remove Game Option No Plot Counter on HS01,HS02,HS04-HS08,HS10-S04
      • remove Game Option Double Global Counter on HS01,HS02
    • [Python]change Mokkas Cauldron wonder rise dead unit as a unit of same unitCombatType and Tier with Undead and Vulnerable to Fire,Weak,Cold Resistance,Stigmata promotion
    • [Python]When a civ which has DragonTaming Tech capture a city with Harrenhal Wonder,will change Harrenhal Wonder to Harrenhal Ruin Wonder
    • [Python]move Elohim civ's reveal unique improvement plot ability to Ljosalfar civ as Citadel
    • [Python]when a unit promote Knight promotion,give add 'Ser' before original name or generate a random name
    • [Python]create a Westeros unit nameGenerating method
    • add Juvenile 5% withdraw chance,collateral damage
    • reduce dragon combat strength/defense to add Fire damage of the same amount: Hatchling 1,Juvenile 2,Wyvern 4,Dragon 6,Hero Dragon 8
    • change Dragon Slaying promotion to +20% combat vs Beast and +25% resist to Fire
    • [Python]unit with Fellowship,Order,Rune religion killed on non-Snow Terrain and from non-illians civ will chancely reborn as a angel to random Mercurians city for Mercurians if they are active,change chance of unit reborn as angel
    • change Citadel improvement to permanent
    • move Balseraph Hall of Mirrors and Mimic to Sider
    • move Elohim Reliquary to Fellowship of Leaves religion building with Hidden Paths tech to enable
    • change Valyrian Steel Blade promotion +50% combat vs Demon to +100% combat vs Frostling and +20% combat vs Melee unit
    • now Eastessosi Twilight Brotherhood need Temple of Body building to produce and can't ungrade to Druid,add Body2 promotion
    • add Eastessosi Medic Water2,Water Walking,Channeling2 promotion
    • add Marshdweller promotion double movement on Marsh terrain,remove no penalty when attacks cross river
    • add Jungledweller promotion double movement on Jungle feature,change work rate to +15%
    • add New Eastessosi Fujo unit
    3.Minor change
    • Geograph change near Asshai
    • add pirate cove near Iron Island,The Arbor,Tarth,Dragonstone
    • clear elohim civs team view of Unique Improvement
    • remove K'Dath Sheaim palace on HS01,HS02,HS04-S08
    • add AC Horseman and Avatar of Wrath on HS01,HS02
    • change Drifa which at polar area to Whitedragon on HS02-S08
    • change Wildling frostling unit to normal unit on HS02,HS04-S08
    • change Marsh King and House Frey's scout to goblin on HS02-HS04,HS08-S06
    • build Winter Town city for Stark,remove Stark settler,disciple of leaves on HS02
    • rename House Hightower and House Redwyne leader to Lord Hightower and Lord Redwyne on HS03-HS05
    • add barbarian warrior with held at crackclaw point on HS03,HS04
    • remove 1 White Walker settler and remove some tech on HS03,S01-S08
    • change archer/horseman/scout Demon promotion to Undead,Vulnerable to Fire,Weak,Cold Resistance,Stigmata promotion on HS03,S01-S08
    • rename the Other Leader and change Hyborem name and promotion on HS03,S01-S08
    • change Meshabber to Ice Golem on HS03,S01-S08
    • add the Other Winter Town city on HS03
    • remove Marsh King,change Greywater Watch to Night Watch,move Night Watch unit to Greywater Watch and remove settler on HS03
    • add Leng Ma Temple of Mind building on HS04-S08
    • make Andal of Andalo contact with Andal of Myr,Andal of Lorath,Andal of Norvos on HS04
    • change Stonebridge religion to Fellowship of Leaves on HS04
    • add Yin Temple of Body building on HS06-S08
    • add Ser Willum Royce with Knight,Valyrian Steel Blade Lamentation at Gull Town for House Arryn on HS09
    • remove Wildling city Ashen Veil religon on S01-S05
    • add Valyrian Steel Dagger at Winterfell to House Baratheon of King's Landing on S01
    • add Valyrian Steel Dagger at Winterfell to House Baelish on TS00,S07
    • add Manes to White Walker city on S02-S08
    • add Valyrian Steel Dagger at Harrenhal to House Baelish on S04,TS02
    • add Valyrian Steel Dagger at Gates of the Moon to House Baelish on S05,S06
    • change Arya Stark invisible promotion to stealth on S07,S08
    • remove Aeron Greyjoy on S07,S08
    • add Fujo at Leng Ma of Leng and add Twilight Brotherhood at Yin of Yi Ti on AdvTech
    • move Prophecy of Ragnarok from K'Dath to White Castle on AdvTech

    V1.0.8 Changelogs(Sep.19th,2017)
    Spoiler :
    • clear leader traits promotion after civ leader trait change
    2.Due to More Naval AI version map's total team num limit increases from 35 to 51,add new civs.
    • add House Manderly as House Stark's Vassal,and Openborder with House Stark on HS07-S03,S07
    • add House Baratheon of Dragonstone as House Baratheon of King's Landing's Vassal on S01
    • add House Baratheon of Storm's End as House Baratheon of King's Landing's Vassal on S01
    3.Major change
    • Geography minor change
    • add Mercenary Bounty Hunter promotion
    • add Abashi,Arthendain,Losha,Brigit,Mary,Devout,Illusionist,Mobius,Nyxkin,Succubus, Valkyrie Sixsense promotion
    • add Knight and Squire promotion for the Order religion
    • add Sixsense promotion,which will give several unit type an new female art
    • add the Other Starting Gold,change start technology on HS03,S01-S07
    • change details of Season 7 scenario according to new season on air
    • add S08 Game of Thrones Scenario
    • add TS00 Chaos is Ladder Theme Scenario based on S01
    4.Minor change
    • change several civ colour
    • now unit with Winterborn or Nomad will not change unit artstyle
    • add SaibotLieh's female unit art
    • add Sixsense promotion to several female characters such as Brienne,Arya,Sand Snakes,Asha/Yara,Ygritte,Melisandre,Lady,Nymeria,and add to history female figure such as Visenya Targaryen,Rhaenyrs Targaryen,Meraxes,Vhagar,Silverwing,Dreamfyre,Meleys,Syrax,Tessarion,Moondancer,Shrykos,Ursula Upcliff,Doshi the Witch Queen
    • add Squire and Knight promotion to several unit,and rename them begin with Ser or Lord to show their society status
    • change Bear on the Bear Island to Polar Bear on HS01-S07
    • add sheut stone as star fall from sky near location of later Starfall city on HS01
    • add unit at Moat Cailin Held promotion on HS02-S07
    • add Lord of Night starting gold on HS03
    • add Flint's Finger Overlord religion on HS04-S07
    • add unit at Bloody Gate Held promotion on HS04-S07
    • remove Asshai 2 settler on HS05-S07
    • remove Tyrosh,Lys settler on HS06-S07
    • add All Karstark unit Giantsized promotion on HS07-S06
    • add All Stark children's Wolf Giantsized promotion on S01-S07
    • add Wildling settler on S02-S05
    • change Stark,Bolton,Karstark start unit and move some of them on S02-S03
    • change Tyrion Lannister to Disciple of Kilmorph with Spirit1,Earth1,Potency on S02,TS01
    • rename Both Baratheon House on S02,TS01
    • change Wall improvement to Hill with Citedal and road,rename the Wall sign to Shadow Tower and Eastwatch-by-Sea respectively on TS01,S03,S07
    • add 1 Angel with held to Guard Shadow Tower and Eastwatch by Sea on TS01,S03
    • Split The Other and Wildling into 2 team on TS01
    • change The Other to minor nation on TS01
    • move Qhorin Halfhand to Shadow Tower,move Dwarf warrior and Elf scout to Eastwatch by sea on TS01
    • add permanet peace between Arryn and Baelish on S04,TS02
    • remove permanet peace between Tully and Manderly on S04
    • change Nymeria to Wolf Pack on TS02
    • move Stannis palace to War Camp,change Dragonstone owner to barbarian on S05
    • move archer from Dragonstone,scout and worker from Storm's End to War Camp, immobile for 10 turns,move Dragonstone fishboat to Storm's End on S05
    • move pirate cove near Dragonstone to Eastwatch by sea on S05
    • Clear water way from Dragonstone to Eastwatch by sea on S06,S07
    • change Dragonstone owner to Barbarian,move Baratheon palace to Storm's End,remove Dragonstone Archer and fishboat,remove Storm's End Scout and Worker on S06
    • add Jorah Mormont and Daario Naharis near Meereen on S06
    • change Tyrion Lannister to Adept with Dwarf,Spirit1,Earth1,Potency on S07
    • add Meereen and Casterly Rock Forbidden City on S07

