Vanilla Civ4 - Scenario - Westeros / Game of Thrones?


Jan 17, 2024
Is there a MAP of Westeros / Essos / Game of Thrones / Fire & Ice … which I can load as a custom scenario?

I’ve been posting vanilla Civ4 for years (no Warlords + no BTS) - and couldn’t find anything using the search on this site.

Any suggestions? :)
Searching the downloads section gives this scenario:
You'd need to switch to BTS though, but this can be wholeheartedly recommended anyway
Thanks for the link 👍

Unfortunately I don’t have BTS (and don’t have any interest in getting it - having to learn differences in the leaders / traits / tech tree / etc)

Is it possible to use this map in vanilla (non-BTS) Civ4 ?

Or if anyone does have a similar map (don’t need a whole scenario) - but for Vanilla Civ4 - then I’d be gets grateful to be pointed in the right direction.

Thank you all
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I had a look, and this is definitely made with BTS.
It is possible to edit out the things which are BTS-specific (e.g. espionage points need to be removed, techs which should not be there, and leaders/civs need to be replaced). I don't have it installed anymore, but once-upon-a-time I wrote a guide which might help you, have a look here:

(I'll most likely not check back in here, but hopefully some others can guide you through this ;))
@DanEnglish I really encourage you to get BTS. It is the definitive version of the game. I'd say about 95% of the mods are made for BTS if not higher. I don't think you are going to find one for vanilla at all which came out in 2005. BTS came out around 2007 and everyone jumped on that to make or convert mods, and then GOT about 3 years later (though I'd read the books long before) BTS is really a must-have not just for the mods but basically makes CIV IV one of the best games ever. A couple of new traits and leaders should not matter as, honestly, leaders and traits don't make a huge difference.

I found this mod as a modmod to the great Fall From Heaven fantasy mod. It looks like it has been kept fairly updated based on more recent postings there.

Again, BTS is a must-have for a myriad of reasons.

If you are adamant about not getting BTS there are probably a lot of things to think about in terms of converting that scenario map. J's guide may help but the scenario clearly uses some new BTS leaders so you will have to replace them. A start might be comparing the scenario file's WB file with a vanilla scenario file to the differences. However, you may want to get some guidance from the C&C forum experts on whether it is even possible to convert this. I think so, given that some have converted the Content scenarios from Warlords to BTS in the past - at least forward convertible - but I expect it will take quite some effort.
Of note, you can still continue playing Vanilla after you have BTS. I own BTS via Steam, where it's often on sale, and there are shortcuts to launch Vanilla, Warlords, and Beyond the Sword. That can give you the best of both worlds if you prefer Vanilla's epic game balance, but want to play scenarios that require Warlords of Beyond the Sword, which is indeed almost all of them, especially almost all of those from the past 15 years.

You may find CivFanatics' Beyond the Sword Info Center to be a useful reference on the changes should you decide to try an epic game, and not just scenarios, in Beyond the Sword.
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