    V1.0.7 Changelogs(Jul.9th,2017)
    Spoiler :
    • clear leader traits promotion after civ leader trait change
    2.Due to More Naval AI version map's total team num limit increases from 35 to 51,add new civs.
    • add House Umber with Fellowship of the Leaves religion on HS02
    • add House Casterly on HS02
    3.Major change
    • add more population to Harrenhal,Summerhall and cities beyond Westeros
    • move Bitterbridge/Stonebridge 1 plot east,redesign plot in Tumbleton and Blackhaven area
    • redesign Dorne area
    4.Minor change
    • add more cottage of noble house
    • remove Westeros road between kingdoms and road sign on HS01-HS08
    • import schargiel's Mod Flag Art
    • add more resourse for seven kingdoms
    • change plot where Dragonstone,Highgarden and Sharp Point at to hill
    • add Dye near Tyrosh
    • add Naath a hill,and a silk,a wine
    • change Forest at Isle of Faces to Ancient Forest
    • add forest north of Pyke on HS01-HS04, HS06-S07
    • rename Shield Islands to Misty Islands on HS01-HS03
    • add a worker named Naathi with Diseased,Immune to Disease,Heroic Defense I & II at grassland of Naath on HS01-HS04
    • change Lion Clans of First Man start technology to Exploration,to make Grass Clans of First Man became the only First Man Clans which start with Agriculture technology on HS01
    • move Wolf Clans of First Man and Stag Clans of First Man start plot on HS01
    • rename leader of Grass Clans of First Man to Garth Greenhand on HS01
    • add inland sea of Dorne on HS01
    • add Forest around High Heart,between Cape Kraken and Cape Wraith on HS01
    • add Dungeon to Casterly Rock on HS02-S07
    • add Fawn with held at Isle of Faces to Children of the Forest on HS02-HS04
    • rename House Greyiron to Ironborn, change Grey King to Great Prophet, change Garth Greenhand to Great Scientist on HS02
    • add Barbarian Sea Serpent named Nagga with Held, Giantsized on HS02
    • rename House Leaders which decent from Garth Greenhand on HS02
    • give all House Lannister belongings to House Casterly,add Loki to House Lannister near Casterly Rock on HS02
    • add barbarian warrior with held for petty kings of seven kingdoms on HS02
    • add barbarian Hill Giant within Stormland on HS02
    • add graveyard near Barrowton on HS03-S07
    • increase Yronwood culture and population on HS03-HS06
    • make Yronwood playable on HS03-HS05
    • add Elder Council to Ironborn capital on HS03,HS04
    • rename House Greyiron to Ironborn, rename their leader to High King Qhored I Hoare, add 1 disciple of octopus overlords on HS03
    • change Flint's Finger owner to the Others on HS03
    • add House Oakheart as House Gardener's vassal on HS03
    • add House Hightower,House Redwyne as Ironborn's vassal on HS03
    • add Blackhaven/Summerhall Archery Range on HS04-S07
    • remove the Boneway pass road on HS04-HS09
    • add Stonebridge to House Gardener on HS04-HS06
    • change House Umber religion to Fellowship of the Leaves on HS04,HS05
    • add House Hightower,House Redwyne as House Gardener's vassal on HS04,HS05
    • remove Mountain Tribe and dungeon on HS04
    • add House Royce playable, add Royce Ursula Upcliff,warrior of Longbow Hall, Strongsong, Coldwater Burn, Redfort,Galley on HS04
    • add Andal Artys Arryn the Falcon Knight, Torgold Tollett, Qyle Corbray, The Hammer of the Hills on HS04
    • improve Andal relation to House Massey,rename House Massey leader to King Josua Softspear Massey,make House Durrandon permanent war vs House Massey on HS04
    • rename House Yronwood leader to King Olyvar Yronwood on HS04
    • rename House Greyiron to Ironborn, rename their leader to High King Harrag Hoare on HS04
    • change Flint's Finger to House Greyiron,remove Deepwood Motte,add Bear Island to House Greyiron,decrease relation from Stark to Greyiron on HS04
    • add barbarian Fawn with held at Isle of Faces on HS05-S07
    • add a worker named Naathi with Diseased,Immune to Disease,Held,Heroic Defense I & II at hill of Naath on HS05-S07
    • add 1 Ghiscari Warrior at Naath with Diseased on HS05
    • rename House Greyiron leader to King Rognar II Greyiron on HS05
    • change House Uller to House Yronwood,change House Allyrion to House Martell on HS05
    • add Valyrian Warrior at Naath Diseased promotion on HS06
    • rename House Hoare leader to King Harmund Hoare, change start religion to The Order,add city Castle Hoare The Order religion,improve attitude between Hoare and mainland civs on HS06
    • change owner of Old Town,The Arbor to House Gardener on HS06
    • change owner of Flint's Finger to House Stark,remove Bear Island city,add House Stark's Deepwood Motte city on HS06
    • rename House Dayne leader to King Vorian Dayne on HS06
    • change Deepwood Motte cottage to fort on HS06
    • remove Lannister's Brightroar on HS06
    • change Dragonstone to Broken Lands on HS07-S07
    • add Lannister Brightroar and rename Lannister leader to King Tommen II Lannister on HS07
    • rename House Hoare leader to King Halleck Hoare on HS07
    • change House Greyjoy city Great Wyk to Pyke on HS08
    • remove summerhall hamlet and sign on HS09
    • add more warrior of noble house support each Council on HS09
    • rename House Martell leader to Prince Qoren Martell on HS09
    • add Golden Hammer to Baratheon on HS10
    • add a Grafton warrior named Lord Corbray with Valyrian Steel Blade at Gull Town on HS10
    • add Mountain That Rides fear promotion on HS10-S04
    • add Yohn Royce Loyalty on HS10-S04
    • add the Prince's Pass road on HS10-S07
    • rename Arryn warrior to Lyn Corbray add Courage,Valyrian Steel Blade on HS11-S07
    • change Hodor to worker with Giantsized,Heroic Defense I & II on S01,S02
    • add Pact of Nilhorn to Wildling and Jon Snow on S01-S07
    • add Withered to Theon Greyjoy/Reek on S04,S05,S07
    • add Robert Strong fear,giantsized promotion on S06,S07
    • add Arryn a Champion with Courage,Valyrian Steel Blade named Lyn Corbray on AdvTech
    • change several civ start civic on AdvTech
    • increase each city start culture on AdvTech
    • change several axeman to other unitclass according to their orgion on AdvTech

    V1.0.6 Changelogs(Apr.26th,2017)
    Spoiler :
    • clear leader traits promotion after civ leader trait change
    • change Guild of Nine from +2 research to +2 Gold
    • remove float ice to make Sisterton and Lorath reachable by sea on HS03
    • remove House Hoare worker's Orc promotion on HS06-HS08
    • change several plot misplaced railroad to road on AdvTech
    2.Major change
    • remove Aggressive AI,Permanent Alliances game option
    • reduce Wild promotion betray chance to 2% per turn
    • improve Hill Giant cost,reduce Hill Giant strength to 6
    • change Golden Hammer to Valyrian Steel Blade on HS05-S07
    • add Qarth Walls on HS08-S07
    • add House Hoare 1 warrior,1 catapult,change scout to horseman,increase Harrenhal population to 3,make House Hoare playable on HS08
    • add Harrenhal wonder,Tower of Dread,Widow's Tower,Wailing Tower,Tower of Ghosts,Kingspyre Tower and their required buildings to Harrenhal on HS08
    • add Harrenhal Ruin wonder to Harrenhal on HS09,HS11-S07
    • add Harrenhal Ruin wonder to Riverrun on HS10
    • change road Which built by Valyria to Valyrian Road route on AdvTech
    • change Meereen's Prophecy of Ragnarok to Great Pyramid,move Prophecy of Ragnarok to K'Dath on AdvTech
    • Add Dracarys Technology which enable Valyrian Roads route,Valyrian Roads wonder,Valyrian Steel Blade equipment
    • add Norvos Cave of Ancestors on HS01-S07
    • add Wonders made by man
      • add Valyrian Roads route,Valyrian Roads wonder
      • change the Wall from Peak to Walls Feature
      • add Triple Walls wonder
      • add Three Bells wonder
      • add Long Bridge wonder
      • add Palace With a Thousand Rooms wonder
      • add Harrenhal wonder,Harrenhal Ruin wonder,Tower of Dread,Widow's Tower,Wailing Tower,Tower of Ghosts,Kingspyre Tower
      • add Great Pyramid wonder
      • add The Festival wonder
    3.Minor change
    • move Ghoyan Drohe 1 plot south
    • move Ghis sheep 1 plot east on HS01-HS05
    • move Pyre of the Seraphic to Ghis on HS01-HS05
    • remove five fort steady as mountain Iron Weapons promotion on HS01,HS02,HS04-HS09
    • move Andal archer and palace to Andalo,remove hawk on HS03
    • move Andal palace to Gates of the Moon on HS04
    • add Naath fort and a Valyrian Warrior with Held on HS06
    • add Held to barbarian's scout and warrior which original belong to Stark on S04-S06

    V1.0.5 Changelogs(Apr.9th,2017)
    Spoiler :
    • clear leader traits promotion after civ leader trait change
    • change Wyvern(Black) from National unit to common unit
    2.Due to vanilla version map's total team num limit to 35,had to remove certain already added civs from several scenarios.now re-add them.
    • add Essaria on HS06,HS07
    • Dothraki civil war on HS06,HS08-HS11,S0,S02-S06
    • add Sarnor lesser king on HS07
    3.Major change
    • add more music
    • change enable Ocean trade technology to Optics
    • change Dragon Slaying promotion to +40% vs Beast
    • rename Juvenile,Wyvern,Dragon with their color
    • change Achorn/Drifa Dragon promotion to Fear
    • change Dragon(Red) requirement technology to Feral Bond,change Dragon(Yellow) requirement technology to Mercantilism,change Dragon(White) requirement technology to Religious Law
    • Add Raised in Volcano promotion,add to hatchling
    • Increase Grove's beast unit free exp to 8,add Raised in Cage to beast unit,and unit which end turn in the city with this building will remove Raised in Volcano
    • add Dungeon building:unit which end turn in the city with this building will remove Raised in Volcano
    • reduce Juvenile minlevel requirement to 2,reduce Wyvern minlevel requirement to 4,reduce Dragon minlevel requirement to 6,Tweak AI Flavor
    • change dragon unit exp on HS01,HS04-HS09,S05-S07
    • add grove to King's Landing,and add Raised in Cage promotion to all dragon unit except Vhagar,add exp at least to 10 on HS09
    • add New Eastern Essos Civ Eastessosi
    • add New Eastern Essos Civ unit style Eastessosi
    • add New Eastern Essos Civ diplomacy sound,soundtrack
    • change Dawn,Yi Ti,Leng,Trader Town leader to Eastessosi leader
    • change Dawn,Yi Ti,Leng,Trader Town civ to Eastessosi
    • remove Dawn,Yi Ti,Leng,Trader Town unit Dark Elf race
    • replace Carcosa unit's Dark Elf to Jungledweller
    • change Dawn,Yi Ti,Leng,Trader Town palace and mana resource
    • replace Dawn,Yi Ti,Leng,Trader Town new unit
    • add New Eastern Essos Civ Eastessosi unit/hero and buildling
    4.Minor change
    • change several civ colour
    • unit with Winterborn will use Illians unit artstyle,unit with Nomad will use Malakim unit artstyle
    • change Stannis diplomacy sound to Asshai
    • change Rickard Karstark trait to Aggressive,Giantsized
    • add House Umber Giantsized trait,add House Mud Marshdweller trait
    • add Copper near Yin
    • add Incense near Tiqui
    • add Reagents near Jinqi
    • add Cotton near Trader Town
    • add Tiger,Gorilla Jungledweller,add Scorpion Nomad
    • add Giant promotion,change Hill Giant&Wilboman Sentry to Giant promotion
    • add Giantsized Promotion,add to Umber,Karstark,Mountain that Ride,The Hound,Brienne of Tarth
    • add Giant Slaying Promotion,add this promotion to Dwarven Slinger and Tormund Giantsbane
    • add Fear promotion immunity to fear
    • remove Avatar of Wrath on HS01,HS02
    • add Marshdweller promotion,add to unit of Oldstones Mud king and unit of Greywater Watch on HS02-S07
    • move Yi Ti's capital Si Qo 1 square north on HS04
    • add Andal 1 disciple of order at Gates of the Moon,change all warrior to Axeman with Iron Weapon,change Scout to Hunter on HS04
    • add Valyria Freehold permanent peace to Astapor,Meereen on HS06
    • add Dungeon building to Meereen on S05,S06

    V1.0.4 Changelogs(Mar.18th,2017)
    Spoiler :
    • re-add Night Watch unit missing Loyalty promotion on HS03
    2.Due to vanilla version map's total team num limit to 35,had to remove certain already added civs from several scenarios.now re-add them.
    • add Giant of Velvet Hills on HS01
    • add Skagos on HS02,HS04,HS05
    • add New Ghis on HS07-S06
    3.Major change
    • change Guild of Nine to National Wonder and reduce defense bonus to 10%,reduce culture per turn to 2,add 2 gold per turn
    • add Stoneborn Technology for Giant in order to produce Giant unit on HS01-HS11
    • add Dragontaming Technology for Dragon in order to produce new base dragon unit(Hatchling)
    • add Hunting Lodge +2 exp to Beast unit,add Grove +3 exp to Beast unit
    • change Valyria Planar Portal and Grove to Hunting Lodge on HS04-HS06
    • add Hunting Lodge to Dragonstone or King's Landing on HS07-HS09
    • add Dragon upgrade route(T1 Hatchling->choose one of T2 Juvenile(Black,Red,Yellow,White)->T3 Wyvern of that color->T4 Dragon of that color)
    • replace old dragon unit(Griffon,Manticore,Beast of Agares) to new dragon unit on HS01,HS04-HS09,S02-S07
    • add new Dragon unit

    V1.0.3 Changelogs(Dec.23th 2016)
    Spoiler :
    • remove too many Bright leaving only one
    • remove Vaes Leisi wrong team culture on HS02-HS05
    2.Due to vanilla version map's total team num limit to 35,had to remove certain already added civs from several scenarios.now re-add them.
    • add Giant to Ib on HS01
    • add Drowned Kingdom to Thousand Island on HS01
    • add Frost Giant on HS01
    • add Ax Island on HS01
    • add Isle of Tears on HS01
    • add Adakhakileki on HS01-HS02
    • add Ancient Myr on HS01-HS03
    • add Yeen on HS02
    • add Seal Rock on HS02
    • add Ancient Norvos on HS02-HS03
    • add Vaes Leisi on HS02-HS05
    • add Lotus Point&Ebonhead on HS03-S07
    • add Andal of Norvos on HS04-HS05
    • add Stone Giant on HS04-HS06
    • add Sarnor lesser kings on HS05
    • add Norvos free city on HS06
    • add House Martell on HS06
    • add Trader Town-Yi Ti rebels on HS10-S07
    • add House Flint on S06
    • add House Glover on S06
    3.Major change
    • change Hykroon to Major civ and make peace with other civs
    • add New Great Empire of Dawn,Yi Ti,Leng leader
    • change Rhoynar FFH2 civ to Lanun
    • add Nymeria Leader to Rhoynar
    • change Dorne first men petty kings to Malakim
    • change several scenario playable civs

    V1.0.2 Changelogs(Nov.16th 2016)
    Spoiler :
    add missing flag art to S07
    several special characters(Jaqen,Mountain,Oberyn) have wrong strength when both strength and defense is more than common unit and equal,need fix.
    remove Jogos Nhai unit orc promotion,add missing settlers and worker
    clear leader traits and alignment​
    2.Due to vanilla version map's total team num limit to 35,had to remove certain already added civs from several scenarios.now re-add them.
    • re-add Hyrkoon to HS07-11,S02,S04,TS01,TS02
    • re-add Jogos Nhai to HS08-11
    • re-add Leng to HS08-11
    • re-add Wildling tribes to HS02,HS04-10
    3.Major change
    due to AI Grigori doesn't adopt state religion,Scenarios need set Grigori civ adopt state religion from beginning.
    set most of civs state religion from beginning to avoid after start 2 rounds adopted state religion change their leader's alignment,and balance to Grigori's state religion preset(see above)​

    V1.0.1 Changelogs(Nov.5th 2016)
    Spoiler :
    update 2 files to solve 'GFC error: failed to initialize the primary control theme' problem when load this mod from BTS and don't have Fall From Heaven II mod in your mod document.

    V1.0 Changelogs(Oct. 26th 2016)
    Spoiler :
    Update all scenario to More Naval AI scenario file.
    Add New leader/leaderhead/sound for each scenario.
    Change Neck map plot,so from south must pass Moat Cailin to reach Flint's Finger by land.
    Add Peaks to main island of IB for balance issue.
    move the North's copper and IB copper's,add volantis ivory.
    make Tully as vassal of Stark after Robb become king.
    History scenario Aegon's Conquest and The Dance of Dragons, make Houses who are Targaryen supporter as Targaryen vassal,such as Tully to Aegon I,Caswell&Frey to Rhaenrys I,Hightower&Redwyne to Aegon II
    other minor change
    Last edited: May 9, 2020
  4. ciruela

    ciruela Warlord

    Sep 24, 2015
    New Season System
    Spoiler :
    When no Globe Counter(Long Summer) and no Plot Counter(No season plot change) Game Option is off,then new Season System will work,this new System replace old AC and Hell Terrain mechanic.AC will use as Season change clock.When AC is higher,plot will become colder and when AC is lower,plot will become warmer.
    Warm-Cold Terrain Change Route(from Warmer to Colder):
    • Grassland -> Plain( -> Tundra in Winter)
    • Plain -> Tundra( -> Snow in Winter)
    • Tundra -> Snow
    • Snow
    • (Marsh -> Swallow in Winter)
    on Standard Game Speed,a full normal Season circle will last 150 turns
    Standard game and most Scenario start with Summer Solstice,AC will below 10 and become bigger each turn and at 75 turn(Standard Game Speed) Winter Solstice,weather is coldest,and then AC will become smaller each turn after 75 turn.until 150 turn Summer Solstice,weather is warmest and AC will become bigger again
    • at 40 AC,Season change Announced: Summer will become Autumn when AC keep increasing and Spring will become Summer when AC keep decreasing
    • at 50 AC,Season change Announced: Autumn will become Winter when AC keep increasing and Winter will become Spring when AC keep decreasing
    Plot change begin from North border and go more south according to AC,First Grassland become Plain,then Plain become Tundra,last Tundra become Snow.In Summer Solstice -> Winter Solstice half Season Circle,Peak will become cold quick than Hill and Hill will become cold quicker than flat plot;In Winter Solstice -> Summer Solstice half Season Circle,Peak will become warm more slowly than Hill and Hill will become warm more slowly than flat plot.When in Spring\Summer\Autumn Plot only change 1 step in Warm-Cold Terrain change route,and in Winter, plot will change 2 step and Marsh will become Swallow.
    There are several Special Season Variety when Season Change Announced:
    • False Spring:When Spring Announced,10% chance this Spring is False Spring,Winter not end and season changes as Autumn become Winter,so,after a full winter,another full winter come again
    • Long Summer:Summer will double length between Summer Begins to Summer Solstice
    • Dry Summer:Summer will double warmth speed between Summer Begins to Summer Solstice
    • Long Winter:Winter will double length between Winter Begins to Winter Solstice
    • Fierce Winter:Winter will double cold speed between Winter Begins to Winter Solstice
    Game Option about Season System
    • Long Summer:when this game option is on,no Season System in this game
    • No season plot change:when this game option is on,plot won't change when AC changes
    • Quick Season Change:when this game option is on,Double AC changes,including AC changes per turn by Season System and other 1 time AC changes
    • End of Winter:Game start from Winter Solstice
    Scenarios with Season System:
    HS01,HS02,HS04-HS08,HS10(End of Winter),HS11

    New Civilization Eastessosi

    Spoiler :

    Civ Name Block Unit Block Building Special
    Eastessosi Mage,Archmage,Immortal Pagan Temple,all religion temples Jungledweller default race,can build improvements over Jungles,so no need waiting for Jungle remove technology

    Unit Name Base Unit Ability Change
    Terracotta Warrior Hero,Immortal Eastessosi only,Combat Strength 20,1 move,Golem,Earth2,Stoneskin,Resistance to Fire,Magic Resistance
    Swordman Axeman Common Swordman,+Jungledweller
    Aggressive as Fire Champion Eastessosi only,+2 First Strike,Drill1,Jungledweller
    Steady as Mountain Longbowman Eastessosi only,-1 combat attack,+1 combat defense,Jungledweller
    Swift as Wind Horse Archer Eastessosi only,ignore terrain movement cost,+1 First Strike,-Immunity to First Strike,Jungledweller
    Gently as Woods Ranger Eastessosi only,+25%Jungle attack,10% Withdraw chance,Jungledweller
    Quietly as Shade Assassin Eastessosi only,Hidden,Stealth,Jungledweller
    Devastating as Thunder Catapult Eastessosi only,+50% vs Melee
    Twilight Brotherhood Monk Eastessosi only,-Demon Slaying,+Shadow2,+Sun2,+Body2,change required technology to Fanaticism,Jungledweller,require Temple of Body building
    Fujo - Combat 5,move 1,Eastessosi only,require Priesthood Technology/Temple of Mind building,Medic1,Medic2,Spirit2,Divine,Channeling2,Sixsense,Jungledweller,only defend
    Eastessosi Medic - Eastessosi only,require Medicine Technology/Temple of Spirit building,Medic1,Medic2,Medic3,Water2,Water Walking,Channeling2,Jungledweller,only defend,can move impassable plot,50% Withdraw chance
    Repeating Crossbowman Marksman Eastessosi only,+1 First Strick,+Collateral damage,Jungledweller

    Building Name Required Technology Description
    Eastessosi Palace - Eastessosi only,National Wonder,Spirit,Mind,Body,+2 Great Commander Rate,+15% great people rate,+8 Commerial,+1 Production,+1 Happyness,+2 Culture
    Temple of Spirit Religious Law Eastessosi only,free Valor,unit which end turn in the city with this building will remove Withered,+2 exp to Disciple unit,+1 Culture,+1 Priest slot
    Temple of Mind Divination Eastessosi only,free Loyalty,unit which end turn in the city with this building will remove Charmed,+2 exp to Disciple unit,+1 Culture,+1 Priest slot
    Temple of Body Alteration Eastessosi only,free Courage,unit which end turn in the city with this building will remove Poisoned,+2 exp to Disciple unit,+1 Culture,+1 Priest slot

    Promotion Name Description
    Jungledweller +20% Jungle defense,+15% workrate,-25% Fire Resistance,double movement on Jungle feature,unit with this promotion will use Eastessosi unit artstyle

    New Leaders
    Spoiler :
    Main Leaders
    Leader Name FFH Civ Alignment Traits Add to Mod
    Robb Stark Doviello Good Organized,Raiders done
    Mance Rayder Illians Neutral Charismatic,Barbarian done
    Balon Greyjoy Lanun Evil Raiders,Creative done
    Edmure Tully Bannor Good Expansive,Foolish done
    Lysa Arryn Elohim Neutral Defender,Guardsman done
    Tywin Lannister Khazed Evil Financial,Industrious done
    Stannis Baratheon Grigori Neutral Organized,Aggressive done
    Mace Tyrell Ljosalfar Neutral Expansive,Organized done
    Doran Martell Malakim Neutral Spiritual,Philosophical done
    Jeor Mormont Mercurians Good Defender,Organized done
    The Other Infernals Evil ,
    Braavos Sidar Neutral ,
    Volantis Balseraphs Evil ,
    Tyrosh Balseraphs Neutral ,
    Myr Balseraphs Neutral ,
    Lys Balseraphs Neutral ,
    Illyrio Mopatis Calabim Neutral ,
    Lorath Sheaim Neutral ,
    Norvos Luchuirp Neutral ,
    Qohor Svartalfar Neutral ,
    Roose Bolton Calabim Evil Aggressive,Creative done
    Rickard Karstark Doviello Neutral Aggressive,Giantsized done
    Walder Frey Clan of Embers Evil Expansive,Creative done
    Meereen Balseraphs Evil ,
    Daenerys Targaryen Kuriotates Good Philosophical,Adaptive (Creative) done
    Khal Drogo Hippus Evil ,
    Lhazar Elohim Good ,
    Qarth Sider Neutral ,
    Ibben Lanun Neutral ,
    Tall Trees Town Ljosalfar Neutral ,
    Azura Emperor of Yi Ti Eastessosi Good Expansive,Philosophical done
    God Empress of Leng Eastessosi Neutral Expansive,Spiritual done
    Asshai Amurites Neutral ,
    Jogos Nhai Hippus Evil ,
    Hyrkoon Elohim Neutral ,
    Orange Emperor Eastessosi Evil Expansive,Aggressive done
    Lotus Point Ljosalfar Neutral ,
    Ebonhead Ljosalfar Neutral ,

    Scenario Leaders
    Leader Name FFH Civ Alignment Traits Add to Mod
    Eddard Stark Doviello Good Organized,Ingenuity done
    Lady Stoneheart Doviello Neutral Aggressive,Raiders done
    Jon Snow Mercurians,Illians,Doviello Good Organized,Charismatic done
    Wyman Manderly Ljosalfar Good Financial,Philosophical done
    Rattleshirt Illians Neutral Raiders,Barbarian done
    Euron Greyjoy Lanun Evil Raiders,Charismatic done
    Brynden Tully Bannor Good Defender,Charismatic done
    Beric Dondarrion Bannor Good Aggressive,Raiders done
    Jon Arryn Elohim Good Organized,Philosophical done
    Petyr Baelish Elohim Evil Creative,Adaptive (Financial) done
    Kevan Lannister Khazed Neutral Organized,Industrious done
    Cersei Lannister Khazed Evil Arcane,Aggressive done
    Robert Baratheon Grigori Neutral Charismatic,Aggressive done
    Renly Baratheon Grigori Good Expansive,Organized done
    Olenna Tyrell Ljosalfar Neutral Expansive,Philosophical done
    Ellaria Sand Malakim Neutral Aggressive,Raiders done
    Alliser Thorne Mercurians Neutral Defender,Expansive done
    Eddison Tollett Mercurians Good Defender,Guardsman done
    Ramsay Bolton Calabim Evil Aggressive,Raiders done
    Tyrion Lannister Kuriotates Good Philosophical,Adaptive (Financial) done
    Aegon I Targaryen Sheaim Evil Arcane,Industrious,Tolerant done
    Aegon II Targaryen Sheaim Evil Arcane,Expansive,Tolerant done
    Rhaenyra I Targaryen Sheaim Evil Arcane,Raiders,Tolerant done
    Aerys II Targaryen Sheaim Evil Arcane,Creative,Charismatic,Insane done
    Princess Nymeria Lanun Good Spiritual,Charismatic done
    Pearl Emperor of Dawn Eastessosi Good Expansive,Charismatic done
    Scarlet Emperor of Yi Ti Eastessosi Neutral Expansive,Raiders done
    Yellow Emperor of Yi Ti Eastessosi Neutral Expansive,Arcane done
    Sea Green Emperor of Yi Ti Eastessosi Good Expansive,Creative done
    Maroon Emperor of Yi Ti Eastessosi Good Expansive,Defender done
    Purple Emperor of Yi Ti Eastessosi Good Expansive,Spiritual done

    New Traits
    Trait Description
    Giantsized add Melee,Recon unit Giantsized promotion
    Marshdweller add Melee,Recon unit Marshdweller promotion

    Promotion Name Description
    Giantsized +20% Strength,+1 First Strike chance,can be granted by mutate
    Marshdweller +20% Marsh strength,+10% Poison Resistance,double movement on Marsh terrain

    New Dragon Units:
    Spoiler :
    From left to right:Hatchling,Juvenile(4 colors),Wyvern(4 colors),Dragon(4 colors),Dragon Hero(4 colors)

    Unit Name Tier Strength/Defense Move Enable Technology Upgrade Requirement Promotion
    Hatchling T1 3/0(+1 Fire from Dragon promotion) 1(2 with Flying) Dragontaming can build Dragon,Flying,Raised in Volcano
    Black Juvenile T2 3/0 +1 Fire +1 Death(+1 Fire from Dragon promotion),Collateral Damage,Withdraw 1(2 with Flying) Knowledge of the Ether Hatchling,Lv 2+,has Death,Entropy,Shadow or Earth mana Dragon,Flying,Channeling1,Entropy 1
    Red Juvenile T2 3/0 +2 Fire(+1 Fire from Dragon promotion),Collateral Damage,Withdraw 1(2 with Flying) Knowledge of the Ether Hatchling,Lv 2+,has Fire,Chaos,Mind or Nature mana Dragon,Flying,Channeling1,Fire 1
    Yellow Juvenile T2 3/0 +1 Fire +1 Lightning(+1 Fire from Dragon promotion),Collateral Damage,Withdraw 1(2 with Flying) Knowledge of the Ether Hatchling,Lv 2+,has Air,Sun,Life or Spirit mana Dragon,Flying,Channeling1,Spirit 1
    White Juvenile T2 3/0 +1 Fire +1 Cold(+1 Fire from Dragon promotion),Collateral Damage,Withdraw 1(2 with Flying) Knowledge of the Ether Hatchling,Lv 2+,has Water,Law,Body or Enchantment mana Dragon,Flying,Channeling1,Ice 1
    Black Wyvern T3 3/1 +3 Fire +2 Death(+1 Fire from Dragon promotion),Collateral Damage,City Bombard,Don't receive defense bonus,Withdraw 2(3 with Flying) Necromancy Black Juvenile,Lv 4+,has Death,Entropy,Shadow or Earth mana Dragon,Flying,Resistance of Poison,Shadow 2
    Red Wyvern T3 3/1 +5 Fire(+1 Fire from Dragon promotion),Collateral Damage,City Bombard,Don't receive defense bonus,Withdraw 2(3 with Flying) Elementalism Red Juvenile,Lv 4+,has Fire,Chaos,Mind or Nature mana Dragon,Flying,Resistance of Fire,Fire 2
    Yellow Wyvern T3 3/1 +3 Fire +2 Lightning(+1 Fire from Dragon promotion),Collateral Damage,City Bombard,Don't receive defense bonus,Withdraw 2(3 with Flying) Divination Yellow Juvenile,Lv 4+,has Air,Sun,Life or Spirit mana Dragon,Flying,Resistance of Lightning,Sun 2
    White Wyvern T3 3/1 +3 Fire +2 Cold(+1 Fire from Dragon promotion),Collateral Damage,City Bombard,Don't receive defense bonus,Withdraw 2(3 with Flying) Alteration White Juvenile,Lv 4+,has Water,Law,Body or Enchantment mana Dragon,Flying,Resistance of Cold,Body 2
    Black Dragon T4,National 4/3 +5 Fire +4 Death(+1 Fire from Dragon promotion),Collateral Damage,City Bombard,Don't receive defense bonus,Withdraw 2(3 with Flying) Arcane Lore Black Wyvern,Lv 6+,has Death,Entropy,Shadow or Earth mana Dragon,Fear,Flying,Sentry,Magic Resistance,Resistance of Poison,Entropy 3
    Red Dragon T4,National 4/3 +9 Fire(+1 Fire from Dragon promotion),Collateral Damage,City Bombard,Don't receive defense bonus,Withdraw 2(3 with Flying) Feral Bond Red Wyvern,Lv 6+,has Fire,Chaos,Mind or Nature mana Dragon,Fear,Flying,Sentry,Magic Resistance,Resistance of Fire,Mind 3
    Yellow Dragon T4,National 4/3 +5 Fire +4 Lightning(+1 Fire from Dragon promotion),Collateral Damage,City Bombard,Don't receive defense bonus,Withdraw 2(3 with Flying) Mercantilism Yellow Wyvern,Lv 6+,has Air,Sun,Life or Spirit mana Dragon,Fear,Flying,Sentry,Magic Resistance,Resistance of Lightning,Air 3
    White Dragon T4,National 4/3 +5 Fire +4 Cold(+1 Fire from Dragon promotion),Collateral Damage,City Bombard,Don't receive defense bonus,Withdraw 2(3 with Flying) Religious Law White Wyvern,Lv 6+,has Water,Law,Body or Enchantment mana Dragon,Fear,Flying,Sentry,Magic Resistance,Resistance of Cold,Ice 3
    Abashi the Black Dragon T4,World 6/6 +7 Fire +7 Death(+1 Fire from Dragon promotion),Collateral Damage,City Bombard,Don't receive defense bonus,Withdraw 3(4 with Flying) Divine Essence Sheaim only,can build/Black Dragon Dragon,Fear,Flying,Sentry,Magic Immune,Immune to Disease,Sixsense,Roar,Breath Fire
    Acheron the Red Dragon T4,World 6/6 +14 Fire(+1 Fire from Dragon promotion) 3(4 with Flying) - Barbarian only,can build Dragon,Fear,Flying,Sentry,Sentry2,Magic Immune,Immune to Fire,Stoneskin,Roar,Breath Fire
    Eurabatres the Gold Dragon T4,World 6/6 +7 Fire +7 Lightning(+1 Fire from Dragon promotion),Collateral Damage,City Bombard,Don't receive defense bonus,Withdraw 3(4 with Flying) Divine Essence Kuriotates only,can build/Yellow Dragon Dragon,Fear,Flying,Sentry,Magic Immune,Immune to Lightning,Roar,Breath Fire
    Drifa the White Dragon T4,World 6/6 +7 Fire +7 Cold(+1 Fire from Dragon promotion),Collateral Damage,City Bombard,Don't receive defense bonus,Withdraw 3(4 with Flying) Divine Essence Illians only,can build by Ritual Dragon,Fear,Flying,Sentry,Magic Immune,Immune to Cold,Vulnerable to Fire,Roar,Breath Fire

    Technology Name Description
    Dragontaming Scenario only,Enable to build Hatchling

    Promotion Name Description
    Raised in Cage only for beast unit,-20% combat strength,-25% exp get by combat,reduce heal rate
    Raised in Volcano only for beast unit,+10% combat strength,+25% Volcano feature defense,3% chance per turn grant Wild promotion to this unit
    Wild +20% combat strength,Immunity to Fear,1% chance per turn become barbarian,10% chance per turn to wear off
    Roar use Roar ability
    Breath Fire use Breath Fire ability
    Dragon Slaying require Combat5,+40% to Dragon Race promotion and +10% resist to Fire
    Dragon Race,+1 Fire combat damage, +20% combat on Broken Lands terrain and +25% on Volcano feature

    New Wonders
    Spoiler :

    Technology Requirment Description
    Dracarys Dragontaming,Sorcery/Mathematics enable Valyrian Roads,Valyrian Steel Blade Equipment

    Building Requirement Description
    Valyrian Roads Dracarys,Inn World Wonder,free Inn in all owner civ city,+2 trade route,+25% trade route yield,+8 culture,+1 free merchant specialist,+2 to Great Merchant
    Triple Walls Calendar,next to water,Palisade,Walls World Wonder,+6 culture,center map,+25% city defense,-25% damage made by bombard,+2 trade route,+50% foreign trade,+1 commerce to water tiles,+2 to Great Merchant
    Three Bells Code of Laws,Monument,Elder Council,Market World Wonder,+2 gold,+2 research,+4 culture,+10% military production,+1 priest specialist slot,+1 engineer specialist slot,+1 artist specialist slot,+1 to Great Commander
    Long Bridge Construction,next to river World Wonder,enable all Economy civics,+2 gold,+6 culture,+2 merchant specialist slot,+2 to Great Merchant
    Palace With a Thousand Rooms Code of Laws,Courthouse World Wonder,enable all Government civics,+8 culture,+50% Golden Age length,+20% maintenance,-25% owner city's War Weariness,-10 Crime rate
    Harrenhal Warfare,Construction,Training Yard,Archery Range,Stable World Wonder,+4 culture,+25% city defense,-25% damage made by bombard,+20% military production,+10% heal rate,+1 to Great Commander,+20% maintenance
    Harrenhal Ruin Never World Wonder,+2 culture,+10% city defense,-10% damage made by bombard,+20% maintenance,+10 crime rate,-10% heal rate
    Tower of Dread Smelting,Harrenhal,Forge +10% city defense,+10% military production,+10% production
    Widow's Tower Masonry,Harrenhal,Dungeon +10% city defense,+10% military production,-10% War Wearness,-5 crime rate
    Wailing Tower Festivals,Construction,Harrenhal,Siege Workshop,Carnival +10% city defense,+10% military production,-10% damage made by bombard,+2 culture
    Tower of Ghosts Mysticism,Harrenhal,Smokehouse,Pagan Temple +10% city defense,+10% military production,+1 health,+2 culture
    Kingspyre Tower Sanitation,Code of Laws,Harrenhal,Public Bath,Courthouse +10% city defense,+10% military production,+1 happiness,-10% maintenance
    Five Forts Masonry World Wonder,+25% City Defense,-25% damage made by bombard,+1 Great Commander Rate,+8 Culture,Teams'all cities free Wall,Prevent barbarian unit from entering Culture border
    Great Pyramid Masonry,Pagan Temple World Wonder,enable all Labor civics,+6 culture,+2 priest specialist slot,+2 to Great Prophet
    The Festival Festivals,total 3 monuments World Wonder,enable all Cultural Values civics,+8 culture,+2 bard specialist slot,+2 to Great Bard

    Route Requirement Description
    Valyrian Roads Dracarys Worker can build,cost 1/4 movement,need 5 Gold/plot,+1 plot commerce

    Equipment Requirement Description
    Valyrian Steel Blade Dracarys,Forge can be taken by unit,give unit Valyrian Steel Blade promotion

    Promotion Description
    Valyrian Steel Blade grant by taking Valyrian Steel Blade equipment,+1 Combat Strength,+100% vs Frostling,+20% vs Melee,pass Rusted to attack target

    Valyrian Roads
    Spoiler :

    Triple Walls
    Spoiler :

    Three Bells
    Spoiler :

    Long Bridge
    Spoiler :

    Palace with a Thousand Rooms
    Spoiler :

    Spoiler :

    Harrenhal Ruin
    Spoiler :

    Five Forts
    Spoiler :

    Great Pyramid of Ghis
    Spoiler :

    The Festival
    Spoiler :

    Other New Feature

    Spoiler :

    Technology Name Description
    Stoneborn Scenario only,Enable to build Giant

    Promotion Name Requirement Description
    Giant Race,+30% Strength,+1 First Strike,+1 terrain move cost,+1 vision sight
    Giant Slaying Combat1 or Dwarf +40% vs Giant
    Sixsense Scenario only -10% Combat Strength,+2 First strike chance,+10% Withdraw chance,change unit art to a female counterpart for several unit type,can gain from mutation
    Squire Orders from Heaven Technology,The Order State Religion,Only for Melee,Mounted,Archer,Disciple combat type +10% combat,+25% experience from combat
    Knight Orders from Heaven Technology,Mobility1 and (Combat 3 or Squire),The Order State Religion,Only for Melee,Mounted,Archer,Disciple combat type +10% combat,5% heal after combat,+5% same tile heal,+20% chance to defend,20% Holy damage resist,add 'Ser' before unit name or general a random house name of player's civ type when unit don't has a name

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    Sep 24, 2015
    Standard Scenario Map
    Westeros/East & Middle Essos
    Spoiler :

    Spoiler :

    Standard Scenario Civilization

    Spoiler :

    Civ name FFH Civ Human Playable
    House Stark Doviello Playable
    House Lannister Khazed Playable
    House Greyjoy Lanun Playable
    House Tully Bannor Playable
    House Tyrell Ljosalfar Playable
    House Martell Malakim Playable
    House Baratheon Grigori Playable
    House Arryn Elohim Playable
    House Bolton Calabim
    House Karstark Doviello
    House Frey Clan of Embers

    Wall and beyond:
    Civ name FFH Civ Human Playable
    Night Watch Mercurians Playable
    Wildling Illians
    The Other Infernals

    Free Cities:
    Civ name FFH Civ Human Playable
    Braavos Sidar Playable
    Volantis Balseraphs
    Tyrosh Balseraphs
    Myr Balseraphs
    Lys Balseraphs
    Pentos Calabim
    Lorath Sheaim
    Norvos Luchuirp
    Qohor Svartalfar

    Middle Essos:
    Civ name FFH Civ Human Playable
    House Targaryen Kuriotates Playable
    Dothraki Hippus
    Meereen Balseraphs
    Lhazar Elohim
    Qarth Sider

    Unvisited Land:
    Civ name FFH Civ Human Playable
    Jogos Nhai Hippus
    Leng Eastessosi
    Hyrkoon Elohim
    Ibben Lanun
    Tall Trees Town Ljosalfar
    Lotus Point Ljosalfar
    Ebonhead Ljosalfar
    Yi Ti Eastessosi Playable
    Trader Town Eastessosi
    Asshai Amurites

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    House Stark
    Spoiler :
    They are Doviello because "Every Stark children has a Wolf". :D

    They has 5 cities:
    Winterfell[Capital][Fellowship of Leaves Holycity]
    White Harbor
    Flint's Finger
    Deepwood Motte

    Religion:Fellowship of Leaves(but White Harbor is Order)

    Vassal civilization:
    House Bolton/House Karstark

    Special Unit:
    Bran Stark: lv 1 lightbringer with weak,heroic defense,spirit guide,heavy,channelling 1,nature 1,potency
    Grey Wind: lv 1 wolf
    Summer: lv 1 wolf
    Shaggydog: lv 1 wolf

    Stark have many small/poor cities and vassals, the poor land of tundra and too many city from start,will make their tech far below from the other Southern Kingdoms.

    House Lannister
    Spoiler :
    They are Khazad because they has a dwarf and they has many gold. :D

    They has 2 cities:
    Casterly Rock[Capital][Runes of Kilmorph Holycity]
    King's Landing[Wonder:The Eyes and Ears Network/City of a Thousand Slums][Order Holycity][1 free merchant as Petyr Baelish][Herbalist as Grand Maester Pycelle]

    Religion:Runes of Kilmorph(King's Landing has four more religion: Order,Fellowship of Leaves,Empyrean,Octopus Overlords,Casterly Rock has Order)

    Special Unit:
    Widow's Wail: item Golden Hammer
    Jaime Lannister: lv 1 radiant guard with Heroic Defense,Weak,Guardsman,Loyalty,Defensive
    Mountain That Rides: lv 1 warrior with Giantsized,strong and heavy
    Kevan Lannister: lv 1 warrior with homeland
    Qyburn: lv 2 disciple of Kilmorph with Body I,channelling 1
    Hallyne the Pyromancer: lv 2 disciple of Kilmorph with Fire I,channelling 1

    Lannister has most gold and controls Westeros Capital King's Landing which has network and slums wonder, they can make a great Tech lead from the beginning.The birds of the spider network let you know every civ researching tech.due to preset diplomacy penalty for surrounding civs,Lannister need to bribe or sail to Essos for open border with more than 3 civs to get free tech from network.

    House Targaryen
    Spoiler :
    They are Kuriotates because they has knight from westeros,Horseman from dothraki,and dragon. :D

    They only has 1 cities:


    Special Unit:
    Grey Worm: lv 1 mercenary with loyalty,courage
    Barristan Selmy: lv 1 radiant guard with guardsman,loyalty,defensive
    Jorah Mormont: lv 3 beastman with city raider1,commando,loyalty,guardsman,winterborn
    Remnants Khalasar: lv 1 horseman with weak,horselord,combat1,commando
    Drogon: lv1 Hatchling
    Rhaegal: lv1 Hatchling
    Viserion: lv1 Hatchling

    Targaryen is on the Essos,far from 7 kingdoms,they only has 1 city from start,but use your start troops to conquer Meereen early,you will have 2 3-rings city to play. Targaryen has known the route of Dani from Pentos to Astapor, so they can locate many civilization from early.

    Night Watch
    Spoiler :
    They are Mercurians because each solder can wear black and join the brotherhood. :D

    They only has 1 cities:
    Castle Black[Capital][1 free Sage as Samwell Tarly][Herbalist as Maester Aemon]

    Religion:Order,also has Rune,Leaves,Overlord

    Special Unit:
    Jon Snow: lv 1 beastman with Hero,Winterborn,Loyalty,Golden Hammer(Longclaw)
    Qhorin Halfhand: lv 1 hunter with Loyalty
    Alliser Thorne: lv 2 warrior with City Garrison1,Loyalty
    Eddison Tollett: lv 2 warrior with defensive,Loyalty
    Ghost: lv 1 wolf with Winterborn

    Watch bar the gate between wildling and 7 kingdoms,they can't build soldier during early section but after will get Angel reinforcements when good people died.make good use of Jon Snow before T2 unit available.

    House Tully
    Spoiler :
    They are Bannor because eh,they are ordinary.

    They has 2 cities:
    Harrenhal[Wonder:Harrenhal Ruin]


    Vassal Civilization:
    House Frey

    Special Unit:
    Brynden Tully: lv 1 warrior with homeland
    Jason Mallister: lv2 warrior with defensive
    Beric Dondarrion: lv 2 warrior with bounty hunter,immortal,light
    Thoros of Myr: lv 5 disciple of Order with bounty hunter,Life I,Sun I,Enchantment I,homeland,enchanted blade,channelling 1

    Tully guard the cross road of Westeros,surround by stark/frey by north,greyjoy by west,arryn by east and lannister/baratheon by south. They should fight a way out then take a breath.

    House Arryn
    Spoiler :
    They are Elohim because they never get out of arryn vale.

    They has 2 cities:
    The Eyrie[Capital]
    Gull Town


    Special Unit:
    Yohn Royce: lv1 warrior with bronze weapons

    The large Mountain Range Separate Arryn from other kingdom, guard the mountain pass you will be safe during most of your game.

    House Greyjoy
    Spoiler :
    They are Lanun because they worship drown god and they are sea-born.

    They has 2 cities:
    Pyke[Capital][Octopus Overlords Holycity]
    Lonely Light

    Religion:Octopus Overlords

    Special Unit:
    Asha Greyjoy: lv 2 warrior with Amphibious
    Theon Greyjoy: lv 1 Beastman with Winterborn
    Victarion Greyjoy: lv 1 Drown
    Aeron Greyjoy: lv 1 Disciple of Overlord
    Iron Fleet: Galley
    1 Settler

    Greyjoy has 2 island city,they should seize west shore of the North early which is lack defense . Lanun's pirate coven will make these coast city large and rich.They start with 1 settler,you can use it do what Victarian does-settle Essos

    House Baratheon
    Spoiler :
    They are Grigori because they has many great hero leader.

    They has 3 cities:
    Storm's End

    Religion: Empyrean(Storm's End and Blackhaven is Order)

    Special Unit:
    Melisandre: lv 3 wizard with potency,spellstaff,sun I,mind I and shadow I,Jade Torc
    Davos Seaworth: lv 2 warrior with loyalty and amphibious
    Brienne of Tarth: lv 1 warrior with courage,guardsman,Golden Hammer(Oathkeeper),Giantsized
    Royal Fleet: Galley
    1 Settler

    Baratheon has many hero,use them carefully then they will rule the world. Dragonstone guards estuary which is a great outpost to conquer King's Landing.Start with a mage,use it well.
    Also start with a settler,you can march beyond the Wall from sea as Stannis does

    House Tyrell
    Spoiler :
    They are Ljosalfar because their garden land and gay champion :D.

    They has 4 cities:
    Old Town[Herbalist as Maester]
    The Arbor


    Special Unit:
    Loras Tyrell: lv 3 radiant guard with Drill I&II,Guardsman,Loyalty
    Randyll Tarly: lv 2 warrior with City Raider I,Golden Hammer(Heartsbane)
    Paxter Redwyne: lv 2 warrior with Amphibious
    Redwyne Fleet: Galley
    Guardian Vines with Held

    Tyrell is full of food and large city,they don't have hostile neighborhood and can play peacefully.

    House Martell
    Spoiler :
    They are Malakim because their nomad life and sand.

    They has 3 cities:


    Special Unit:
    Oberyn Martell: lv 1 scout with poisoned blade and light
    Obara Sand: lv 1 scout with poisoned blade and weak
    Nymeria Sand: lv 1 scout with poisoned blade and weak
    Tyene Sand: lv 1 scout with poisoned blade and weak
    Scorpion with Held

    Martell is southeast of Westeros. Guard the Mountain pass and use the mirror of heaven near capital,they can get involved the struggle of Stepstones.

    Spoiler :
    They are Sider because house of white and black and their assassin.

    They has only 1 cities:
    Braavos[Capital][Council of Esus holycity]

    Religion: Council of Esus,also has Empyrean,Order

    Special Unit:
    Jaqen H'ghar: lv 3 scout with Aerons chosen,Avatar,immortal,marksman,perfect sight,timor mask,Magic Resistance,Immune Disease,Jade Torc
    Arya Stark: lv 1 scout with hero and winterborn
    Titan of Braavos: iron golem with held

    Braavos start with Titan of Braavos for defence,you can use all your unit to explore early without city-losing.Start of market,gambling house,moneychanger,holycity and state religion is Esus,you will know all the Essos civilization city location,you can earn a lot coins from early. Jaqen and Arya will become excellent assassin as time goes by, use them carefully and avoid early death.

    Yi Ti
    Spoiler :
    They are Eastessosi because they looks like ancient Asia.

    They has 3 cities:

    Religion: Council of Esus

    Special Unit:
    Steady as Mountain with Held *5: They are Guardian of Five Forts
    2 Settlers

    Yi Ti surrounded by jungle but as Eastessoi,they can build improvement over jungle. Although Defense of Five Forts will delay K'Dath Orthus's barbarian horde and Soul Eater's Summon beasts, Yi Ti still need face barbarians from Mountains of the Moan,Rebel army of Trader Town and Raiders of Jogos Nhai.


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    In Westeros scenario make some difference from other scenarios
    • [Summer to Winter]:AC will increase from 0 to 100 during the Whole 600 turns, like the Weather in TV Shows. Which means only Summer(Turn 0-240) -Autumn(Turn 240-300) - Winter(Turn300-600) half season Circle.
    • [Dynamic world]use scenario Python code to make some War/Alliance change on fixed turns acording to TV Shows.such as Robb Coronation,Iron Throne Claimant Wars,Red Wedding(this won't involved charactor because AI won't keep them alive for a long time)
    • [Start in middle of Season 1]different from Game of Throne V8.2 scenario settling partly based after Battle of Blackwater in order Daenerys take Astapor and left only 1 Baratheon,Westeros start game setting is around King Robert I Baratheon's Hunting Accident.
    • Block Council of Esus and Ashen Veil religion,and can't win by Tower or Religion or Altar or Culture victory,leave Conquest,Domination,Diplomacy victory
    the Main power of Westeros start as below:
    Spoiler :

    • House Stark
      • House Manderly of White Harbor​
      • House Reed of Greywater Watch​
      • House Bolton of Dreadfort(died by event on Turn 240)​
      • House Karstark of Karhold​
      • House Umber of Last Hearth​
      • House Wull of Northern Mountain Clans​
      • House Magnar of Skagos​
    • House Greyjoy
    • House Tully(died by event on Turn 185)​
      • House Frey of Twins(died by event on Turn 235)​
      • House Whent of Harrenhal(died by event on Turn 35)​
    • House Arryn(died by event on Turn 180)​
      • House Baelish of the Finger​
      • House Sunderland of Three Sisters​
    • House Lannister
      • House Westerling of The Crag​
      • House Rykker of Duskendale​
      • House Staunton of Rook's Rest​
      • House Buckwell of Antlers​
    • House Baratheon of Dragonstone(died by event on Turn 245)​
      • House Celtigar of Claw Isle​
    • House Baratheon of Storm's End(died by event on Turn 85)​
      • House Swann of Stonehelm​
      • House Estermont of Greenstone(died by event on Turn 245)​
      • House Caron of Nightsong(died by event on Turn 115)​
    • House Tyrell(died by event on Turn 325)
      • House Hightower of Old Town
      • House Redwyne of The Arbor
      • House Florent of Brightwater Keep(died by event on Turn 115)
      • House Fossoway of Cider Hall
      • Hosue Meadows of Grassy Vale
    • House Martell
      • House Yronwood of Yronwood
      • House Dayne of Starfall
    • House Targaryen(Start by event on Turn 245)
    • Conflict beyond the Wall
      • Nightwatch
      • Wildling
      • The Other

    the Python Diplomacy change is list below ,will update when V2.03 finally released. in V2.03 Beta3 countains Popup message with story
    and if I find proper way to change leaderhead during the game,I will add some change on certain turn.
    Spoiler :

    • Turn 20: Lannister Riverland Invasion, Lannister declare war to Tully, Frey break free from Tully's Vassal
    • Turn 25: Battle near the Golden Tooth, Jaime Lannister lead Lannister army gathered at Golden Tooth
    • Turn 30: Northmen go south, Stark declare war to Lannister
    • Turn 35: Conquering the riverlands, Whent surrender all cities and all units to Lannister,add Mountain tribes to Lannister at Harrenhal. Lannister also capture Maidenpool.
    • Turn 40: Marriage contracts to Frey, Frey become Stark's Vassal and openborder to Stark,Stark and their vassal army gathered at Twins.
    • Turn 45: Renly‘s Coronation, Renly/Tyrell,Lannister declare war to each other,Swann break free from Renly
    • Turn 50: The Wolf and the Lion, divided Stark and their vassal army south from Twins to 2 parts, West of Twins party gather at Riverrun, East of Twins party gather at Twins,Remove Jaime Lannister.
    • Turn 55: Robb's Coronation, Tully become Stark's Vassal
    • Turn 60: Stannis' Coronation, Stannis declare war to Renly/Tyrell and Lannister.
    • Turn 70: The Rise of Kraken, remove Theon Greyjoy from Stark, Greyjoy declare war to Stark, Greyjoy capture Moat Cailin and kill all hostile units there,and move 80% Melee and Naval units to defend Moat Cailin
    • Turn 75: Departure of Princess Myrcella and Riot of King's Landing, Lannister make permanent peace with Martell, King's Landing riot 2 turns, reduce King's Landing population by 1 and cause 0-20% damage to garrison
    • Turn 80: Taking of Deepwood Motte, Greyjoy capture Deepwood Motte, kill all hostile units there,and move 20% unit there
    • Turn 85: Assassination of Renly, Stannis get all Renly's units and cities,Caron,Florent,Fossoway,Meadows and Estermont become Stannis Vassal. remove Brienne of Tarth, Renly player continue play as Stannis
    • Turn 90: Fall of Harrenhal, Bolton capture Harrenhal and Maidenpool and kill all hostile units there,and move all Stark and his vassal unit southeast of Twins to Harrenhal, Qyburn join Bolton/Stark as a Adept
    • Turn 95: Capture of Winterfell, remove Hodor from Stark and move all Winterfell garrison to Torrhen's Square, Greyjoy capture Winterfell and kill all hostile units there,and add a Archer as Theon Greyjoy to defend
    • Turn 100: Lannister-Tyrell Alliance, Lannister and Tyrell make permanent Peace
    • Turn 105: Battle of Winterfell, Bolton capture Winterfell and kill all units there,and add a Archer to defend. Greyjoy will capture Torrhen's Square. remove Stark Lucian
    • Turn 110: Storming of the Crag, Frey break free from Stark and make permanent Peace with Lannister, Frey cancel openborder with Stark, Westerling become Stark's Vassal. move all Stark and their vassal unit southwest of Twins to the Crag.
    • Turn 115: Battle of the Blackwater, Stannis and their vassal unit with in Lannister or Tyrell border suffer 75%-175% fire damege which could kill them, then Fossoway become Tyrell vassal again, Florent surrender to Tyrell, Caron surrender to Lannister, Estermont and Celtigar become Lannister's vassal. remove Sandor Clegane from Lannister
    • Turn 120: Fight of the Fist(New), Most Ranger and Steward gather at Fist of the First Man,facing large Wight army lead by the Other, Jon Snow and Ghost join Wildling side.
    • Turn 125: Funeral of Hoster Tully, move all Stark,Karstark,Umber units southwest of Twins to Riverrun
    • Turn 130: Munity of Nightwatch and Death of Joer Morment, several Nightwatch units especial Steward become held barbarian at Craster's Keep(in future version and rest suffer physical damage which could kill them)
    • Turn 135: Battle at Duskendale(New), Tyrell defend Duskendale from Northmen army, move all Stark and his vassal unit southeast of Twins retreat to Harrenhal
    • Turn 140: The Beheading of Rickard Karstark, Karstark break free from Stark
    • Turn 145: Capture of Harrenhal(New), Baelish get Harrenhal and break free from Arryn and keep neutral to wars, Northmen army cross Ruby Ford, remove Qyburn, Barbarian Mercenary sack Maidenpool.
    • Turn 150: Death of Balon Greyjoy(New), a third Greyjoy army in Main land return to Pyke
    • Turn 155: Red Wedding, Bolton break free from Stark,declare permanent war to Stark and make permanent peace to Lannister/Tyrell ,Frey and Westerling become Lannister's vassal,Stark and its vassal unit south of Twins gather at Twins, suffer 90%-190% physical damage which could kill them. Tyrell capture Maidenpool
    • Turn 160: Fight at the Bridge of Skulls and Attack on Castle Black, remove 1 Lannister Valyrian Steel Blade unit or promotion,add 1 Valyrian Steel Blade unit(Widow's Wail) at King's Landing Wildling reduce city population to 1 and add new city Hardhome with all reduced population, move rest unit there add 1 settler per old city. Jon Snow and Ghost rejoin Night's Watch side.
    • Turn 165: Purple Wedding and Kingsmoot(New), Jaime Lannister and Qyburn is back at capital of House Lannister. add Dragon Hoard wonder to Pyke, Greyjoy declare war to Tyrell. remove Lord Beric Dondarrion.
    • Turn 165 to 285: Attacks of Lady Stoneheart(New), a Frey or Lannister unit which is outside city in Riverland has a chance to receive 50%-150% physical damage.
    • Turn 170: Battle beneath the Wall, Stannis declare war to Wildling,move most their unit to the Eastwatch by the Sea and add Mercenary there, add city "War Camp" south of the Wall, Bolton get most old Stark strength and vassal, declare permanent war to Greyjoy, add 1 worker named Reek.
    • Turn 175: Trial of Tyrion Lannister and Death of Tywin Lannister(New), Remove Gregor Clegane, Oberyn Martell, barbarian sack Saltspan.
    • Turn 180: Death of Lysa Arryn, Baelish get all Arryn units and cities. Arryn player continue play as Baelish
    • Turn 185: Surrender of Tully, Frey get Riverrun, Tully surrender to Lannister, Tully player continue play as Frey(or Lannister if Frey is dead), add Crusader at King's Landing, add Bran and Summer at Three-eyed Crow Cave
    • Turn 190: Peace with Wildling and Stannis North Campian, Stannis and Nightwatch make permanent peace to Wildling, Nightwatch openborder with Wildling, add city "Wildling Settlement" south of the Wall. Stannis make permanet war to Bolton,Old Stark vassal divided support both side, Stannis capture Deepwood Motte and gathered army there
    • Turn 195: Hardhome(New), Wildling settles south of the Wall at War Camp, the Other gather at Hardhome, Greyjoy capture Shield Islands, Stannis army caught by blizzard.
    • Turn 200: Siege of Dragonstone(New), Tyrell capture Dragonstone, all mercenaries and north vassals abandon Stannis, add Ser Robert Strong to King's Landing, remove Jon Snow.
    • Turn 205: Death of Doran Martell, Martell declare permanent war to Lannister and Tyrell
    • Turn 210: Revive of Jon Snow(New), kill part garrison of Castle Black
    • Turn 215: Death of Three-eyed Crow(New), kill Three-eyed Crow units move part the Other units there, add Coldhand north of Castle Black.
    • Turn 220: Battle of Bastard, Wildling become Stark's vassal, Umber become Bolton's vassal. add Jon Snow(with Longclaw if Nightwatch has Valyrian Steel Blade), Ghost, Brienne of Tarth with Oathkeeper, Ser Davos Seaworth to Stark, remove Melisandre from Stannis
    • Turn 225: Sansa's Raven(New), Baelish declare permanent war to Bolton and make permanent peace to Stark, Baelish capture Moat Cailin and gather army there
    • Turn 230: Wildfire of Great Sept Baelor, Tyrell and their vassal unit within Lannister border will suffer 50-150% fire damege which could kill them,Tyrell declare permanent war to Lannister and make permanent peace to Martell. Kill all disciple unit in King's Landing
    • Turn 235: Fall of Frey, kill all Frey unit,Lannister gain their empty city. Frey player continue play as Lannister
    • Turn 240: King of the White Wolf, Stark regain strength of North and old vassal.Bolton surrender to Stark, Bolton player continue play as Stark
    • Turn 245: Return of Daenerys, Daenerys returned to Dragonstone with massive army,Tyrell and Martell with their vassal become Targaryen's Vassal. Stannis and Estermont surrender to Targaryen, player can choose to play as Targaryen instead
    • Turn 250 next version: Alliance of Euron, Greyjoy become Lannister's Vassal and gather army at King's Landing
    • Turn 255: Death of Ellard Sand, Martell,Yronwood and Dayne break from Targaryen and make peace to Lannister
    • Turn 260: Return of Arya and Bran, add Arya Stark(Shadow unit with Hero and other promotion) and Bran Stark(Druid unit with Held and other promotion,also with a Hawk unit) to Stark at Winterfell
    • Turn 265:Attack beneath the Casterly Rock(New), Targaryen capture Casterly Rock, add Targaryen Ser Jorah Mormont(with Heartsbane if Nightwatch has Valyrian Steel Blade) at Dragonstone
    • Turn 270: Fall of Tyrell, Lannister get all Tyrell units, cities and vassals, Tyrell player continue play as Lannister
    • Turn 275: War of Spoiler, Lannister and their vassal unit within Lannister border and at outside city,will suffer 75%-175% fire damege which could kill them
    • Turn 280: Beyond Wall(New), add Stark Thoros of Myr, Sandor Clegane, Gendry at Winterfell
    • Turn 285: Stark kneel for Targaryen, Stark with their vassal become Targaryen's Vassal.
    • Turn 290: Meeting at Dragonpit, Lannister,Targaryen,Baelish make temporary peace.
    • Turn 295: Death of Petyr Baelish, Baelish with their vassal become Targaryen's Vassal. kill Petyr Baelish unit and if he has Valyrian Steel Blade promtion,this weapon will transfer to Arya Stark or capital of House Stark if Arya is lost
    • Turn 300: Fall of Eastwatch by the Sea, The Other raze Eastwatch by the Sea and gather there, add Stark Melisandre and Theon Greyjoy at Winterfell

    There are 8 Valyrian Steel Blades when game start,list below,and at Turn 185 If Lannister has 1 Valyrian Steel Blade they will change it into Widow's Veil and Oathkeeper,make total number of Valyrian Steel Blades to 9
    Spoiler :

    • Longclaw: Jon Snow of Nightwatch at Castle Black
    • Ice: at King's Landing of House Lannister
    • Heartsbane: Lord Randyll Tarly of House Tyrell at Highgarden
    • Lady Forlorn: Ser Lyn Corbary of House Arryn at The Eyrie
    • Nightfall: a warrior of House Greyjoy at Ten Towers
    • Red Rain: a warrior of House Greyjoy at Hammerhorn
    • an Axe: at Claw Isle of House Celtigar
    • a Dagger: Petyr Baelish of House Baelish at King's Landing

    Here are the early version map of Westeros scenario
    Spoiler :

    • Beyond the Wall
    Spoiler :

    • The North
    Spoiler :

    • Neck,Iron Island,Riverland,Vale
    Spoiler :

    • Westland and Crownland
    Spoiler :

    • Reach,Stormland and Dorne
    Spoiler :

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  8. ciruela

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    Sep 24, 2015
    this map work well with more naval ai modmod
    map version: V6
    this screen shot is after 300turn aiautorun

    Tech monster Lannister storms riverland capture Tully's\Frey's\Barathoen's land
    Stark lead the score during early game,then lost half land to Bolton and Karstark
    Tyrell's druid/werewolf/tiger conquergroup then take out Bolton and Karstark

    Beyond the Wall
    the Watch act well as I designed-get a large angel army
    the Wildling and the other kept low score through the game,they need a boost
    the Wildling should be stronger,perhaps need more city to produce army
    due to lack of Infernal play-through experience,the other's tech kept be bottom and can't make enough pressure to the wildling

    the Owner of free city Myr has change over 4 times
    Targaryen/Dothraki/Lhazar's combine siege to Meereen last decades,but failed at last
    these Island kingdom can't launch a effective naval invade,perhaps due to no settler setting.

    Thanks to more naval ai modmod for improving this map into a Epic Battle

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  9. ciruela

    ciruela Warlord

    Sep 24, 2015
    Game of Throne FFHmap V7 has finished!
    Go to #1 post for download
    Enjoy and any feedback is welcome.
  10. ciruela

    ciruela Warlord

    Sep 24, 2015
    use More Naval AI modmod for testing again
    Found strange thing:
    with ffh 0.41o the relation of vassal is right
    but with mnai , the relation of vassal reversed
    don't know what has changed by mnai,i should make a more naval ai version.

    and another strange thing
    with More Naval AI modmod,all civ's palace resourse has doubled for example banner have 2 law/2 earth/2spirit.Don't know the reason,but i will leave this unchanged.
  11. ciruela

    ciruela Warlord

    Sep 24, 2015
    V7.1 is finished!
  12. isenchine

    isenchine Empress

    Oct 18, 2010
    Brussels, Belgium
    It is a bit sad that nobody has left a comment, this really looks interesting and obviously you are putting a lot of work in it.

    Now I don't play FFH and don't intend to try this, but I just read this and wanted to tell you that the 2 strange behaviours of the WBSave are due to bugs in Platy's World Builder.

    In the meantime, he corrected them in the newest version. If you are unsure about merging it with your scenario, I'm pretty sure that just swapping the file Python/pyWB/CvWBDesc.py will be enough to correct the problems (vassals and double bonus).
  13. ciruela

    ciruela Warlord

    Sep 24, 2015
    First reply!Thanks to you.Tell truth,I have lurked CFC over 6 years,from play RFC to FFH2,just register one month ago, what a shame!:crazyeye:

    although not many people play FFH now,still have some people persist in. When i got this idea to make a map for fun,after several weeks read map/background story/map editing/playtesting,I want to share my joy with other people.
  14. isenchine

    isenchine Empress

    Oct 18, 2010
    Brussels, Belgium

    You might want to publicize your scenario a bit more, in the scenarios overall section, or even when you find it polished enough in the Announce thread.
  15. ciruela

    ciruela Warlord

    Sep 24, 2015
    here is V7.1 for More Naval AI modmod aiautorun test screenshot

    turn 100
    Spoiler :

    0-100turn are the time to build and prepare for war
    after 20 turn stasis (sucks) and 2 wave of river of blood,all city reduce to 1 ppl, and Stark's 6 cities start kept score leading
    no war happens,only one thing to mention is Greyjoy settle on west shore of Starks

    turn 200
    Spoiler :
    war begins and Lannister conquered entire riverland;after grap from Starks,Tyrell/Stannis/Greyjoy each has controled the Neck for several years,at last,Stark's bannerman Bolton has taken the neck back

    turn 300
    North Westeros
    Spoiler :
    Stark has driven Greyjoy out of the North and put down the Bolton's rebellion
    and to my surprise,the other/wildling be wiped out,guess by whom?
    Spoiler :
    House Tyrell

    Middle Westeros
    Spoiler :
    Tyrell has taken Twins and the Vale,Greyjoy and Stannis squeezed on island.

    South Westeros
    Spoiler :
    Tyrell and Lannister form an Alliance and share the Dorne,their team is on the way to win
    and brave Stark taken Storm's End and hold for a long time

    Slaver's Bay
    Spoiler :
    no more words for this area.Ibben has conquered Meereen,this must be a long long expedition.and Island kingdom resettled the remains of Valyria.Don't blame Dani for doing nothing,she has grap many barbarian cities on Eastern Essos

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    • 200.jpg
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    • 300 1.jpg
      300 1.jpg
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    • 300 4.jpg
      300 4.jpg
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    • 300 5.jpg
      300 5.jpg
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    • 300 6.jpg
      300 6.jpg
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      203 KB
  16. ciruela

    ciruela Warlord

    Sep 24, 2015
    300 turn's
    due to ashen vail civ are minor one and at war with all the civs,they are poorly spread
    Spoiler :

    Victory Condition
    If no one stop Lannister/Tyrell team,they are obviously on the way to win (they has four tower and 6th alter-one step left to win by both side)
    Spoiler :

    Attached Files:

  17. ciruela

    ciruela Warlord

    Sep 24, 2015
    start with Night Watch
    first 50 turns use Jon Snow and Ghost to hunt wilding,even ghost(a wolf) catch several victims;Benja go South to meet the Lord of 7 Kingdom to open bolder and trade.due to double palace mana bug, use earth exchange for Enchantment,life exchange for Law.
    after Bronze working Castle Black began to produce Axeman,and Jon(a Beastman from Dovello) can upgrade to Axeman with Iron Weapon,he lead a army and capture Hardhome easily.

    at turn 90
    What happened?
    Spoiler :
    Jon Snow killed a Frost Giant by 1vs1.

    at turn 100
    oh my god what i have done!
    Spoiler :
    ira release by Avatar of Wraith storm easten Essos and overrun several kingdom,last time not happened i swear:crazyeye:

    now at turn 120
    Spoiler :
    Jon's conquer slowed by the Others Hybo come and hunt.even Jon combat odd below 0.1%:eek: we now retreat to Castle Black waiting for new tech to boost
    it is strange that,Hybo just wandering and hunt unit,never taken a city.
    Spoiler :

    and for flavor, War of Four King(Say Sorry for Renly) begins:king:
    Spoiler :


    Attached Files:

    • 90.jpg
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    • 100 2.jpg
      100 2.jpg
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    • 120.jpg
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    • 120 2.jpg
      120 2.jpg
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      197.2 KB
  18. ciruela

    ciruela Warlord

    Sep 24, 2015
    V7.2 mainly improve flavor.set each kingdom with right color and thanks for black_rose,with right flag
  19. ciruela

    ciruela Warlord

    Sep 24, 2015
    test V7.2 use Lannister
    the ira that Avatar of Wraith summoned are too powerful.This time around turn 60,they has wiped out half civ of Essos,even slaver's bay has fallen.omg!

    another bug i found is eye and ear wonder only make you see other civ researching tech,can't bring free tech which is researched by over 3 civ. is there any one know the reason?
  20. ciruela

    ciruela Warlord

    Sep 24, 2015
    the main change for V7.3 is world spell removal and Avatar of Wraith removal.
    add some minor character for flavor.

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